Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 22

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Song Luan’s eyes were red, while she swallowed, “I know. ”

Zhao Nanyu nodded contentedly, loosened her chin, his fingertips gradually fell along her cheeks. He lowered his face to her neck and smelled the light fragrance that belonged to her.

Zhao Nanyu’s heart moved, his eyes deepened gradually, and his cold fingers rested on her waist. He untied the belt of her clothes. Song Luan was frightened. She trembled and was nervous.

Then, overwhelming kisses fell on her, and she heard him say, “As long as you are obedient, I will treat you well. ”

She’s his wife. If she keeps her peace and breaks up with other men, he will be good and not hurt her.

Zhao Nanyu was not bored of her delicate and daring resistance. He even felt an unusual pleasure in his heart.

This weak and fragile thing can only depend on him. He could manipulate her sadness and joy. This greatly satisfied his desire for control. He also liked the claws that she occasionally showed. She was cute and arrogant.

Song Luan thought that something would happen tonight, but Zhao Nanyu stopped at the last step, tied the buttons for her, and whispered in her ear, “Go to sleep. ”

Song Luan closed her eyes but couldn’t sleep at all. She remembered that Zhao Nanyu, the male lead, had a great characteristic – his obsession to cleanliness.

In novels centered for women, It was not a bad trait for a domineering male lead to have a habit of cleanliness. It was even considered a good quality because it would mean he won’t casually like a woman, or won’t easily have relations with them. While she was relieved, she was still somewhat lost. Song Luan secretly pinched her thigh. What’s the loss!?

After Zhao Nanyu’s warning, both him and his wife were in a peace for a long time.

Another month later, Song Luan was shocked to find that a very important plot of the book ‘The Powerful Minister’ was about to come, that is, the appearance of the female lead.

The female lead of ‘The Powerful Minister’ was a little flower tailor-made for the male lead. She only knew the simple and good things of the world. She had almost all the beauitful qualities of a woman. After saving the seriously injured male lead on the way, it was not a surprise that the male lead took an interest to her. As time went by, this interest became an infatuation.

Since then, the male lead had killed all hindrances around her. The only ability that the female lead had was acting coquettish!

And the male lead was very fond of looking at a beautiful woman who acts coquettishly, so he doted on her throughout the whole book.

Angry, really angry.

The gap between her and the female lead was big. This female lead had the right to do everything. In contrast, she had to carry all the blame that the original owner left.

This fate is extremely tragic.

The male lead took care of everything for the female lead clearly, and later, he placed people who was his confidants to serve beside the female lead in Zhao’s house.

When she was reading the book, Song Luan felt that the female lead seemed to be very happy. She didn’t have to do anything and no one contradicted her. She stayed happily in the backyard all day and was spoiled to the bone.

But this kind of life didn’t seem to be free. She was secretly watched by people whenever she went out. It’s bad that even though she had a good life, she was still being controlled.

However, this matter had nothing to do with Song Luan. She thought about it and maybe after eliminating Zhao Nanyu’s hatred value towards her, she had to talk to him well about the divorce. Anyway, her mother was not short of money. It didn’t matter if she was abandoned. It was enough to be able to eat. And from the beginning, her goal was to escape.

As long as the female lead appears, she could slip away!

Ah so beautiful!

The only thing that bothered her was that at present, it seemed that Zhao Nanyu still had no intention to separate from her. He really exerted his domineering nature to the fullest.

Life is my own, and death could only die by my side.

I’m scared.

Song Luan finished her breakfast and went to the front yard. Although her husband was a dog man, her son was still very good. He had won her heart.

Zhao Chao was teaching little Zhao to read poems these days. Song Luan stood outside the door and waited for him for a long time before he finished. Zhao Chao came out. His temperament was like a spring breeze. He smiles to everyone. It unconsciously made people relax and lower their guard against him.

When he saw that Song Luan was dumbfounded, he immediately laughed and said: “Oh second sister-in-law is here. Little Zhao is still inside.”

“Well, I came to see him.”

Zhao Chao was still standing at the door without hesitation to move. It seemed that he wanted to stop her from entering. He was still uneasy. She had made all the scars on her son’s body. Who knows whether she really repented? She might be pretending all this time. Thinking of this, the smile on the corner of his eyes became cold, and he said, “How can sister-in-law have the time?”

Song Luan laughed but her eyes were not smiling. “I’m free every day.”

Zhao Chao looked at her face carefully, and suddenly made way, “Then I will not disturb second sister-in-law. ”

Song Luan frowned, and thought Zhao Chao had a subtle attitude towards her. He smiles at her even though he hates her. This attitude was better than others.

She shook her head and didn’t continue to think about it. She pushed open the door and went into the study. Little Zhao sat at a low table, looking at the book in front of him with a serious face, as if he was having a hard time.

Song Luan sat down beside him, glanced at him, and said, “Do you understand?”

Little Zhao answered truthfully, “I don’t understand”

Song Luan felt that the ancient poems Zhao Chao taught him were too difficult. Why would he put a four-year-old on such heavy burden? She closed his books gently. “If you can’t understand them, just don’t read it.”

Little Zhao looked at the book in her hand and shook his head seriously. “No, my father will check it when he comes back in the evening. ”

“What?” She frowned, “Will you be punished if you can’t answer? ”

He nodded, “Yes. ”

Song Luan then asked, “What will be the punishment?

“Copy the book.”

Song Luan was very angry, and was filled with indignation. She hugged her son, “Let’s not read it today. I will not let your father punish you in the evening.”

Why so strict to a four-year-old child? When she was only four years old, she was just enjoying her childhood. She couldn’t bear seeing her son be this way.

He didn’t say that he wanted to read the book and learn. It was because no one at home wanted to play with him. Children of the same age in the residence didn’t like him and avoided him. He didn’t like those people either.

It was better to sit quietly in the room and read.

But seeing that his mother didn’t like him reading the book, he closed his mouth and didn’t speak.

Song Luan was afraid of the child being bored, so she got a paper and a pen. She used her painting skills to draw a map of the game of the Monopoly game, and then made the dice.

The mother and the son sat cross-legged by the window, with the golden light slanting down her head.

Song Luan simply told him the rules, and then they started the first game.


He soon understood how to play. It seemed that the kid’s luck was better. In the end, he won the game. He raised his face and smiled brightly at Song Luan.

Song Luan squeezed little Zhao’s face in a good mood and waved her big hand, “Let’s play again!”

Although he thought the board was dull, he closed his mouth since his mother was having a good time.

Near noon, the Zhao family suddenly became busy.

The sound of gongs in the street went through the courtyard and into Song Luan’s ears. She asked her servant girl curiously, “What day is today?”

Gongs and drums were loud and firecrackers were blaring. It’s not like there was a family event today.

The servant girl replied, “The exam results will be unveiled today.”

Song Luan suddenly realized that it was the imperial examination. It was hot and noisy outside, but there was nothing in the house. It’s quiet and weird.

It was only in the afternoon that she heard that Zhao Wenyan was not in the list. Upon seeing the results, he didn’t eat or drink, and was constantly depressed.

Song Luan knew that he won’t make it this time. It was only the next examination did he pass.

After a few days, Song Luan accidentally often met third lady Zhao. The woman’s face was haggard, pale, and her eyes were red. She must have cried several times. The sadness on her face made people feel worried.

When she asked her, she realized that Zhao Wenyan had not yet recovered from failing the exam. Although he was willing to eat, he still didn’t talk to people.

Zhao Wenyan was spoiled since he was a child. He was talented and proud. The results made it hard for him to accept.

When Song Luan saw him at the edge of pond… she subconsciously wanted to avoid him.

He seemed to have grown taller. He looked pale and white as a paper. When he turned around, he was met with Song Luan’s eyes. Song Luan discovered that he was lifeless. Since the pride he was once had was crushed, he had no will to continue living.

She sighed. She didn’t want to say anything, but she couldn’t do nothing when she thought that only Zhao Wenyan was willing to die for her.

Since she could not turn a blind eye, she walked slowly and greeted him.

Zhao Wenyan stared at her angrily. Hearing this woman call his name made him think that she came to laugh at him.

Song Luan held her hand around her and looked up at him. “I heard that you were not on the list?”


None of the family dared to mention it in front of him. She said it so lightly, and just wanted to humiliate him.

Zhao Wenyan was even more aggrieved. The woman’s heart did change easily. She once said she liked him, but now she treated him as ice.

“What’s wrong with you? Am I not telling the truth? I also heard that you want to commit suicide by not eating?” She walked slowly to the pond without any mercy, and lightly reached for him, “Oh, why bother? If you really want to die, you can jump down here. It’s faster than going on a hunger strike. ”

Song luan didn’t give him a chance to talk, and continued, “Don’t worry. Your second brother and your eldest brother will be filial to your parents. You can go at ease.”

Zhao Wenyan’s face was red with anger. He couldn’t stand it. He roared angrily, “I don’t want to die!!”

He just felt ashamed. His second brother passed the exam at first take. Unlike him…

Song Luan glanced at him and said, “If you don’t want to die, why do you act like one? The worries your mother had made her thin. It’s better for you to read more books these days. You’re only 16 years old and your days are long. You’re like a woman. Who wouldn’t wan to laugh at you?”

Even though her intention was to comfort him, her words was unpleasant to hear.

Zhao Wenyan gradually calmed down. Although the woman in front didn’t seem to laugh at him, he still didn’t want to show weakness in front of her. “Take care of your own matters!”

He stood up and went away. Then he turned around, said in a bad voice, “Who told you to take care of me! Take care of yourself and don’t talk with other men in the future! Otherwise my second brother won’t let you go! Hum! That’s all I have to say!”

He was kind enough to remind her how annoying she was.



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