Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 20

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Song Luan didn’t expect to ask Zhao Nanyu what she wanted. She didn’t think Zhao Nanyu would like her. Song Luan acted on a whim. She tried to seduce him to see how he would react. As expected, his concentration was very good. He was not moved by her at all, his face didn’t blush, his heart was not jumping, his eyes were still cold, and his face had not changed.

She felt bored. Zhao Nanyu really was exactly the same as the book ‘The Powerful Minister’. He was not close to women and had a cold personality. If he had to treat a woman differently, it would be because he had motives.

So it’s not too much to say that he’s heartless.

Song Luan took off her shoes, socks and coat. She jumped to bed, wrapped herself in a cocoon, rolled around, and went to sleep.

Zhao Nanyu sat beside the bed and gazed at her quietly. His white fingers slightly touched her cheek. The color of his pupils deepened gradually, and the corners of his lips rose little by little.

He didn’t see that she had no heart for him.


It’s early in the summer, and it was getting hotter and hotter. In this period of time, she seldom saw Zhao Nanyu. He was too busy that she didn’t see him. Song Luan could guess what he was busy about.

In this year, the male lead took sides with the sixth prince. Since then, he began to show himself in the court. At last, the sixth prince fought hard in a fierce battle of seizing the crown. Zhao Nanyu made a lot of efforts and strategies. When the new emperor ascended the throne, he also became an important minister in power.

It’s less than a year before the new emperor ascended the throne. That is to say, Zhao Nanyu’s first day was not far away.

It’s wasn’t just Song Luan’s self-love, but she really thinks that Zhao Nanyu didn’t have the same intention to kill her as before. Occasionally, she could even see kindness in his eyes.

Zhao Nanyu didn’t show up much. She was happy.

On this day, Third Lady Zhao suddenly called her over and asked her to have lunch together.

Third lady Zhao, Zhao Wenyan’s biological mother, was devoted to Buddhism. During the holidays, she even wished that Zhao Nanyu, the ‘son’ would not ask her to greet her. The gloominess of Zhao Nanyu’s body was too heavy that she didn’t lke it.

Song Luan wore gold and silver, and went slowly to the third lady’s house of the West courtyard while wearing a gorgeous makeup. The lunch had been prepared. When third lady raised her eyes, she saw a woman with a golden light and heavy makeup. She frowned immediately, thinking that Song Luan had not made any progress for the past several years.

Third lady Zhao sighed heavily in her heart. She couldn’t take this daughter-in-law. She dared not to scold her. Song Luan was not only arrogant, but also had a bad temper. She could hit with a dozen of insulting words.

When she cried, she brought troubles. If she was aggrieved, she would make a fuss and wanted to go back to her family.

Her eyes hurt when she saw her. She did not dare to call people until she was ready. She smiled and said, “Ah Luan, sit down. ”

Song Luan sat opposite to her, and there was an unfamiliar woman sitting on the table. Third lady Zhao said, “This is Ruoyun, a girl from the Yang family in Suzhou. ”

Ah her real daughter.

Yang Ruoyun’s was also very beautiful. She had a small and delicate face. Always smiling.

Song Luan nodded her head and said her greetings.

In the original book, Yang Ruoyun was a very important person. She was the second female lead in this book. She was infatuated with the male lead. Every year, Yang Ruoyun would live in Zhao’s house for a period of time. She liked to follow the man when she was a child and wanted to marry him when she grew up.

As a matchmaker, Song Luan thinks that she was a very smart. Because the male lead likes the simple and timid little white rabbit, she silently guarded the male lead by the side, and bore no grudges. She did not seek fame or score.

Yang Ruoyun grasped the fact that the original owner didn’t like the male lead. She got close to the original owner slowly, and blowed in her ears to leave the male lead. If her plan didn’t work, she would make another plan, and would instigate the original owner to go out to find a man, which completely annoyed the male lead and resulted to Song Luan’s losing her life.

“Good cousin.” Yang Ruoyun smiled at her sweetly.

Song Luan also smiled, “Cousin is also good.”

At this moment, her heart suddenly gave birth to a feeling that Zhao Nanyu and Yang Ruoyun were very matched. The cruel young master and the scheming infatuated girl were a good couple!

In the book “The Powerful Minister”, it was written that the man liked the kind of delicate woman who knew how to act coquettishly, cries and chirps. Song Luan thought that maybe all men can’t escape the desire of conquest and protection.

The delicate and weak girl could arouse the protection of men.

Third lady Zhao really didn’t know her daughter’s thoughts on Zhao Nanyu, and Song Luan knew that she didn’t have any plans to send her as a concubine to Zhao Nanyu. In the book, she made every way to convince her mother to allow her to become Zhao Nanyu’s concubine.

Song Luan pretended to be worried, “What’s the matter?”

Third lady Zhao then said, “All the families in the Song Residence are getting bigger, only our third family is weak. The eldest in our third family was born prematurely, weak in body and bones, and often ill.”

When she paused, she took out her veil and wiped the water from the corner of her eyes. Then she continued, “Now that your son is four years old, you and Ah Yu need another one, right? ”

This is not what she wanted to say. She didn’t care at all. It was the old lady who asked to call her. The old lady hated Zhao Nanyu, but she was very fond of his son. She was very sad that little Zhao was alone at home and had no one to accompany him. In addition, other married couples had more than one child, so she inevitably wanted to urge her.

Third lady Zhao could see that Song Luan was not interested in Zhao Nanyu, let alone liked him. She also heard that it was an accident when she conceived little Zhao. After four years of marriage, they had nothing to do with each other, and both were not in love.

Song Luan thought that third lady Zhao was going to make a bridge for Yang Ruoyun. She already figured out what she was going to do.She would lose her temper first and then agree unwillingly. If a man had more women, there would be no time to take care of her. How nice!

But, even this third lady Zhao was pushing her to have a baby with Zhao Nanyu?!

Oh my god.

Song Luan was embarassed to tell them that they almost never share a room. After she transmigrated, she did sleep beside Zhao Nanyu many times. It seems they gotten closer. But Zhao Nanyu never touched her. He had no desire for her just like a monk with a clear heart and few desires. She had reason to guess that Zhao Nanyu had never touched her again in the past four years. So one by one, the original owner would look for a man outside!

In this case, how could they have children?

Song Luan said with a dry smile, “Children matters would naturally just follow.”

Third lady Zhao was disappointed to hear what she said. She didn’t want to take care of their affairs. Unfortunately, the old lady said that she had to take care of them even if she didn’t want to.

“I can see that the relationship between you and your husband had improved a lot these days. It should not be difficult to have a child at this time.” The third lady must have misunderstood her. She might have thought that she didn’t have Zhao Nanyu in her heart and didn’t want to give birth to a child for him. In those days, she didn’t get a long with her son well.

When Song Luan got pregnant in the month of October, she lost her temper easily in Zhao’s family. She was crying and smashing things, which made Zhao’s family uneasy.

Song Luan had the cheek to pretend that she could not understand her words. “Naturally fate comes when the child comes.”

Yang Ruoyun, who was sitting beside, even opened her mouth to help her out. “My aunt, cousin is right. It depends on fate.”

Of course, Yang Ruoyun didn’t want her to have another one. She expected Song Luan to make trouble without reason every day. Song Luan thoroughly annoyed Zhao Nanyu and alienated their husband and wife relationship.

She was worried that she would touch Song Luan’s temper, so she sighed, “Since you say that, next month, I will go to the temple with you to ask for a sign. Bodhisattva will see your heart. Maybe the child come sincerely.”

Seeking a Bodhisattva? Might as well beg Zhao Nanyu.

He was simply not a normal man. He had good restraint and was frightening. If he didn’t touch, he would never touch.

Song Luan pretended to be stupid. “Okay.”


Third lady Zhao didn’t plan on doing anything. Even though she knew that Song Luan had gone to the temple, she knew she didn’t really want to ask for a son.

After saying a few words, third lady Zhao also found that Song Luan was not the same as before. She used to be beautiful, but she was too arrogant and sharp, and was unreasonable. Today, looking at her, she seemed to have calmed down. Her temperament seemed to be much better.

In the twinkling of an evening, Song Luan began to go back, and third lady Zhao didn’t ask for her to stay.

Third lady Zhao looked at her for several times, then she finally couldn’t help but remind her, “Ah Luan, you…You’d better break with other men from now on. Don’t have any thoughts that you shouldn’t have. Nan Yu…he…he’s not someone who should be provoked.”

A long time ago, third lady Zhao saw Zhao Nanyu, a child with extraordinary means. He was cruel and did not give people a chance to breathe.

Zhao Nanyu must know the things behind the deeds of Song Luan.

Song Luan thought that what she said was right. Her head was like a pounding garlic. “Uh, uh, you’re right.”

She decided to walk around when she saw a familiar man!

Song Luan still despised the original owner’s ability.

In the evening, just after she returned to her yard, she listened to the servant girl’s hesitation and said a man came to the door and happened to meet Zhao Nanyu, who came back from the palace. The man was brave enough not to let him in, and even shouted outside the door and wanted to see Song Luan.

Zhao Nanyu immediately kicked him and hit the man against the post. He vomited blood.

Cold air crawled down Song Luan’s back. She was afraid to die tonight!!!



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