Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 15 part 2

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Since she wanted to save her life, her personality of being hostile and vicious can collapse in front of the male lead, but not in front of other people.

It’s not hard to play a young lady who was arrogant and willful. She just passed the test.

Just after Aunt Lin left, Song Luan planned to go back to her house to see her son and Zhao Nanyu. She knew in her heart that Zhao Nanyu heard her mother’s vicious tone. She must also remember them on her head.

It was not easy to brush some good feelings from Zhao Nanyu. Song Luan didn’t want to be destroyed.

However, Song Luan was totally unfamiliar with the Song’s residence, and she happened to be bad with directions. She walked around indiscriminately and could not tell which direction is leading to which. When she finally saw a figure in front of her, and as soon as she was about to ask him for a direction, the man turned to her.

It was a very young man. He was dressed in a blue shirt. He looked beautiful and soft. When he saw Song Luan, his eyes lit up, he ran straight to her. He was very happy and called out, “Ah Luan.”

Song Luan frowned and took a few steps back, while thinking who was this?! Listening to his tone, it sounded like they were old friends with the original owner.

Not good! she wants to run.

Without giving her any time to react, the man grabbed her wrist and said, “Ah Luan, I know you still like me. ”

Song Luan: “??? ”

The man in front of him seemed to have a lot of words to say to her, and finally he said, “If it wasn’t for the letter I received before, I wouldn’t know that you’ll be in this difficult situation. A Luan, will you follow me once I persuade my parents?”

Song Luan’s expression was struck by thunder. It took her a long time to find her voice. “I’m married ”

The man heard her and the hand holding her wrist were more forceful, and his eyes resentful, “Don’t you hate him?! Before you married, you told me personally that you didn’t want to marry him. If my parents didn’t disagree, I would have married you. ”

As soon as he said that, Song Luan guessed who he was. He must be the youngest son of the He family, He Run, who had a marriage engagement with the original owner.

He Run’s father was the emperor’s uncle, his aunt was the current queen, his mother was the county head. He had two elder brothers and they were not easy to provoke. An outstanding family had raised a stupid son like him who was easily convinced.

The original owner used some petty tricks to make him and his three spirits obssessed with her so much. At that time, He Run made so much trouble to the point of threatening his family with tears just so he could marry Song Luan

Unfortunately, as soon as the incident between Song Luan and Zhao Nanyu came out, the marriage arrangement between her and He Run was broken.

Now Song Luan’s head hurts. What’s this?!!

She pulled out her wrists and said in a good voice, “Mr. He, forget about the past. I’m having a good life now, so don’t…”

He Run decided that she was wronged and didn’t dare speak ill of her husband. He Run immediately interrupted her, “Don’t lie to me… I won’t let you stay in the fire pit of Zhao’s family. What you wrote in your letter clearly says that you still love me. ”

The expression on He Run’s face seemed to be hurt. He then said, “I wrote back to you some days ago, and you should understand that I have never forgotten you in these four years. ”

Song Luan was confused. She didn’t receive a letter at all. She really didn’t want to be involved with other men. “Mr. He, I have a husband and a son. It’s not good for a man to act like this. You will meet a better woman in the future. ”

He Run was about to cry, his eyes were red, and his hands tightly grasped her white wrist. “I don’t mind. A Luan, we are in love. It’s not your wish that you commit yourself to Zhao Nanyu. I don’t blame you. Shall we start from the beginning? ”

Song Luan listened to his inner rage. How could this young man say so much without listening to her?

She couldn’t move her wrist away from him. She shouldn’t be soft. She had to be stern. Song Luan raised her chin, put on a look of arrogance, and said slowly, “Do you think I like you? There are more guys that I like. As you say, I don’t have enough on my hands. As long as there are rich and powerful men in the capital, I like them. I just like your family background, not you. ”

As soon as Song Luan finished saying this, the man behind the pillar quietly laughed, at the same time, his anger slowly poured up from the bottom of his heart.

Zhao Nanyu silently raised his lips. He just happened to arrive just now and didn’t hear much of what they said, but that last two sentence fell into his ears.

It turned out that everyone can, as long as they have money and power.

Yes, money and power are good things.

With these, he can keep Song Luan from escaping in her lifetime.

Zhao Nanyu’s dark eyes stared at He Run’s hand that was holding her wrist, and his scarlet eyes swelled with killing intent.



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