Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 15 part 1

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Song Luan hissed and opened her mouth to explain: “No, no, my mother. I’m doing really well.”

Apart from the days when she was dying and lying in bed after being poisoned into the bone marrow, the original owner had a good life before she died, and Zhao Nanyu never treated her badly in food, clothing, housing and transportation.

Aunt Lin’s face was almost written with the words ‘I don’t believe’. Song Luan’s words did not comfort her, but they were darker and darker.

She did not agree at the beginning with her daughter and Zhao Nanyu’s marriage, but she had no right to decide.

Aunt Lin was a daughter of a big merchant in the south of the Yangtze River. She was in a rich family. She had lived in royal clothes and jade dishes since she was a child. Later, Song Lian, the father of Song Luan, married her.

Song Lian was a great official of the imperial court. It’s very good that the daughter of a merchant can marry in. Song Lian treats her pretty well these years. He treated several children equally and loved them very much. Aunt Lin was not short of money. Her room was mostly adorned with gold, silver, and jewelry. When she was a child, she thought that having plenty of money was a good thing. She also taught Song Luan all these.

Her own heart was not bad, but half of the credit for Song Luan’s snobbish character lies in her. She doted on her baby daughter as an eye bead, and never scolded her if she did terrible things. Even if Song Luan made a mistake, she would protect Song Luan and blame others for her child’s fault.

Anyone can be scolded, but she can’t be scolded. Anyone can be wrong, but her daughter can’t be wrong.

So even if Song Luan and Zhao Nanyu were caught having an affair, Aunt Lin firmly believed her daughter’s beauty was coveted by Zhao Nanyu. Since he couldn’t marry Song Luan on his own terms, he used this vicious scheme to tie her in marriage.

What kind of person was Zhao Nanyu? No one in the capital knows. If his mother was a prostitute, it’s not certain that this llegitimate son could go back to Zhao’s house if his father didn’t have an heir.

Although he has passed the examination, he was not at the top. All the scholars who were selected together were better than him. He was really worthless.

Zhao Nanyu slowly released the fingers clamped on Song Luan’s waist. He seemed to know that Aunt Lin didn’t like him very much. He smiled at her with a good temper and said, “I’ll go back to the room to put this son to bed.”

Aunt Lin could not wait for him to leave, so she nodded her head.

In the past years, he and his wife also went back to Song Residence together. Sometimes Zhao Nanyu was called by his father-in-law to talk to him, so he couldn’t take care of his son. Song Luan was an impatient person when it comes to children, so she locked her son in the boudoir and before she left, she threw some toys to him to prevent him from going out. Zhao Nanyu returned to pick up their son who was crying with grievances in her boudoir, so he was familiar where the place was.

After he left, Song Luan was relieved, but she heard her mother’s bad words again and remembered the people who hated her family.

Aunt Lin pulled Song Luan to her room and looked at her with tears in her eyes. “Ah Luan, you must have suffered a lot at Zhao’s house, and you even felt wrong. ”

When did her daughter talk so well of him!? Just now that humble phrase she said that she had a good life, must be Zhao Nanyu, that man, who bullied her.

Aunt Lin wiped her tears, opened the cupboard and took out a small box from it. Then she opened the box, which was gleaming of gold, silver and jewelry.

Song Luan, who had never seen the world, swallowed, “This…”

Aunt Lin said, “You secretly take some back. Think about how to use it. I have nothing else but money. Don’t be afraid of Zhao Nanyu. If you’re in big dillema, just leave him. Let’s find you a better man.”

It’s not uncommon for the people in this period to be open and remarry with divorce, but it’s hard to say if she could still remarry with her infamous reputation. More importantly, it was absolutely impossible for Zhao Nanyu, who had a cold personality, to let her be happy.

Song Luan had to maintain the image of arrogance before her mother, “Mother, I’m not afraid of him! If he really dares to treat me harshly, I can return it two times worse. ”

She was lying to herself. She only dare to take advantage of Zhao Nanyu while he was away, not to boast with her mother.

Aunt Lin thought… It made sense to think about what she said.

A Luan has never lost a fight since she was a child. She didn’t think Zhao Nanyu would dare to show his face, but she was afraid that her daughter would be wronged, so she took a handful of jewelry out of the box and put it in her hands. “Take all these things. My A Luan should be exquisite and beautifully dressed!”

Song Luan silently put all these jewelries away and smiled, “It’s still mother who’s the most important to me.” She paused after speaking, and added, “Men are dogs. ”

Aunt Lin was very pleased and touched her face. “Do you have anything you want to eat? Your mother will personally cook it for you. ”

“I’d like to have lotus seed soup. ”

“Good. I’ll do it for you in a moment. ”

Song Luan felt that the mother of the original owner was really doting in treating her daughter, and almost everything good things were sent to her.

Her mood was very complex now, because Aunt Lin’s fate in the book was not good. After her daughter was burned, the shock was too great that she died of grief.

Aunt Lin was still not satisfied with her dress. She just put two more gold hairpins in her bun and a beautiful jade on her wrist.

“Now this is beautiful. ”

“Thank you, Mother. ”

Aunt Lin said enough to her and went to the kitchen to cook lotus seed soup for her. As soon as she left, Song Luan’s rigid back relaxed a little. She was really afraid that she would show her feet in front of Aunt Lin.

*Show her feet – Show her true personality. So she had to act according to the original owner’s personality.




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