Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 13 part 1

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Translated by: Tinker

Song Luan’s head was dizzy. It was between half asleep and half awake. She felt that someone had helped her up, and her waist was squeezed roughly, and she grunted dissatisfiedly.

Her body was as soft as a water, her nose was stuffy, her chest felt breathless, and it was uncomfortable. It seems that there were two hands holding her chin, and they forced open her mouth hard. An unpleasant smell reached her nose. She frowned, and tightly closed her teeth. She didn’t want to cooperate.

Zhao Nanyu had no patience. He tightly clasped her chin and said coldly in her ear, “Open your mouth and drink medicine. ”

Song Luan would not open her mouth. She knew it was very bitter when she smelled it. Her body was uncomfortable and her temper became worse. She clapped her hands powerlessly, closed her eyes and hummed a few words out of her mouth, “I don’t want to drink!”

Zhao Nanyu thought that he could see the shadow of the past, but this time she was not arrogant, but a little cute.

Since she still didn’t want to drink, he would use hard means. Zhao Nanyu pinched her chin with two long fingers, and with a little effort, he forced her to open her mouth. He raised the medicine bowl in the other hand and poured it directly into her throat.

Song Luan was unable to stop the outflow of bitter tears. She drank too fast and resisted. She was choked by the medicine. And now, she completely woke up from her dream. She found that she was lying in Zhao Nanyu’s arms. Half of the black medicine was still in the bowl.

When Zhao Nanyu saw that she was awake, he whispered in a warm voice, “You have a fever and need to drink this medicine. Come, drink the rest.”

Song Luan was in a daze. His tone was much softer than usual. It was sweet and sounded like a coquette. “I don’t want to drink. It’s very bitter. ”

Zhao Nanyu didn’t seem angry. He took out a handkerchief from his sleeve. He gently and meticulously wiped the medicine stains on the corners of her mouth, “If you don’t want to be ill again, be obedient. ”

Song Luan took the medicine bowl from his hand and raised her neck.

[Gulu Gulu]

She drank all the medicine. Her face was paler and was not as red as before.

After a long time, she still did not slow down. There was a rush of breath in her chest. Under the urge, Song Luan reached out to him, “I want to eat candied fruit! ”

Zhao Nanyu was startled and smiled. He took two candied fruits without complaint and handed them to her hand, and finally touched her face. “Eat them. ”

Song Luan’s attitude to him made her regret. She thought that she had gone with the wind, and even dared to order Zhao Nanyu.

She was in a complex mood and ate the candied fruit in her mouth. The bitter taste of the medicine was soon diluted by the sweetness. The medicine didn’t work immediately. Her brain was still heavy and her complexion weak.

Zhao Nanyu got up, stood in front of her bed, and said, “Get up and lie down after dinner.”

Song Luan lowered her head and said weakly, “I can’t eat, I want to sleep. ”

When she spoke, Zhao Nanyu had brought her a thick cloak. “Put it on, you have to eat even if you don’t want to eat. ”

After a pause, he said, “Don’t be disobedient. Cover yourself with more clothes so you won’t be wronged again with fever.”

Song Luan’s face was still grim. She reluctantly wrapped up her body with a cloak. When she got out of bed, Zhao Nanyu held her hand high and helped her. She said ‘thank you’ in a low voice.

The food on the table had been heated. Song Luan had no appetite upon seeing the light and tasteless dishes. She wanted spicy and sour food! But she didn’t think anyone in this family can eat spicy food. She never seen any heavy dishes.

Song Luan suddenly felt that she was so pitiful that she couldn’t even eat whatever she wants.

She held the chopsticks and poked them in her bowl, and refused to eat well. This scene fell on Zhao Nanyu’s eyes and only felt it was funny. She looked like a child making trouble with her chopsticks.

After dinner, Song Luan’s spirit was not good. She yawned and fought with her eyes. She rolled back to her bed without looking at Zhao Nanyu’s face at all.

Zhao Nanyu stayed in her room for a while, standing quietly beside her bed, staring at her face and examining it carefully. Having seen enough, he turned away from the bedroom and stood by the window with his hand.

The servant girl stood behind him, bowed her waist, and dared not to breathe loudly. She respectfully handed over a letter, “Young master, this is the letter sent by the young master of He family to your wife this afternoon. ”
Zhao Nanyu sneered, the sharp edge in his eyes could almost kill people. The youngest son of the He family was one of Song Luan’s old friends. The man she tried to marry had also the surname He.



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