Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 2 part 1

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In fact, Song Luan doesn’t remember the plot clearly even though the writing of the book was good. She even read half of it without paying attention to these details.

Although there is not much description of the original owner in the book, but the nature of this person was thoroughly described as vicious, rebellious, and unrestrained. Song Luan remembers that the original owner’s body will get worse after a year, presumably related to the poison that the male lead fed her.

After the original owner was sick for many years, the male lead’s rank rose in court. He eventually controlled the affairs of the state, settling accounts one by one. The original owner was burned to death among the fate of others who had also insulted the male lead.

Song Luan heard from the servant that the body fainted that day, and when she woke up, she became the owner of this body.

She leaned against the soft cushion, the light of the noon fell on her cheek. She was white and translucent, her long eyelashes flickered a little, her red lips were glamorous. She was truly a beauty.

Song Luan has a good figure—small waist, long legs, and big chest. She was wearing a red tunic jacket with a full grip on the waist. Her watery eyes flow like the waves. She has the physical attributes to captivate people.

However, the man was not moved by such beauty, he still killed her in the end.

Song Luan thought about it for an afternoon but was not able to come up with a plan to deal with it. Later, she went to sleep slowly in the warm sun. The sun fell on her appropriately, and it made her look so peaceful.

But she had a nightmare. In the dream, there was a man in black. His temperament was cold and his eyes were sharp as knives. There was a shallow smile on the extremely beautiful face. The curved peach blossom eyes narrowed slightly. The man held a dagger in his hands and walked closer to her step by step with his black boots.

The man raised his hand and brutally stabbed the dagger in her heart by pressing his finger on her thin shoulder, pinning her to death on the wall. Soon after, he moved the knife and turned it all around, Song Luan could almost hear the splashing sound of blood on her flesh, and after a moment, her face turned white and the pain stopped.

Then Song Luan woke up…

When she woke up, she found that it was almost dark and her forehead was sweating. She covered her chest and felt a little pain. Song Luan remembered that what she had just dreamed about was the scene before the death of the original owner that was described in the book. It was the man who stabbed her with the knife. It was so terrible.

The original owner pleased the male lead after he gained power. After he failed, she became angry and lost her mind. She shouted at him, saying all kinds of ugly words.

However, she shouldn’t have scolded him with, “You are just a son of a lowly slut! You were just in a moment of power. You dare to give me that face!”

It’s true that the mother of the male lead was born in a humble background. She died of depression without even entering the Zhao family.

The male lead stabbed the original owner and threw her into the fire.

Song Luan secretly made a decision. She would never do anything to offend the male lead, and would not say anything that should not be said, and even would not dare to think about hooking up or attracting other men for him to not wear a green hat.

In the end, the reason why the male lead used fire was because he thought the original owner was dirty. As the male lead in a novel with a female audience, overbearing is an attitude they have. Not just that, but they need to have both strong possessiveness and obsessive cleanliness. What belongs to him should not be touched and tainted by outsiders.

At this time, she doesn’t know how many men the original owner had ties with. She felt her eyes were stained at a glance. Only when these ashes are blown away by the wind could she be clean.

As she was thinking about something, a servant girl came in and asked, “Madam, do you want the meal to be set up?”

Song Luan’s face was white, and now she looked haggard. She was hungry, and so she nodded, “Set the meal.”

After a pause, she suddenly stopped two servant girls and asked, “Did master ever say when he’d come back?”

She had to be ready to deal with the man.

The servant girl was shocked, and then she said, “I don’t know.”

Afraid that she would be angry, she immediately added, “but this servant heard from the housekeepers that he will probably arrive in Beijing tonight.”

Song Luan: “….”

This headache is getting worse…



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