Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 18 part 1

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He’s not really hungry. He just didn’t want his mother to talk to his aunt.

Song Yu pretended not to see his nephew’s rejection of her. She stooped to approach him, and whispered, “Auntie has delicious food. Do you want to go? ”

The child encircled Song Luan’s neck, and didn’t open his eyes. He is indifferent to Song Yu’s kind smile. “I want to eat the cake made by my mother. ”

Song Luan chuckled a little, and soon she was back to normal. She always kept three points of arrogance in front of the people of the Song family. “Fourth younger sister, go back if you have nothing to do. Don’t make fun of yourself here. ”

This was not pleasant to hear, but it was something that the original owner can say.

Song Yu thought that the temper of third sister was a little bit better than before, but now she didn’t think so. Her mouth was as sharp as ever, and her bitter character was really annoying!

She was so angry that she had to swallow her stomach after almost breaking her teeth. She had suffered a lot from Song Luan. This elder sister was not only unkind, but when she was angry, this sister had slapped her face and grabber her hair. It was really not easy to provoke.

If it wasn’t for her motive of investigating, Song Yu would not come and see her. When did she ever see her quiet?

She smiled stiffly. “This sister doesn’t mind so much. ”

After Song Yu left, Song Luan went to Auntie Lin with her son in her arms. As she walked along the way, she said, “Son, I’ll make cakes for you once we arrive home, okay?”

If she cooked in front of Aunt Lin or other people in the Song family, she may frighten them all to death. They might think there’s something wrong with her brain.

Little Zhao calmed down, and was very good now. He’ll do whatever she says, “Okay. ”

Aunt Lin had just come back from the kitchen and cooked the lotus seed soup herself. She was about to bring it to her daughter when Song Luan came. Aunt Lin also saw her grandson on her shoulder.

“Oh, little Zhao is awake. Come here. Grandma just cooked it. It’s fragrant and sweet.”

Aunt Lin treated little Zhao well. She had never been attentive or harsh to him. The child looked more like his father. He didn’t talk much. He was obedient. This kind of grandson was not often seen. But, she could only care about her daughter, so her attention was not really towards her grandson.

Her daughter was her own family, but her grandson’s surname was Zhao.

When he got off the ground, he climbed up to the table and said thank you politely. Then he picked up the bowl and took a taste.

It’s sweet. It’s very sweet.

Song Luan sat down beside him and took a taste. She almost spit out the soup. It was too sweet!

Aunt Lin looked at her with expectant eyes and asked, “Luan Bao, is it delicious?”

Luanbao was Song Luan’s nickname. Aunt Lin liked to call her that when she was very young. When she grew up, she would cry and throw tantrums and refused to be called by that name. But occasionally, Aunt Lin would use this name once or twice.

Song Luan swallowed hard the soup in her mouth and said, “It’s delicious.”

The original owner liked sweet food, but she didn’t.

Aunt Lin beamed and said contentedly, “I knew you would like it. No one in the Zhao family can make it. Drink more. There are plenty in the kitchen. ”

“Mom, I know. ”

Song Luan almost swallowed a bowl of lotus seed soup. Her mouth was full of the sweet and greasy taste. Her head and throat hurt. She quickly drank a glass of water to relieve the soreness.

Little Zhao drank a whole bowl and didn’t feel uncomfortable. Song Luan was curious and asked him, “Do you like it? Is it delicious? ”

He nodded. “Delicious. ”

He didn’t lie to her. He really like to think it’s delicious.

If you remember, Little Zhao and Zhao Nanyu both don’t like sweet foods. So when Song Luan asked her how it taste and little Zhao replied that it was delicious. He fully convinced himself that it was delicious (tho he doesn’t like sweet things), so he’s not considered as lying. Get it?

Song Luan giggled, “Are you still hungry?”

He shook his head. “I’m full. ”

Song Luan was afraid that his stomach would hurt, so she quickly took away the plate in front of him. “It’s good to eat just enough.”


Zhao Nanyu was talking to his father-in-law.

The reason why Song Lian was quite high in the court was that he was ‘simple and honest’. Of course, half of this kind of simple and honest was just pretend. He was the backbone of the Song family, so he was naturally careful.

He was not satisfied with Zhao Nanyu, his son-in-law.

Officials in the court were more or less snobbish. Based on his many years of experience in the court, he determined that Zhao Nanyu would not make much achievements in the court in the future. After all, he was his son-in-law. Even if he was not satisfied, he wouldn’t mention it. Moreover, these years, he had been ridiculed because of his daughter. It should be regarded as compensation.

Zhao Nanyu handed over the birthday gift he prepared to Song Lian. It was received by the housekeeper standing beside Song Lian. His father-in-law didn’t even plan to see it. He thought he wouldn’t be able to bring anything of high value.

“I have also heard about the foolish things that Ah Luan did. Please be more tolerant of her and don’t worry so much.” Song Lian said, thinking of her daughter’s private meeting with a man two months before.

Zhao rubbed his lips, “I know.”

Song Lian also felt that he, himself, was terrible. No matter what Song Luan did, he didn’t think it was her fault.

“I’m relieved that you are like this. It is the best for the family.”

Zhao Nanyu stood and his hands was on his back. His body was lean. His eyes fell down and covered the emotion in his eyes. The sunlight shining inward hit him, and his delicate eyebrows looked gentle.

“Yes. ”

Song Lian didn’t say a word to him at all and just asked him a few questions as usual before he sent him away.



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