Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 16 part 2

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Zhao Nanyu was a dangerous man. He could tolerate and control his emotions. After listening to those words, he didn’t choose to show himself to them, but left quietly.

At this time, he silently stared at Song Luan, at this familiar and strange face…

Song Luan didn’t dare to move. She didn’t know if Zhao Nanyu had heard her conversation with He Run. “What can I do? It’s such a big place.”

Zhao Nanyu was a man who hated being cheated. Song Luan refused to admit about her meeting with He Run. She really wanted to ask if he had seen her, but had no courage.

“Do you want to drink some water?”

Song Luan hadn’t drank yet since morning. She and He Run were talking so much that her throat and mouth had been dry for a long time. She nodded, “I am thirsty. ”

Zhao Nanyu poured a glass of water for her and handed it to her, “Drink.”

“Thank you. ”

“By the way, did your mother say a lot to you? ”

Song Luan wondered how much her mother said today, and that all she asked were all unnecessary questions. She shook her head, “She didn’t say much. ”

Zhao Nanyu chuckled, “How did you come here so late?” He looked directly at her eyes, as if to see through her heart. “Did you meet someone? ”

At that moment, Song Luan thought that he had seen something. Her heart accelerated a bit. But after she thought about it, Zhao Nanyu could not have seen it. There was no one else in that place except her and He Run.

She was not stupid, so she would not tell him what happened to He Run. Song Luan replied bitterly, “I didn’t meet anyone else.”

It was really not an easy thing to lie in front of Zhao Nanyu’s eyes. She coughed twice and continued to talk with great difficulty, “It’s just that I got delayed with my mother’s matters”

Zhao Nanyu was silent for a moment. “I see. ”

His five fingers clasped tightly, forming a fist. Lying? Very well. Sure enough, her changes were all pretend these days, her human nature had not changed.

Zhao Nanyu thought of a lot of ways to torture her. He wanted to do it roughly–to break her bones, to watch her cry and beg for her life, beg for herself. He wanted to kill He Run in front of her.

Gradually, all these ideas were dispelled. It’s not yet the right time. He could see his thoughts better than anyone else. He had treated her differently than before.

Jealousy and anger would not affect him.

He liked her pitiful look, full of grievances. He liked bullying her and looking at her red eyes with tears that hang weakly on that delicate appearance.

Zhao Nanyu grabbed her wrist, on the location where He Run’s touch was. He stared at it for a long time, then took out the handkerchief and rubbed it two or three times on her wrist. Facing Song Luan’s blank eyes, he explained, “It’s dirty. ”

Song Luan took a breath of cool air. Her white wrist had been rubbed red.

She still remembered the reason why she came to him, she said, “Don’t take what my mother said today into consideration. ”

Zhao Nanyu said, “I didn’t. ”

You liar! Her waist hurts so much because of him. How could he still have the face to say that he didn’t?

Song Luan could not expose him either, so she could only go along with him, “That’s good. ”

Zhao Nanyu didn’t ask her what Aunt Lin had said to her just now. She just persuaded her to find a better man.

Even when he hated Song Luan, he never thought about divorcing her, let alone now.

Want to leave him and have fun with other men? She can’t dream.

Little Zhao turned over and opened his clear and innocent eyes slowly. The little boy got up from the bed without shoes. He stepped on the ground barefoot and rushed out.

He didn’t like this room at all. Every time he comes to the house, his mother would lock him up alone. He couldn’t wait for his father to pick him up and so he used to wait until the sky gets dark.

No one plays with him or talks with him.

Song Luan was shocked when he saw her son dashing in full speed. The child in thin clothes ran towards her. She opened her arms and subconsciously caught him.

Her son hugged her knee and buried his red face without saying a word.

Song Luan picked him up carefully and asked softly, “What’s the matter with you? Why didn’t you wear any shoes?”

Little Zhao buried his head in her chest, but he still didn’t say a word. He grabbed the clothes on her shoulder with his small hand, afraid that his mother would leave him and lock him here.

Song Luan’s collar was ripped open by him, and her white and soft chest showed a little bit. Zhao Nanyu glanced at it, then withdrew back his gaze, his eyes turned a little dark.

He reached out his hand and carried his son. The child in his arms was still struggling. He whispered, “Okay, be obedient.”

Zhao Nanyu’s simple words could frighten him. The child was really obedient and dared not move in his father’s arms.

He raised his eyes, looked at her deeply, and reminded her, “Collar. ”

Song Luan found that her collar was pulled down. She blushed and closed her lapel. She dared not look up at him.

Zhao Nanyu teased her, his beautiful eyes bent. “What a shame, I haven’t seen it yet.”

He licked his teeth and the dark light in his eyes continued.

Want, Very want.

Hold down her waist and do a lot of exercises together*

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*You know what this means… (●´艸`)ヾZhao Nanyu wants fuck her so bad. His inner desires is beginning to unravel.



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