Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 17 part 1

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Zhao Nanyu lowered his eyes and suppressed all his thoughts. He had endured all these years, and he could still endure this time.

Zhao Nanyu’s heart and eyes were small. He remembered everything Song Luan did that made him unhappy. He remembered everything clearly, and he was waiting to settle everything with her.

The little bun hanging on him seemed to be full of troubles. His chin was on Zhao Nanyu’s shoulder. He was silent and no one noticed his grievances.

Song Luan felt that his face seemed to be ucomfortable but she didn’t think of the reason why she wanted he was making a face like that. She went forward two steps and looked at him with concern, and asked, “What’s the matter? Not happy? ”

She bent her lips and smiled for a while, and even asked, “Why are you not happy? pouting face is not cute at all ”

He didn’t want to admit it at all. He shook his head and said in a voice, “There is no unhappiness. ”

He was just afraid. He thought of the past, the days when he was locked up. He liked the mother now, and didn’t like the one who didn’t want to look at him.

Song Luan couldn’t help pinching his fleshy face. “Good boys don’t lie.”

It seemed that little Zhao was still reluctant to say it. He took his father’s shoulder and refused to make a sound. Song Luan didn’t want to embarrass him. Even if the child didn’t want to say it, it may just be a nightmare, and he was embarrassed to tell her.

She smiled. “Well, if you don’t want to say it, don’t say it. But remember to wear shoes when you get out of bed. The ground is very cold ”

Little Zhao nodded and admitted his mistake, “I’m not a good boy.”

Song Luan touched his head, just about to say something, but Zhao Nanyu put him down in a flat tone, “Go, put on your shoes. Don’t do it next time.”

It seemed that little Zhao didn’t want to leave the two of them. Pitiful eyes looked at Song Luan for fear if he turn his head, his mother would leave, the door would close, and he couldn’t find anyone.

Zhao Nanyu, with a heavy face, said softly, “Don’t make any trouble. ”

Little Zhao lowered his head and went in barefoot to find his shoes.

When Song Luan read ‘The Powerful Minister’, she thought Zhao Nanyu was very fond of his son. Now it seemed that Zhao Nanyu was not blindly fond of him. He was very strict and would never allow him to get used to his bad habits.

She opened her mouth and complained boldly to him, “You were just too fiece with little Zhao.”

After all, he was only four years old. Zhao Nanyu could speak in a gentler tone.

Zhao Nanyu raised her eyebrows, smiled and glanced across her feet. “I remember you didn’t like wearing shoes at home. ”

He had seen her running around barefoot several times.

Song Luan’s throat choked. “There is carpet in the room, and barefoot is very comfortable. I’m not a child. What’s the matter with barefoot? ”

Zhao Nanyu snorted. Finally, she could see some fluctuations on his always-cold face. “Little Zhao must have learned those things from yours.”

“That’s not necessary. ”

“Is it possible to learn from me? ”

Song Luan blurted out, “He likes you more and sticks to you. Maybe he learned it from you. ”

After her voice fell, Song Luan knew that she said the wrong thing. Of course, little Zhao sticks to his father more, the original owner didn’t treat him well.

She bit her lips and took back her words,”He learned it from me. I’ll never do that again. ”

This tone was very rebellious.

Suddenly, there was a clear female voice outside the house, and the maid in front of her knocked on the door. “Third Miss, Master Song asked that Master Zhao needs to go to the front yard. He had something to say.”

Song Luan replied, “I see. ”

She turned to look at Zhao Nanyu, raised her chin, and said, “You heard that my father asked you to go.”

Zhao Nanyu took a sip of water without hesitation and said, “Okay.”

He put down the teacup on his hands, the beautiful peach blossom eyes bent into crescent shaped, and said softly, “Don’t forget about our son.”

Song Luan cleared her throat and said seriously, “I’ll take him with me. Don’t worry. ”

Although she said this, Song Luan also knew that Zhao Nanyu would not be rest assured that she will take good care of the child. She had a lot of past mistakes. What if she goes crazy and mistreats the child again?





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