Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 23

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Song Luan felt that Zhao Wenyan’s vicious appearance was better than his silence. In her eyes, Zhao Wenyan was still a child, and he could not help being arrogant. It would be better if he vented by being attacked. It would only make him feel comfortable in this way.

The wind in the early summer was very gentle. The cool wind blew on her cheek. The fine hair on her forehead swayed with the wind. Her clothes were fluttering. The golden light fell at dusk, and she stayed for a while at the pond before going back to her residence.

The house was ablazed with candlelight, and the servant girls with plates of vegetables came in and out.

Zhao Nanyu had come back from Dali temple. He took off the imperial uniform and changed into a light blue regular suit. After bathing, his whole face looked more delicate, his eyebrows and eyes were clean, his skin was white, his temperament was cool, and he was like a fairy that could not be defiled.

Song Luan found that the jade pendant hanging on his waist had never been changed, and it was still the old piece of jade that was not very eye-catching.

She remembered that this should be a relic left by Zhao Nanyu’s mother. His mother died of a serious illness. An abandoned prostitute with a year-old son was left in poverty. She finally died because they couldn’t afford any medicine. Everything his mother could sell was sold, but Zhao Nanyu was left with this piece of jade which was not very valuable.

In this way, Zhao Nanyu’s childhood was also miserable, and it’s no wonder that when he grew up, his character was sick and twisted.

Song Luan silently took back her eyes and sat down in the position opposite to him.

Zhao Nanyu had a light fragrance on his body, which lingered on the tip of her nose. It smelled good, but she felt uncomfortable. Her chest was stuffy and her throat hurts.

After coughing twice, she filled a large glass of water.

“Uncomfortable? ”

“It’s okay.”

Song Luan remembered that she had something else to say to him.

The blood relationship was wonderful. Even though she didn’t have the memory of having a baby in October, she knew her son instinctively. She opened her mouth and suddenly stopped. Because she hadn’t figured out how to call him, It seemed that it was not polite to call him by his full name, and she felt uncomfortable calling him ‘Ah Yu’ like others.

“Well, I have to say something to you.”

“What is it?”

“I think you are too strict with your son. He is only four years old and doesn’t need to learn too hard. There’s an idiom that you should know–‘It’s not good to help draw the seedlings’.”

Means that seedlings should naturally grow according to the time of nature. Forcing it to grow is not good.

Zhao Nanyu smiled angrily. “Strict? What happened to him?”

Song Luan tried to reason with him, “The ancient poetry and prose that you want him to learn are not understandable to a four-year-old child at all. If he doesn’t understand it, you punish him. Don’t you feel sorry?”

Never did Zhao Nanyu expect to be questioned one day by Song Luan that he didn’t care enough for his children, so he was angry, “Although the mother has many faults, you don’t want him to be a useless waste in the future. ”

“Being strict is not a bad thing, but you are in a hurry.”

“What do you think I should do?” Zhao Nanyu asked for her opinion seriously.

After thinking about it, Song Luan said, “Work and rest should be combined. You should still let him play. Don’t punish him everytime, okay?”

Zhao Nanyu smiled, “Okay.”

Song Luan was nervous and her palm was sweating profiously. Fortunately, Zhao Nanyu was not so unreasonable. He could also reasonably listen to her suggestions.

On second thought, if their relationship becomes better in the future, she could put the facts to reason with him, which should not be as difficult as it was now.

She couldn’t help but want to say two words: Very Good!

Song Luan was in a good mood and ate more than one bowl of rice. Maybe she ate too much because the uncomfortable feeling came back.

While getting up, she was dizzy and out of breath. It immediately became dark in front of her. She couldn’t stop her movement of falling.

Thanks to Zhao Nanyu’s quick eyes, he stretched out his hand to her waist. His face was heavy and his black and white eyes were clear. He wanted to speak. Song Luan waved his hand. She first took a step and laughed dryly. “It’s because I got up so quickly that I wasn’t able to stand still.”

After she stood firmly, she pushed his hand away silently. Song Luan didn’t know what was wrong with her just now. The uncomfortable feeling was only for a moment, so she didn’t pay attention to it after.

This body was empty originally, so it was not surprising that she fainted today.

Zhao Nanyu pinched her wrist and dragged her to the side. Her eyes were bright. He looked at her carefully and saw nothing wrong before releasing her. “If you are not comfortable, you have to say it. Don’t bear it.”

Song Luan thought to herself. Even if I have a minor illness or disaster, I dare not let you know. You want to poison me!

“I’m not a person who can endure.” Her answer was so natural.

Zhao Nanyu whispered softly, “That’s good. ”

What’s good? Song Luan didn’t understand.

That night, she thought Zhao Nanyu would tell her about the matter of him leaving the capital, but he didn’t. Song Luan laid straight on the bed for the night, and didn’t bother to wait.

She didn’t interfere with the main plot of the book. The plot line must not have changed, then the rest maybe Zhao Nanyu didn’t plan to tell her.

All right. If you don’t want to say it, don’t say it.

Anyway, if he was about to leave, just hurry up and leave. Go meet your lovely, kind, and simple female lead, and then let me go.

The next day, Zhao Nanyu stayed at home.

The people in the residence who believed that their feelings have improved gradually changed their minds. In a few months, they could see clearly whether Song Luan really changed or not.

Zhao Nanyu spent most of the day away from her residence, either in Dali temple or in his study.

After taking care of Zhao Wenyan’s affairs, third lady Zhao looked much better, and now she repeatedly reminded her to have children. Every night there was a vigil outside the house, so when Song Luan and Zhao Nanyu didn’t spend much time in a room together, third lady Zhao naturally knew about it.

She didn’t think it’s Zhao Nanyu’s problem. It must be Song Luan who refused to let him touch her. They were so indifferent in the room.

At the end of this month’s family banquet, third lady Zhao secretly pulled Song Luan over to talk to her, “Ah Luan, you should be more considerate of Ah Yu. He really can’t hold back his vigorous age. Moreover, you have been cold to him, which will chill his heart.”

What third lady Zhao didn’t say was that when the time comes that Ah Yu couldn’t hold back and would find a concubine, Song Luan should not make trouble at that time.

Song Luan was really wronged. Zhao Nanyu didn’t want to touch her, what could she do? Should she take off her clothes and rush to him? force him?

“Mother, I know it.”


Third lady Zhao didn’t believe her. Song Luan felt that their relationship was so good now. If she had to have a relationship with Zhao Nanyu, she would have to sleep beside him as a woman. Who knew if she she could bear Zhao Nanyu’s appearance on the bed.


That man naturally have very good abilities. She didn’t want to die or be paralyzed in bed. If she could, she didn’t want to do this.

Song Luan forgot what third lady Zhao said in two days. In addition, Zhao Nanyu had to leave the capital in a few days. She had a lot of ambition and became more courageous.

Looking for a good day, Song Luan came out the door wearing beautiful clothes. She was stupid to think that there was no one following behind her. She was free and unrestrained as she walked.

Song Heqing didn’t expect to bump into his most disobedient sister in the restaurant.

Song Heqing and Song Luan were born to one mother, but was still kind to his other sisters.

The only thing that worried him was Song Luan.

He looked back at his sister on the lounge. His brain was dull, and he rubbed his eyebrows and told his servant “Go down and invite the third lady up. ”

“Yes. ”

Song Luan was confuse after being taken to Song Heqing. She saw the man in front of him shouted, “Brother”.

They met on the day they returned, so Song Luan recognized him.

Song Heqing sighed, “You… I..I don’t know what to say about you. It’s only been few months since there was peace. To be honest, have you come out to find a man again today?”

Song Luan shook her head fiercely. “No, I came here to buy some rouge water powder and silk.”

Song Heqing was dubious. Since his sister married, he had met her ten times outside. And those ten times, she always had a different man with her!

“Is it?” He waved impatiently, “Let’s not talk about today… I heard that the slave you raised made trouble at the gate of Zhao residence a month ago! What are you doing?! Zhao Nanyu is not ugly, why can’t you see it?! I don’t ask you to die for him, but can’t you give him face?”

There were not that many wild men in the capital, but there was no one as unabashed as her! Everyone in the capital knew.

Song Luan was bombarded by her brother. She felt wronged. She slapped the table, “He won’t touch me. You are my brother. How can you blame me? I still feel angry!”

Song Heqing paled. He lowered his voice, and gnashed his teeth. “I don’t believe you can’t think of a way to let him touch you!”

His sister should be very good at it.

Song Luan’s eyes widened. Wow, the Song family was something. Was her brother suggesting that she should give Zhao Nanyu an aphrodisiac?

Song Heqing waved to his entourage behind him and said two words in his ear. The entourage quickly left the room and came back soon. The man arrived with just a small bag with the medicine inside. Song Heqing lost all his face and put the medicine from his hand to her. “Take it. It’s easy to use. If it’s still doesn’t work, I won’t you stop from finding a wild man. Keep a low profile and don’t go public.”

Song Luan was stunned. At last, she knew why the original owner turned out like this. It was all because she was spoiled by the Song family.

The medicine in her hand was like a hot potato. Give this medicine to Zhao Nanyu? Was her brother crazy or was she stupid?

She dare not.

She was afraid Zhao Nanyu would eat her raw.




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