Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 19

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Zhao Chao was different from his several brothers. He didn’t choose to go and become an official. He followed the master in Taoist temple to learn medical skills when he was a child.

Now he had inherited his master’s medical skills. He was now a famous doctor in the capital.

Zhao Chao was not only good at curing people, but also good at poison. Three years ago, his second brother asked him for a colorless and tasteless slow poison. At that time, he joked that his second brother was worthy of being his brother. He was more ruthless than him.

The medicine was called “Tianqing”. When the second brother asked him for it, he gave it naturally and kept his mouth shut. He also asked who the medicine was for, unfortunately, his second brother didn’t answer.

The medicine should be given for three years, but his second brother didn’t ask him for it again.

Zhao Chao guessed that the medicine was used on Song Luan.

Zhao Nanyu’s drinking seemed to be very good, even after drinking two cups of wine, his face did not change. He didn’t talk a lot in front of his two younger brothers. He sat quietly drinking.

There was a strange silence in the room. He didn’t talk to Song Luan, but she didn’t care. She looked down at the cake in front of her, bored, and just counted the several pieces in the dish.

Zhao Chao poured a glass of wine for her. This time, Zhao Nanyu didn’t stop her from drinking. He just glanced silently and didn’t say a word.

Song Luan probably felt that Zhao Nanyu didn’t like her very much, even if he had a warm and kind smile on his face, it seemed to be a little false.

She straightened her back and never looked as humble in front of others as Zhao Nanyu. Song Luan behaved like a proud young lady, even the tone of thanking seemed so reluctant. “Thank you. ”

Zhao Chao frowned slightly, and seemed to notice she was unusual, but then still felt that Song Luan was not different from before, and was still that unruly and unreasonable woman.

Not knowing shame. Not knowing manners. And was snobbish.

Zhao Chao bent his lips and smiled, “I haven’t seen second sister-in-law for a long time. ”

Song Luan’s tone was indifferent and alienated. “Is it? I don’t remember.”

Zhao Chao was not angry, but still looked at her with a smile. He had a face that made it easy to take off the guard. He said, “I heard that second sister-in-law was ill some days ago. I don’t know how second sister got better?”

Song Luan coughed twice, her eyebrows and eyes were light, and she replied with two words: “Just Okay. ”

There were two reasons why she didn’t answer Zhao Chao. One was that she didn’t want to spend time with people who didn’t matter. The other was that she was afraid of showing little intimacy. Zhao Nanyu might think that she’s seducing his brother.

Considering the whole situation, she was cautious. The only person she couldn’t offend in this book was Zhao Nanyu, the male lead. It didn’t matter what others think of her.

Zhao Chao had no temper. No matter how he was treated, he was not angry. He opened his mouth, as if he wanted to continue to ask.

Zhao Nanyu, who had never made a sound, glanced at him and said coldly, “Okay, go drink. ”

As soon as he talked, Zhao Chao humorously closed his mouth.

Song Luan was on pins and needles. She just wanted to go home quickly. She didn’t want to drink or participate in the feud between their brothers. Especially now, Zhao Wenyan’s eyes were still fixed on her, but his eyes were not very kind.

Zhao Chao stopped, but Zhao Wenyan couldn’t help but say, “Who knew if she was faking her illness?”

She did this last year. She pretended to be ill and sneaked out of the house to have fun with other men.

Zhao Wenyan’s words aroused Zhao Nanyu’s bad memories. He looked at Song Luan with a smile from the corner of his face. He gently stroked the fine hair on her cheek and said, “She won’t deceive people. Ayan, you are speaking nonsense.”

Zhao Wenyan just couldn’t understand why he wants to protect her. What kind of protection does this sly woman need?

He blushed with anger. He really wanted to scream at Song Luan!

There was one time where she pretended to be ill and snuggled her head in his arms. This incident, Zhao Wenyan never told his brother about it.

Song Luan smiled awkwardly, in a white-lotus voice, “He didn’t mean to, I don’t blame him.”

Zhao Nanyu’s eyebrows and eyes were crooked, his voice was clear and cold, “My wife is so mature.”

Song Luan’s face was red. Her red face had a special appeal and charm. The candle lights brought out her bright and lustrous eyes. Her eyes seemed to be shining with water, and her ears were burning red. She drank a glass of water before she put down the heat in her heart.

Zhao Wenyan was very angry. He poured down his glass of wine and didn’t know who he was venting his anger to. He was young and was not good at drinking.

At the end of drinking, he was not very conscious. His face was red. He didn’t know what he was talking about.

Song Luan’s back was always taut, and her eyes were not on him from the beginning to the end. Because of this, she didn’t know that he touched his nerve. When Song Luan was about to leave, Zhao Wenyan suddenly rushed to her and scolded her angrily, “You shameless.”

He was a young scholar. He had never done such a rude thing as swearing.

Song Luan was scolded. Naturally, he didn’t have a good face for her, so he immediately scolded her and went back, “You are shameless.”

“You don’t wear too much in front of me and deliberately fall on me to seduce me.” As soon as this sentence reached the throat, Zhao Wenyan was dragged away by Zhao Chao.

Song Luan had more or less two drinks tonight. The wine encouraged people’s courage. Her courage was a little bigger than usual, so she rushed to scratch his face and pulled his hair like a shrew.

Zhao Nanyu grabbed her wrists with quick eyes and hands, and smiled shallowly. “It’s okay now.”

As soon as Song Luan saw him, she stopped making noise, and was quietly led down the restaurant by his wrist.

Zhao Chao took the drunk Zhao Wenyan to the carriage first, and Song Luan followed Zhao Nanyu back to the Song Residence.

In the dark of night, the wind is cold and stirred her ears. The cold wind slapped on her face, and Song Luan became sober from her drunkenness. Her brain was still dizzy, and her feet were soft.

She was actually a very lazy person. If she could sit down, she would never want to stand up.

The moonlight lengthened the reflection of the two people. Zhao Nanyu walked very fast. Song Luan struggled to keep up with him. Her feet hurt after walking for a long time.

This body was very delicate.

She panted and followed Zhao Nanyu. Her heels were worn and hurt.

They were the only person in the street. Song Luan burst into tears at the corner of her eyes and got up. Her short temper coming out. She stood in the same place and didn’t know who she was angry with. “I won’t go! ”

Zhao Nanyu heard the movement behind him, turned around, and the moonlight fell half on his bright face, and slightly closed his chin. He asked, “What’s the matter? ”

Song Luan wiped her eyes and said, “I can’t walk. ”

She pouted and her face was not happy. Zhao Nanyu looked at her like this. For a moment, he was distracted. He thought that she was very tempting and delicious.


“It’s not far. ”

Song Luan pointed to her left foot. Afraid that he would not believe it, she bent down and took off her shoes and socks, stretched out his bare feet and pointed to his heels. “You see, my skin is all worn out!”

Zhao Nanyu was shocked by her astonishing behavior. He froze, squatted down, and place her foot in the palm of his hand. He wiped the blood on her heel, put on her shoes and socks, and stared at her with black eyes. His voice was very cold. “You’re not allowed to take off your shoes outside.”

You guys should know that historically, showing one’s feet is a sign of intimacy. A wife should only show her feet to her husband.

It was also because no one was in the middle of the night. If someone looked at it, he would dig the eyeball of the man.

Song Luan did this because she was a little drunk. Her mind was somewhat sober. After having suffered, she settled down and said, “Oh. ”

Zhao Nanyu didn’t say anything. He squatted down and carried her on his back.

Song Luan fell on his back, hands around his neck, and the faint breath from her nose sprinkled on his neck, which smelled sweet.

She tilted her head, squinted and stared at him motionless. Her eyes slowly climbed up from his chin. His face was very delicate. She liked his nose and eyebrows.

Song Luan was stunned. In a trance, she reached out her finger and touched his face. Zhao Nanyu stopped for a moment. His face was still clear and cold. He held her waist in one hand and stopped her fingers in the other hand. He whispered, “Be good. ”

When Song Luan heard his voice, she did not move. She was incredibly well-behaved so she withdrew her finger and understood. “Oh.”

She wanted to say that she had listened to him intently, but dared not speak out.

Song Luan suddenly laughed and called out his name, “Zhao Nanyu. ”

He continued to walk forward with her on his back, listening attentively. His voice was hoarse, “What’s the matter? ”

Song Luan’s thin legs were tied to his waist. She moved around him. Her snow-white and soft chest rubbed against him. Zhao Nanyu’s breathing gradually increased and said dumbly, “Don’t move. ”

Song Luan was not obedient this time. She laughed and blowed in his ear, “Do you like me? Hmm?”

Zhao Nanyu’s face was taut and silent.

Song Luan’s face was filled with laughter, and she exhaled, saying: “Am I not beautiful enough? Or is my figure not good enough? Don’t you like it?”

Isn’t she seducing? She didn’t know.

Zhao Nanyu carried her back home, and the people under the vigil were shocked when they saw the appearance of their young master and his wife. They hurriedly avoided their eyes and dared not to look at his wife more.

Zhao Nanyu rudely kicked the door open and threw the woman on the bed. Song Luan was slightly drunk, her clothes were messy, and her white neck was a little red. It was really charming.

He tightened his jaw, his face expressionless, but the voice in his throat was hoarse, “You are drunk. ”

Song Luan was not drunk. Seeing that he wouldn’t flirt with her, she simply rolled up the quilt and wrapped herself tightly. “You don’t like me.”

Nevermind. I don’t like you anyway.



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