Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 18 part 2

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  • Zhao Chao – He’s the relative closest to Zhao Nanyu. If you don’t remember, he’s the teacher/uncle of little Zhao who appeared briefly in chapter 1 and chapter 8.
  • Zhao Wenyan (nickname ‘Ayan’) – He’s Zhao’s Nanyu’s younger brother from another mother (which is the current wife of his father). To spike your memory, this guy here, is the one who fell in love with the original Song Luan. He dedicated all his life to find a remedy for Song Luan’s poison. And when Song Luan died, he didn’t recover and died after.

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Zhao Nanyu walked out of the main hall. He saw a lot of acquaintances in the courtyard. Many colleagues from Dali temple came. After greeting each other, he went to the backyard.

The day passed quickly, and it was evening in a flash.

Zhao Nanyu and Song Luan plan to leave after dinner at the Song’s house. For the first time, Song Luan had not quarreled with her sisters. It was better to be safe and quiet. After eating the meal quietly, she didn’t intend to talk to other people nor deliberately look for troubles.

In the past few years, Song Luan could not help but stab them with shap words every year. The original owner thought that their laughter was mocking her, so when she saw her sisters laughing, she would use sharp words against them, and would not give up until both of them were hurt.

Once they were about to go home, it was only Aunt Lin who was unwilling.
She sent her to the carriage while crying. She treated Zhao Nanyu beside her as air, wiped her tears and said, “Ah Luan, if you are unhappy in Zhao’s family, you can go back to your mother’s house. Anyone can be wrong, but you can’t be wrong.”

Song Luan couldn’t laugh or cry, “Mother, go back.”

After all kinds of guarantees, she sent Aunt Lin away, and only then did she notice to care for Zhao Nanyu. She turned to look at him and couldn’t help her curiosity. She asked, “What did my father tell you? ”

Zhao Nanyu replied, “He asked some common things, and didn’t say anything else. ”

The expression on his face was distant and indifferent.

Song Luan calmed down a little “Oh.”

The carriage stopped on the way. Song Luan opened the curtain and looked out curiously. There was a carriage in front of them, which happened to block their way.

Song Luan looked for a while and was about to put down the curtain when a man came out the gorgeous carriage opposite to them. She decided to take a look, and could see that it was Zhao Chao–the uncle who was close to her son.

Zhao Chao came straight to their carriage and yelled from outside, “Second Brother.”

Zhao Nanyu got out of the carriage. “Why are you here? ”

Zhao Chao smiled, and his handsome face suddenly became vivid. Today, he was dressed in crescent-colored straight embellishment, which looked quite elegant. He replied, “I went out with Ayan to drink wine. Who knew that I would ran into my second brother. ”

Zhao Nanyu frowned, and his face was full of disapproval. He whispered, “Don’t take him to drink next time. He is still young. ”

Zhao Wenyan was only 17 years old. Although they didn’t have the same mother, Zhao Nanyu couldn’t help but also be strict with him.

Zhao Chao seemed to guess what he would say, so he showed a vague smile, “You can’t always stay at home and read. What can you do if you are stupid?” Then he said, “Let’s go, older brother. We haven’t had a drink together for a long time.”

Zhao Nanyu turned over and said in a deep voice, “There are still people in the carriage. ”

Zhao Chao made a sudden realization, “Is she there, too? ”

Zhao Nanyu nodded.

Zhao Chao remembered that today was his second brother’s father-in-law’s birthday. No wonder they took a carriage together.

He smiled and didn’t care. “Then take her with you.”

Zhao Chao also heard that the feelings between his second brother and her seem to be different these days. They even go out together.

Zhao Nanyu thought for a moment, then nodded to answer, “Okay.”

He lifted the curtain and said to Song Luan, who was in a daze, “Come down. ”

Song Luan listened to him in a trance, and only after getting off the carriage did she know what he was going to do.

Since the time she got drunk, Song Luan vowed never to drink in front of him again, but this time Zhao Nanyu didn’t give her a chance to refuse.

He told the coachman to take little Zhao home first, and then grabbed her wrist and went to a restaurant.

Zhao Chao booked a private room in advance and sat by the window. When he opened the window, she could see the deep lake not far away. On the dark blue lake, there were colorful river lights.

When going to the restaurant, several men turned heads to look at her. She had a gorgeous makeup, and the color of her clothes were bright enough. Her beauty and excessive facial features became more beautiful with the makeup applied.

It’s no surprise that men stared her.

Zhao Wenyan sat next to the window with his face in sight. Seeing Song Luan coming in behind Zhao Nanyu, he snorted twice. He was quite dissatisfied. He almost asked why she had come??!

Song Luan’s head hurts. Compared with Zhao Chao, the smiling tiger,
she was more reluctant to see Zhao Wenyan.

In case this person was the same in the original novel, it would be bad if he fell in love with her in the future!

As soon as Song Luan sat down, Zhao Chao pushed over a glass of wine and looked at her with a smile. He was as cunning as a fox, and said, “I’d like to offer you a toast, sister-in-law. ”

Zhao Nanyu suddenly took the cup in her hand and said, “You eat something first to fill your stomach.”

Then he looked up and drank the wine for her.

Song Luan was flattered and began to nibble at the cakes.

The smile on Zhao Chao’s lips suddenly became meaningful. It seemed that the feelings of the second brother and the second sister-in-law had really improved.

Could it be that second brother started to like her? As soon as this idea came out, Zhao Chao laughed.

Although he couldn’t see through his second brother, he didn’t think he would like Song Luan.

And Zhao Chao felt that Song Luan might not live long.



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