Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 16 part 1

TL NOTE: This is it, my beloved reader…a yandere is born (see part 2 for the complete transformation of our dear Zhao Nanyu). Also, enjoy the chapter!

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Translated by: Tinker

When He Run heard her words, his face turned white. Then he kneeled down and begged, “I…I….I have money and my aunt loves me. You don’t have to worry about being bullied. ”

Song Luan sighed heavily in her heart. After all she just said, he still did not give up. To make him so devoted and loyal, she didn’t know what ecstasy the original owner fed to this man. He was deeply in love with her and never repented.

She shook off his hand, and for this reason, Song Luan knew that he couldn’t explain clearly. She frowned and said, “Mr. He, I have something else to do, so I’ll go first. ”

He Run looked at her reluctantly, and even wanted to catch up to her, “A Luan, I… I will wait for you.”

Fortunately, Song Luan ran out fast, so she didn’t have to continue to struggle with him endlessly. She ran out of the garden in one breath, when she finally saw a servant girl, she stopped and asked, “Where is my husband? ”

The servant girl felt that she was very unlucky. Third miss came back two or three times a year, and met her before. She was really scared of this bad tempered third miss, and was afraid of saying something wrong that would make her unhappy and get beaten up.

She pointed to a room on the left, and replied, trembling, “Your husband is in your room.”

Song Luan pretended to be impatient and waved, “Okay, I know. ”

She arranged her clothes, followed the direction pointed by the servant girl and walked past. The door was closed and there was no sound in it. Song Luan doubted whether Zhao Nanyu was in her room or not.

Zhao Nanyu came back one step ahead. His son was still sleeping. He sat by the bed for a while at first. Not long before, he stood up, and wanted to see her boudoir for the first time.

He never seen it carefully even when he had been here before.

There seemed to be a unique fragrance in the girl’s room. In front of the bed, there was a dresser with a copper mirror on it. He opened the small drawer under the dresser and there were some household things, mostly for dressing. He saw several handkerchiefs in the corner, took them and puts them on his hands to have a careful look.

Zhao Nanyu laughed. The workmanship in the handkerchief were extremely poor. There was even no embroidery on them. At first sight, he knew that the owner of this handkerchief was not good at embroidery.

He silently put the handkerchief back to its original place, and did not continue to watch. He sat down and poured himself a cup of tea and took two sips.

At this time, Song Luan, who was outside the house, pushed open the door and came in. Her face was a little red and some sweat appeared on her forehead. She looked at him and asked, “Is little Zhao still sleeping? ”

Zhao Nanyu lowered his eyes and held the cup tightly with his fingers. He could not hear any fluctuation in his voice, and said, “Yes. ”

He suddenly raised his face and stared at her with deep eyes. At the moment when Song Luan was staring at him, she felt that his eyes were stormy, like a fierce beast coming directly at her.

Zhao Nanyu got up and slowly walked to her side. He suddenly smiled, took out a white handkerchief from his sleeve, gently wiped the sweat beads on her forehead, and asked with concern, “Why did you sweat? Where did you come from? ”

Song Luan’s back was taut and her back was cold. Although Zhao Nanyu was very gentle at this time, she was still nervous. She smiled dryly, “Maybe it was too hot. ”

The temperature in Zhao Nanyu’s eyes was a little colder after hearing the words.

Several emotions, such as violence, murder and jealousy, were well hidden on his chest. He still smiled and no one could see anything wrong, “Right? I thought you came a short distance from here? ”

In fact, Zhao Nanyu had seen many scenes where Song Luan was entangled with other men. Sometimes, it was an aristocratic son in the capital, and othertimes it was the person in the royal family. He could bear it every time, because he had developed the ability of turning a blind eye.

But just now, when he saw the picture of Song Luan and He Run standing together, he felt angry for a long time, anger surged his heart. He was jealous and wanted to kill that man. He wanted to monopolize her.



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