Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 17 part 2

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If anyone looked closely, you can see that Zhao Nanyu’s smiling eyes were cold and indifferent. Although he thought that Song Luan these days was much different from the past and found her interesting, he knew in his heart that he still didn’t like her very much.

Her change was sudden.

The time was not yet enough to trust her. But tonight, he couldn’t help it. He had to go to the front yard and couldn’t take the child with him. He could only leave the child beside her.

Song Luan had better not lie to him, or he would add another stroke to his revenge book.

Zhao Nanyu was silent for a moment, then laughed, “Then you have worked hard.”

When he said this, his son who had just put on his shoes, ran out. Zhao Nanyu picked him up and said, “Stay close to your mother. Don’t lose your temper. Be obedient, okay?”

Little Zhao was uneasy and reluctant to let his father go, but he also knew that he could not keep his father, so he was obedient and said, “Okay. ”

Zhao Nanyu himself personally gave little Zhao into Song Luan’s arms, smiling, “You’ve worked hard. ”

Song Luan was so flattered that she quickly waved her hand, “Not hard, not hard.”

She liked to spend time with her son! It’s fun to play with him. And she didn’t want to miss the chance to cultivate her mother-son relationship.

Zhao Nanyu frowned a little. He couldn’t tell whether the joy on her face was true or false. He opened the door and left without looking back.

Zhao Nanyu just went out of the back garden when suddenly, there was a slim figure around the corner of the corridor. The girl was dressed in pink and looked like peach blossom. She walked to him and made a formal ceremony, “Brother-in-law.”

Zhao Nanyu was not familiar with the people of the Song family, but he knew that she was Song Luan’s sister, Song Yu.

He took a few steps back, very polite, “Fourth younger sister.”

Song Yu’s face become more and more red. Her eyes moved. She looked at him several times and felt embarrassed. Then she quickly lowered his head. “My father has been waiting for a long time. Let me show my brother-in-law to him. ”

Zhao Nanyu didn’t fail to see Song Yu’s thoughts on him. He frowned and refused in a cold voice. “No, I know the way. ”

Song Yu’s teeth are about to be broken, and her face was much paler. She moved forward two steps and looked at him with watery eyes. “My brother-in-law, don’t be polite to me. ”

Zhao Nanyu said coldly, “No need. ”

After the words fell, he left in a big step.

Song Yu stood in the same place with a stiff body and stamped her feet with hate. Brother in law is so merciless! She had just plucked up the courage to speak up, and he didn’t even reciprocate.

She was not Song Luan. Her skin and face were below Song Luan’s. Song Yu was also a commoner, but there was not much difference between her and Song Luan’s family in Song Residence.

She had a common appearance, which was far inferior to Song Luan’s exquisite color and beauty, and her literary talent was also inferior to her sisters. All of her sisters were quite mediocre with ordinary qualifications.

She was cowardly and timid.

After a while of sulking, Song Yu turned and walked towards Song Luan’s house.

Song Luan was sitting on the soft coach coaxing little Zhao. Her son hugged her tightly. She didn’t know what happened to him.

She felt that he was about to cry, so she asked patiently, “Do you want to go out to play? ”

It’s not good to stay like this the whole time. He’s too quiet. As a boy, it’s better to be cheerful. Song Luan’s heart broke looking at him.

He shook his head and embraced her tighter, refusing to come down. “I don’t want to.”

Song Luan sighed. If he didn’t want to, he couldn’t help it. “Then we will stay in the house and wait for your father to come back?”

Little Zhao hummed in agreement.

The child’s hands circled her neck tightly. It was the first time Song Luan was cuddled by her son. It seemed that he was afraid that she would leave him.

Song Yu came around at this time. She smiled at Song Luan and cried sweetly, “Third older sister.”

Song Luan knew her. Song Yu was a woman of patience and virtue.

“Fourth younger sister.”

In fact, Song Yu was very envious of her third sister’s appearance. There were many men in the capital who liked her, and some of them were sons of excellent families. If it wasn’t for that time…

She gathered her thoughts and smiled softly. She stretched out her hand to touch Song Luan’s son, but didn’t expect that the child would evade her hand.

Song Yu smiled awkwardly.

Song Luan explained, “Little Zhao does not like outsiders so much.”

Song Yu looked at her with complicated eyes. In the morning, she was told that she was coming back with Zhao Nanyu. At that time, she didn’t believe it very much. Her third sister didn’t like her brother-in-law. Every time she came home, she had many complaints to say. It was not only the family who knew their bad feelings, but also the people around them.

But the messengers had said that they were so intimate that they didn’t see any resentment between them at all. Song Yu thought to herself, how could it be all of a sudden? No, it shouldn’t be.

And in the past, her sister didn’t get along with her husband. She even didn’t care for her child, and never saw her hug the child.

“I was abrupt and thought he was familiar with me.” Song Yu said.

Little Zhao grabbed Song Luan’s collar and refused to speak. He didn’t like the little aunt at all. He had heard several times that the little aunt teased her mother with other men when his father was not around.

He buried his head on Song Luan’s neck and said, “Mother, I’m a little hungry. “



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