Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 13 part 2

TL NOTE: When Zhao Nanyu tore the paper into pieces and told the maid not to tell her, it felt like this was his first step of becoming a yandere?~

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Translated by: Tinker

He took the envelope, opened it and looked at it. He could not help but feel cold. The cold glint in his eyes condensed into frost. Then he slowly tore up the letter piece by piece.

His voice was extremely cold. “Don’t let her know. ”



Song Luan didn’t wake up until noon the next day. The fever subsided after she drank the medicine and slept for many hours. She was not as sick and hot as yesterday.

She forced herself to get up from the bed. As soon as she got dressed, the servant girl brought hot water to wash her face. When she finished cleaning, the servant girl called her, “Madam, the Old Master Song’s birthday will come in two days, and we just received the invitation. You and Master should come together. ”

Song Luan guessed that this should be her dowry servant girl. She came from the Song Residence.

She had no idea that Master Song, her father, was about to have his birthday. She coughed twice and said, “Okay. ”

The servant girl was very happy, “This is good. The people in the residence won’t gossip. ”

It’s just that the relationship between her and Zhao Nanyu was bad.

Song Luan felt it was okay. Anyway, her reputation was not good to begin with and It didn’t matter if she had a thick skin.

Although the servant girl was surprised, she didn’t let go of her hesitation. She had been with her since she was ten years old. The young lady was arrogant and was easily swayed by emotions. She wouldn’t listen to anyone. Her love and hatred were clear. Like was like, and hatred was hatred. She used to look at her father with annoyance. But in these recent days, although the change was not much, she rarely quarreled with her father, and even agreed to go back to celebrate his birthday.

In fact, she did not dare to think that Song Luan would agree.

However, it’s better to come. In the past three years, the young madam and her husband had never been together in the Song Residence.

When eating breakfast, Song Luan asked her, “Where did Zhao Nanyu spend the night?”

“Master went to back to the front yard. ”

She said, “Oh” and didn’t speak again.

When it was time to have lunch, her son suddenly appeared in her yard with his short legs. There was no one around him. Under the sun, the little man’s face was shining. He seemed to not be happy and pouted a little.

Little Zhao startled Song Luan. She crouched down, her eyes were even with him, and said to him with clear eyes, “Why did you come here? ”

He walked two steps forward, but his feet were not steady. He seemed like he was going to fall on her arms. Song Luan caught him in a hurry, only to find that his shoes were on the wrong side. She couldn’t help laughing. “What’s the matter? The shoes are all reversed.”

The child was laughed at by Song Luan, and his face suddenly turned red. He was not ashamed. He lay in her arms and asked strangely, “Are you ill? ”

He still can’t call her mother. The tone he used was very respectful.

He also finished writing the words that his father told him to finish this morning, and then heard from his father that his mother was sick. After that, he didn’t have much energy and felt playing with toys were boring.

Just now, he asked his father if he could come and take a look. With permission, he immediately put on his shoes and stepped on his little boots and ran this way.

Maybe he was worried or maybe it was because of something else. He even wore his shoes backwards.

Song Luan touched his face and gave it a light twist. “Oh, you know, I’m fine. You don’t have to worry.”

In front of her son, her words began to increase unconsciously. Unlike with Zhao Nanyu, he asked her a question and she answered with a sentence. She even wished that both of them would be speechless so no one would talk.

Regardless of her son’s wishes, she picked him up and asked, “Have you had lunch? Would you like to eat with me? ”

Little Zhao nodded awkwardly. His voice was very small and soft, “Yes. ”

He reached out his small hand and took the initiative to hug her neck for the first time. Song Luan picked him up at the same time… It’s rare for mother and son to have such a pleasant and harmonious scene.

When Zhao Nanyu came, the servant girls had just prepared the meal. Song Luan didn’t expect that he would come directly without saying his greetings.

Little Zhao sat at the right end and called out his father.

Zhao Nanyu rubbed his head, then turned his eyes to Song Luan’s face and asked, “Why do you look at me like that? ”

Her eyes were so focused that it was difficult for him not to notice.

Song Luan coughed twice and shook his head. “Nothing.” She put down her chopsticks, calming down her accelerated heartbeat. She bit her teeth, looked up and said in a stiff voice, “It’s my father’s birthday in two days. Go with me!”

Song Luan didn’t want to take the initiative to open her mouth. It seemed very awkward. But there was no way. If she didn’t say this, Zhao Nanyu will not take the initiative to mention it.

She had to be fierce.

Zhao Nanyu snorted, lips slightly raised, and he smiled more beautiful than not.

Song Luan, whose eyes were fixed on him, felt very scared. Just when she thought he was going to do something, he replied, “Okay. “



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