Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 14 part 1

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Soon after, Song Luan’s father’s birthday arrived. She didn’t know what kind of attitude Father Song had towards her. To be honest, all the sons and daughters of the Song family in the book ‘The Powerful Minister’ were all hateful.

She sat on the bed and clasped her head angrily. If she could, she hoped that Zhao Nanyu would not go to Song family.

The reason was very simple. The Song family looked down on him, and certainly no one had a good face towards him. But if he didn’t go on his father-in-law’s birthday, he couldn’t be justified.

Song Luan thought that her brain hurt more and more as she thinks. Ahh she yelled.

She fell on the quilt, buried her face inside, and her pair of legs kicked in the air wildly.

Zhao Nanyu got up much earlier than her. She thought that he already went out early, and so she flew around the bed without fear of being seen by him.

But Song Luan didn’t know that Zhao Nanyu asked for a leave that day. He didn’t have to go to the court or go to Dali temple. After practising his sword in the yard, he still had sweat on his forehead. When he opened the curtain, he saw the person who was jumping on the bed. Her white legs were dangling outside the quilt, and her hair was disordered, like a little madman.

Zhao Nanyu leaned against the door and watched her lose her temper. Then she smiled and sang, “Are you so happy kicking your quilt? ”

Song Luan’s head rang with a buzzing sound. She quickly raised her head and stared at him with round eyes, “Ah?”

Where did he come from? Didn’t he go out this morning?

She was stupefied but then regained her mind, fixed her hair, smiled dryly and said with small voice, “I didn’t kick them.”

Zhao Nanyu smiled, “Okay, don’t get angry. We can’t be late today. ”

His indulgent tone was like talking to a child.

Song Luan nodded and climbed down from the bed. When she was about to change clothes, she saw that he didn’t want to leave, so she turned around and said, “Go out. ”

The longer she got along with him, the more Song Luan’s original claws and teeth come out. She was even a little smart and knew what can satisfy Zhao Nanyu.

“Okay, I’ll go out.” Zhao Nanyu put down the curtain for her very caringly.

Song Luan’s wardrobe was full of dazzling clothes, most of them were in the color of red. They were more gorgeous than the other. There were only a few plain clothes. It seemed that the original owner didn’t even wear them, maybe because it didn’t look pretty.

She seriously thought about it. Finally, she chose a set of peachblossom qiyaoru* skirt. The bright color reflected her temperament better. If she had gone home today wearing plain clothes, she guessed that several girls in her family would doubt if she had any brain problems.

As long as there were young talents and aristocratic ladies in the grand meeting, the original owner must dress herself very beautifully and should have a glorious appearance in the eyes of the public.

After Song Luan had dressed up, Zhao Nanyu also told people to bring the birthday gift prepared in advance.

He sat quietly, his long and thin fingers gently tapping the table, waiting patiently for the woman in the room to come out.

Song Luan went out from the inner room and met his beautiful eyes. Zhao Nanyu stared at her intently.

The makeup on her delicate face was carefully applied. Her skin was tender and white as jade. The gorgeous makeup on her face was not annoying this time. It’s less vulgar, but it sets off her beauty incisively and vividly.

Zhao Nanyu saw the shadow of the past from her face. She always liked to wear heavy make-up, and always wear the kind that can be seen at a glance.

He nodded, “It’s beautiful. ”

Song Luan’s face was thick enough to resist his outspoken praise. Her ears were a little hot. She pretended to be calm and replied, “You are very handsome today.”

Zhao Nanyu wore a blue round neck straight sleeve robe with a jade standing on the waist. The white jade crown tied up his hair. The lines of his lower jaw were sharp. After hearing her words, his lips rose slightly. It seemed that he was flattered by her.

Zhao Nanyu pushed the things in front of him and said slowly, “Do you like this gift to your father? ”

Song Luan looked at it twice and said, “He likes it. ”

Zhao Nanyu prepared a pair of inkstones. She didn’t know this kind of thing at all and couldn’t see a way. Her father was a civil servant of the imperial court and should have a preference for paper, pen, ink and inkstone. This kind of gift was not shabby in the past.

“That’s good.” He took a sip of tea and said, “It’s getting late. Let’s go. ”

“Okay. “She replied.

The husband and wife had to take their son with them when going to the Song Family this time. There were only a few opportunities for children to see their grandparents.

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