Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 21

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Huai Jin is a famous young man in the Hanchun Tower located in the Capital city. The reason for his fame was that he looked good and his facial features were small and delicate. Especially his eyes that seem to speak. They were more beautiful than the others.

When he was first sold into Hanchunlou, many wealthy merchants from the North wanted to buy him at a high price. Most of them were barbarians. His first owner bought him to humiliate and beat him up. Huai Jin suffered a lot at first, but later was taken by Song Luan. He was relieved. At least she looked like a normal woman and should be very easy to deal with.

Song Luan spent almost all her dowry to buy Huai Jin. But no matter how brave she was, she couldn’t bring him back to Zhao’s house, so Huai Jin still lived outside these years.

Song Luan didn’t buy him to do that. She just liked people with good looks. Every time she came to Huai Jin to drink with him, she didn’t do anything else.

Huai Jin came here because Song Luan hadn’t been outside for a long time. He was always worried about what happened to her. He heard that the Zhao Nanyu and Song Luan’s relationship improved recently. He thought what he heard was just a joke because Song Luan had said to him many times that she hate her husband. She thought it was Zhao Nanyu’s plan that she was forced to marry him after being drugged, so she had a lot of dissatisfaction towards Zhao Nanyu.

Huai Jin didn’t expect to meet her husband on her first visit. He had been living in the city for so many years. He was also very shrewd and fearless.

Zhao Nanyu stood under the steps with his back hand and looked at him silently for a long time. His eyes were as black as the deep pool, and the corners of his mouth pulled up. He smiled and asked, “Who is this?”

No one dared to tell him the truth. Everyone lowered their heads and refused to make a sound. The servant looked at them, and they hurriedly bowed their heads.

Zhao Nanyu’s lips fell slowly, his eyes were cold, and his voice suddenly cooled. He snapped, “Are you all mute?”

The servant and the others trembled with fright. They were cold all over. In the hot and dry day, their backs were sweating.

Huai Jin and Song Luan looked to be in cahoots. So, they were doomed together. Who wouldn’t have the foresight that they were awaiting death? So, Huai Jin said, “Who am I? Do you really not know, Mr. Zhao? ”

Zhao Nanyu stepped with his black boots and stood three steps away from him. He bent his mouth. His cold vision swept across his face in an instant. He said clearly, “Are you worthy for me to know you?”

As soon as the words fell, he raised his foot and kicked his chest. The kick was so fierce that no one would think it came from a scholar. Huai Jin was kicked away by him immediately. His back hit the doorpost severely. There was a burst of pain in his internal organs, and bood slowly flowed down from his lips.

Zhao Nanyu looked at him as if he was looking at a dead thing. He patted his lapel gracefully, raised his lips with a chuckled. “Servants, see him off.”

“Yes. ”

Huai Jin stood up and rubbed the blood on the corners of his mouth with his hands. He said, “I’ll go by myself.”

This dog man. He’s really cruel. It’s no wonder Ah Luan didn’t like him. Rude men are nothing good.

Yuck. Yuck.

Zhao Nanyu’s eyebrows and heart jumped abruptly. His fierce anger was forced into his heart. His face was completely dark. He went straight to the backyard without saying a word. In the middle of the walk, he stopped suddenly and went back to his study first.

He had to calm down. Although now he wanted to do something unusual to Song Luan so that she would remember, but it was not yet the time.

Zhao Nanyu was clear about Huai Jin’s details. The two had met several times, and he knew what they said and did each time.

After he became more and more interested in Song Luan, he could not be indifferent, and this kind of act irritated him.


Song Luan wandered around the room anxiously. She didn’t know how many men the original owner had seduced. Before she thought that it was only He Run, and when she turned around and came to the door again, she felt that she was going to be bald.

After hearing the news that Zhao Nanyu kicked Huai Jin away, she was more uneasy. She racked her brain to think how to deal with him for a while.

First of all, she must not admit, but Song Luan didn’t know how far Huia Jin and the original owner gone through, so she couldn’t deny it completely.

Song Luan’s brain ached. Fortunately, Zhao Nanyu didn’t come to settle accounts with her immediately, which also gave her a chance to breathe.

In the dark night of early summer, when it was time for dinner, the sky in the distance was still bright, and the sunset was blossoming.

Zhao Nanyu wrote two words in silence. Then he took his son’s hand and went with him to Song Luan’s residence for dinner.

Song Luan was still in a state of confusion, and as she looked at Zhao Nanyu anxiously, she discovered that his face was not different from that of the usual times. She couldn’t help asking herself, did he tolerate this matter? didn’t plan to investigate?

Zhao Nanyu smiled from the corner of his eyes and said softly, “Why do you keep looking at me?”

Song Luan was confused, unable to understand his thought process. Why did his face show as if nothing happened?

She said, “Listen…”

Zhao Nanyu narrowed his eyes, smiled lightly, and then interrupted her, “Eat first. ”

When both of them are full, he will have the strength to settle accounts.

Song Luan’s words were forced down her throat. She had the courage to show her cards to him and explain to him, but Zhao Nanyu didn’t seem to want to mention it.

She picked the chopsticks and looked at her favorite dishes on the table without any appetite.

Zhao Nanyu put some vegetables in her bowl, for fear that she would not eat, “Eat more. ”

Song Luan gradually calmed down her heart and sighed, “Thank you.”

Since he didn’t mention it, she didn’t need to bother him.

Zhao Nanyu seldom stayed in her house at night. Song Luan had just wiped her hair and had a faint fragrance on her body. She wore a very thin clothes, and her summer middle robe was transparent. He could see her exquisite body clearly.

Under the moonlight, she seemed to be white and shining. Her long white neck made people want to bite on it.

She didn’t notice the person behind her. Facing the bed board, she supported her head with one hand and turned the book with her other hand.

Song Luan disliked the heat so her loose trouser were half rolled, showing her white leg. Her feet curled up, it looked small and lovely.

Zhao Nanyu quietly appeared behind her, enveloped her with his shadow. After a while, he suddenly reached out to hold her wrist and lifted the woman to him.

Song Luan opened her eyes wide and looked at him foolishly. At this time, they were close to each other. Zhao Nanyu’s breath was on her neck, causing her goose bumps to come out.

The faces of the two people were almost sticking together. Zhao Nanyu’s dark eyes stared at her closely, slowly opening her mouth. He seemed very happy. “I came back in the afternoon and met a very interesting man in front of my residence. ”

Song Luan shrank to the corner of the bed, and she knew that Zhao Nanyu would not easily spare her. She reluctantly smiled, “I heard that. ”

Zhao Nanyu raised her eyebrows. “I’m afraid you still don’t know about it. It seems that the interesting man has an unusual relationship with you. ”

Song Luan’s back began to sweat. She kept her mind steady and said slowly, “I have nothing to do with him.”

She also knew how powerless and pale her explanation was, but Song Luan believed that the original owner and Huai Jin had never done anything out of the ordinary, and the woman’s intuition had never been wrong.


Song Luan felt that the man’s expression in front of her seems gloomed, and his pleasant expression became somewhat distorted. He slightly pulled at his lips, “Nothing to do with him? That’s not what I know.”

Song Luan prefered a one-hit-one-kill than being tormented slowly to death. She closed her eyes, suddenly waved away his hand, wrapped the quilt, and quickly rolled to the corner. She moved far away from him, and said, “I said no. I am not that terrible. Although I have done many wrong things, I will never recognize what I haven’t done. Belive it or not!”

Song Luan was very clever. After she had finished going wild, she began to sell miseries again. Her eyes were red. She was pitiful. She felt wronged. “I have a bad reputation! But do I want to?! No matter what I do, it’s always wrong, or it’s fake. You don’t believe me. You bully me, and don’t you like me at all!”

When she said this, she was very aggrieved. She was the kind of righteous wronged. Song Luan also knew that she had said enough…

Shameful, but her shame was not important to her at all.

Zhao Nanyu leaned close to her. He pushed her down and looked at her trembling. “Are you wronged?”

The woman under him was as pale as paper, and her body was slightly trembling. She was still very scared.

Song Luan was frightened to tears while she gritted her teeth. She reached out to wipe off the tears and inhaled, “Am I not wronged?”!? If you doubt me…you just….ah!”

A short scream suddenly came out of her throat. Zhao Nanyu’s eyes suddenly turned sharp. His dark pupils flashed darkly. He grabbed her chin, and whispered her name, “Song Luan.”

The person in his arms froze. She wanted to say something like “if you doubt me, just let me go.”

Since she was not happy to live with him, anyway.

Whoever likes someone as fierce and dark as him is stupid!

Zhao Nanyu forced her to raise her neck. There were two tears on her delicate face. He lowered his head, covered her cheek gently with his cool lips, and lightly sucked the tears for her. Song Luan dared not move, and just let him do whatever he wanted.

Zhao Nanyu raised his face, clearly his eyes at this time were as gentle as the water, but Song Luan still did not dare to look at him, let alone look at him directly.

He pinched the finger on her chin lightly because of this, she had to meet his eyes, but only to hear Zhao Nanyu say, “Song Luan, I don’t care how many men you have in the past.”

“From today on, you’d better cut them off. ”

He chuckled softly, “Otherwise, I will kill them one by one.”

“Kill them in front of you. “



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