Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 2 part 2

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Translated by: Tinker

There is no other way but to be a good person in front of Zhao Nanyu tonight. Otherwise, she’ll die.

“I see.” Song Luan decided to tear this one by one. The older one was not easy to fool, but the four-year-old Zhao Shi should be very easy to coax. Suddenly, she said, “Go to the front yard and bring the young master over for dinner.”


“Forget it. I’ll go by myself.”

I’m familiar with the layout of the residence.

Zhao Nanyu’s yard is not big, but his taste is not bad, which is better than any other artistic concept and layout out there. Through a path and a round door, she arrived at the front yard.

The four-year old Zhao Shi was practicing calligraphy in the study room. As for his uncle, he left long ago. He was standing on a chair, holding a writing brush with a very professional posture. He writes decisively. His words are not beautiful, but they can also be described as neat and clear.

Although his father dotes on him, he still has high requirements for the young master. He has to practice calligraphy and study every day. Zhao Shi has no friends to play with in the residence. His several cousins didn’t like to play with him.

Even his mother didn’t like him. From her memory, she just beat or scolded this child. Zhao Shi never resisted. At the beginning, he was expecting his mother, but gradually, his heart became cold.

Song Luan gently pushed the door open, and a smell of ink came into her nose, which made her feel relaxed and happy. She softly paced, and walked over. “Is my son still practicing calligraphy?”

The brush in Shi Ge’s hand shook, the black ink stained the white paper, and the expression on his face was not natural, “Mother”

Song Luan cheekily walked to him, bent over and looked at the words he wrote, and praised sincerely, “The writing is really good.”

He was uncomfortable, and the small hands in his sleeves were tightly held together. This was the first time his mother praised him. It had never happened before. There was a strange feeling of sweetness and sourness in her heart.

Song Luan’s eyes gazed at him with a gentle look, and after being watched for awhile, his face gradually rose red, and he asked, “How did my mother come?”

The more Song Luan saw Shi Ge, the more she liked him. White, tender, and lovely. Even if the corners of his mouth were raised because of unhappiness, he was still cute. She reached out her hand and held him in her arms. “It’s time to eat. I’ll take you there”

Shi Ge’s body was stiff all over. His hands were too stiff that he doesn’t know where to put them. He didn’t dare to hold her clothes. He was even more afraid to hug her. He just felt her mother was fragrant and soft.

It turned out that being held in the arms by his mother was comfortable, but he still didn’t forget what uncle said to him in the afternoon. Uncle said that his mother was thinking about something bad again.

“I can walk by myself, mother.”

Song Luan hugged the small bun, she was not willing to let go, so she smiled and patted his head affectionately, “Don’t move around, put your arms around your mother’s neck. The child should listen to what the mother says.”

He was forced to bury his face in her chest. Five little fingers opened and closed, closed and opened. Finally, he couldn’t keep up with his inner emotions, he carefully grasped her coat.

Although his face was still very cold, but his pair of small ears had a tinge of light pink.

Song Luan took Shi Ge back to the Huai Shui Residence. Fearing that the child was cold, she specially found him a coat to wear, with a collar covered with soft, warm fox fur. Most of the child’s face was tucked inside, revealing only a pair of dark eyes, clear and bright.

Zhao Shi felt that he was dreaming. His mother treated him too well today. She used to look at him full of disgust. Today, she does not, as if she really liked him.

Even though this was a dream, Zhao Shi was still very happy.

When the mother and son sat at the table, Song Luan realized that she didn’t know what he liked to eat. This time, she didn’t immediately take the food to his bowl, instead she asked, “What do you like to eat? Tomorrow, I’ll let them cook it for you”

Zhao Shi was still very restrained, lowering his head, “I can eat anything.”

Song Luan also saw that his defense was still high, so she did not force him to give an answer. With a gentle smile, she said, “Okay”

She wanted to say that she would cook pastries for him tomorrow, but the next day after, she didn’t dare to collapse her character so much that someone would notice. It would be difficult if that happens.

At night, after Song Luan finished washing, she dressed in a white long dress, her dark hair casually draped over her back. Her face looked at the night sky—she was more exquisite than gorgeous.

Zhao Shi had already gone to sleep in his room, he curled up while sleeping in the corner of the bed. Song Luan covered the quilt for him and stepped out the room.

At this time, she was now tired physically and mentally. Just when she turned off the light to go to bed, the servant girl outside the room hurriedly came in and said, “Madam, the master is back. He is coming here.”

Song Luan’s drowsiness immediately died down. She was full awake.



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