Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 14 part 2

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Her son’s clothes were very cheerful. It may be that the weather was still very cold these two days since his clothes were packed tightly and looked more rounder than usual.

He stood quietly on the side of the carriage in front of the house and waited. He stared at the toe of his shoes with big black eyes. When he heard the footsteps behind him, he suddenly became nervous. His fingers under the sleeves were tightly clenched. He was looking forward to something, but he didn’t know what he was looking forward to.

Song Luan touched his head. “How long have you been waiting? ”

Little Zhao had an uncomfortable face, his ears flushed red, “No…did not take long.”

“How long is not long? ”

Little Zhao couldn’t stand the teasing. If he couldn’t answer the question, he simply won’t answer, and he would not speak.

Song Luan rubbed his face again, and sighed in her heart. The seriousness of her little son softened her heart. Her son was so cute!

Zhao Nanyu looked at her, then at his son, and said, “Get in the carriage. ”

Song Luan wanted to climb up the carriage with her son in her arms, but she found it too difficult and gave up.

It was much warmer inside the carriage than outside, and her hands and feet gradually warmed up. Her son sat beside her, while Zhao Nanyu was leaning against the window.

The carriage was enough to hold three people. There were some snacks on the low table. It’s used to alleviate hunger.

The atmosphere was a little stiff since no one spoke. It was very quiet. Song Luan was brave and gently hugged her son and put him on her lap. Then she asked, “Son, do you want to eat? ”

He touched his round stomach and shook his head. “I’m not hungry, mother. I’ve already eaten. ”

“Okay. ”

Zhao Nanyu suddenly reached out and picked a piece of red bean cake and handed it to Song Luan’s mouth. She was frightened by him. “What are you doing!? ”

He smiled. “I think you want to eat.”

She really wanted to eat. She didn’t have time to eat when she got up early in the morning. So far, she was still hungry.

Song Luan raised her face and refused to let herself lose in this moment. She rightfully snatched the red bean cake from Zhao Nanyu’s hand, put it in her mouth and muttered, “I don’t want you to feed me. ”

Zhao Nanyu raised his eyebrows after hearing this, but he didn’t say a word. He just watched her eat silently.

Little Zhao looked at them curiously, licked his lips, and thought to himself…that red bean cake must be delicious. His mother looked so happy that he felt a bit greedy.

His small hand secretly grabbed the corner of his mother’s dress, as if it would stop her from running away.

Zhao’s house and Song’s house were separated by half of the capital city. The carriage was moving slowly. Song Luan was already full. No one in the carriage took the initiative to speak. The rickety carriage made her drowsy. Her son slept right at her chest and and both pair of eyes were closed.

Zhao Nanyu put down the book in his hand and stared at them quietly. Both mother and son slept soundly. Song Luan’s hand protected his son’s waist and prevented him from falling off her leg.

Zhao Nanyu rarely takes a closer look of Song Luan. The marriage at that time didn’t matter to him.

Even after she despised him and brought endless humiliation, Zhao Nanyu didn’t think there was anything, just a woman who liked to be scornful. It was hard to clean up her mess so he felt it was easier to crush her directly than the ants.

Song Luan’s flattery to him these days was not so obvious, but he was not a fool. How could he not see her intentionally showing weakness?

Zhao Nanyu smiled. He looked at the woman in front of him carefully. The more he saw, the more itchy he felt. There was no doubt that her appearance was very beautiful. Her features were bright and exquisite. Her lashes were black and thick. Her red lips were slightly open. Her poor sleeping posture made her collar a little disordered.

He held out his hand silently and arranged her clothes. He couldn’t help it, his cold fingers slowly crossed the edge of her cheek, as if they were tracing her outline.

The sleeping woman seemed to feel something, and her whole body trembled and frowned.

Zhao Nanyu lifted his eyebrows and as if nothing happened, he took back his hand.

Song Luan didn’t sleep long before the carriage stopped in front of the Song Residence. Song Luan’s father was very proud in the court ranking, so his birthday ceremony was very dignified. There were already many carriages parked in front of the gate.

Song Luan listened to the voice outside and opened her eyes vaguely. She turned to Zhao Nanyu and asked, “We are here?”


He stepped out of the carriage first, then held the sleeping son on his shoulder with one hand and extended his hand to her. “Come on, I’ll help you. ”

The couple appeared at the gate of the Song family. Everyone could see that the most beautiful third lady of the Song family had gone home with her husband. Her husband?!

Song Luan felt embarrassed when she was stared at by the people. Zhao Nanyu was more calm, and walked straight.

Song Luan held her head high and put on a cold expression. She walked beside Zhao Nanyu with pride.

Song Luan’s mother was Aunt Lin. She had longed for her daughter to come back. After knowing that she had arrived, she hurried to the front yard and saw her beloved daughter from afar.

Aunt Lin rushed up and took Song Luan’s hand and looked at her up and down. Suddenly she lamented, “My treasure! You… How much did you suffer in Zhao’s family? The flesh on that small face is now thin, there is not even a decent hairpin on your head. Ahhh your mother’s heart is aching. ”

At that moment, it seemed that Song Luan’s mother was not bad

Aunt Lin pretended to wipe her tears, and then moved her eyes to Zhao Nanyu, who was beside her. She glanced at his eyes lightly, but didn’t say anything bad to him. She just snorted and turned to her daughter to scold her. “My poor treasure. Since you did not marry well, your mother should have expected that your life will not be good after your marriage. Your mother didn’t know that you’ll be a mess like this. You didn’t have beautiful clothes and jewelry and you can’t even eat enough….My poor daughter!”

Song Luan: “….”

Zhao Nanyu smiled and listened, but his anger didn’t show. Song Luan felt that he was squeezing her waist more and more hard.

The waist was pinched so hard that it hurts.



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