Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 24

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Song Heqing had something to do and didn’t stay too long. He gave Song Luan a lot of money before he left.

Song Luan went downstairs after she had eaten and drunk enough in the private room. She bought a lot of things in the street at one breath. When her mood became better, she was reluctant to go back to the residence.

When she arrived home, she watched Zhao Nanyu standing under the bridge from afar. He stood quietly with his hands on his back, as if waiting for her. The man smiled at her gently and said, “You’re back.”

“Yes.” After a pause, she said, “I also bought you a present. ”

Zhao Nanyu was stunned for a moment, but didn’t expect that he had his share in the things she bought today. He had a deep smile in the corner of his eyes, and politely thanked her.

Song Luan intentionally bought him a jade crown. Anyway, it’s not wrong to be nice to the male lead. In fact, she didn’t only buy things for him alone, but also for her son, and even Zhao Chao, he was after all the teacher of little Zhao. Although they didn’t like each other very much, they didn’t treat each other badly.

Zhao Nanyu raised his step and walked towards her, and now stood a closer distance. His tall body blocked her light and Song Luan’s hair fluttered in the wind. He raised his hand and brushed her hair carefully, and said warmly, “I will go to Quzhou the day after tomorrow.”

Song Luan was relieved. It seemed that the plot hadn’t changed much because of her transmigrating. She was happy in her heart, and wanted him to go out quickly.

Go find your female lead, your little white flower is waiting for you!

Song Luan tried to hide her happiness and showed an indiffirent reaction, “Oh, good.”

She raised her eyelids and looked at Zhao Nanyu’s face quietly, and found that the man seemed not very happy.

After several months of getting along, Song Luan got a skill to accurately see Zhao Nanyu’s mood. Although the smile on his face did not falter, she could see the falseness revealed in his smile.

Gee.. a man’s heart is truly a needle on the bottom of the sea.

She didn’t understand why he was unhappy again? She had only said two words since she came back.

Zhao Nanyu’s eyes were always on her face, looking at her expression carefully. Unfortunately, he can’t see any disappointment or worry from her face. The arc of his lips gradually fell down, and his smiled dropped by three points. At the moment, it was very clear that Song Luan didn’t care about his journey.

This perception made Zhao Nanyu feel uncomfortable. His eyes darkened, and the sharp edge on his eyes was hidden. His five fingers under his sleeve slightly curled up into fist. He wanted her to go to Quzhou together.

Going from and to Quzhou would take about half a month. It didn’t take long, but this time, Zhao Nanyu wanted to take her. Song Luan’s heart thumped when she saw his eyes darkened. She was about to talk, but the man in front of her turned and entered the room, as if he didn’t want to care any longer.

The two people remained silent in the room, and no one took the initiative to open their mouth. Zhao Nanyu sat in front of the window with a book in his hand. The lines of his chin were tight, his beautiful features were a little sharp, and his whole body was cold as ice.

Song Luan sat far away from him, cross legged on the soft coach. She took all the things she had just bought, and subdivided them.

Zhao Nanyu’s remaining light silently watched her movements, his thin lips pursed into a straight line, and his expression gradually became cold.

She was really heartless.

Song Luan gave full play to the word “extravagance” when she went out this time. Aunt Lin gave her a lot of money when she went back to her mother’s house. In addition, Song Heqing gave her a piece of silver, so she didn’t lack money at all. She bought everything she liked.

She put the jewelry and clothes she bought for herself in the cabinet. She found the jade crown that she wanted to give to Zhao Nanyu, and held it in the palm of her hand for a long time with hesitation. She pulled back and forth her thoughts whether she would give or not.

Song Luan’s eyes peeped at him, and found Zhao Nanyu’s face was quite cold, which seemed even more unhappy than before. The air pressure in the bedroom was very low. She sighed and chose to continue sitting until Zhao Nanyu’s face looked better.

She picked up a book casually from the bookshelf. The content on it was complicated and lengthy, so after reading it for a while, her little head couldn’t control it and fell asleep.

Zhao Nanyu put down the book in his hand and silently took her actions into his eyes. The frost and snow between his eyebrows gradually melted. His face was not as heavy as before.

He remembered that Song Luan couldn’t even read a few words. He also heard that when she was a child, she refused to study hard. Her studies were in a mess. She often made her teacher angry to the point that the teacher wanted to die.

They were married for four years, and he had never seen her read books before. Sure enough, she just pretended to read and had slept right after reading two pages.

Ater a moment, Song Luan’s forehead knocked on the table. The pain woke her up. She rubbed her forehead, and subconsciously looked over Zhao Nanyu’s side. The man looked down as if he didn’t see the movement on her side.

Song Luan got down from the couch, grabbed the jade crown she bought, and walked to him. She coughed twice and refused to say more, “The jade crown I bought for you.”

Zhao Nanyu took the thing and looked down, “It’s very nice.”

Song Luan thought that his face looked a little better after he got the gift from her. It was much better than the gloomy look. She nodded, “You like it.”

Zhao Nanyu quietly took the jade crown. He looked up, thought for a moment, and said, “I have something to discuss with you. ”

Zhao Nanyu thought that he might not be able to wait for Song Luan to bring up the matter of Quzhou. She didn’t care from beginning to end, and didn’t even ask when he would come back. Just now, she treated his anger like a joke.

Also, why bother with her so much. Zhao Nanyu decided to tell her.

Song Luan thought it was a trivial matter so she didn’t care about what he’s going to say, “What is it?”

Zhao Nanyu looked at her calmy: “You will go to Quzhou with me the next morning.”

He said it was a discussion, but the tone of it was as if the decision was final.

Song Luan was dumbfounded for a long time. What’s the matter with him? No, she refuse!

If the plot won’t change, that means, the male lead would be ambushed on the way to Quzhou. He was seriously injured and got saved by the female lead.

What was she going to do? What if she died in the hands of an assassin! Besides, she didn’t like to stay with Zhao Nanyu.

Song Luan wanted to shake her head, but she didn’t dare to refuse in front of Zhao Nanyu’s eyes. She said politely, “I haven’t been far away. I’m afraid I’ll drag you behind, and will delay your business.”

As she talked longer, her voice gradually became lower. Zhao Nanyu looked at her with a smile. This made her hair stood up.

Song Luan gnawed her teeth and said, “What’s more. If we are not home, who would take care of little Zhao?”

Zhao Nanyu’s heart kept falling, and his eyebrows and eyes seemed to be covered with frost and snow. His expression became colder and colder.

However, the smile on the corner of his eyes and the tip of his eyebrows became deeper and deeper, which made him very penetrating.

He reached out his hand and touched her brow and asked, “You don’t want to?”

Without waiting for her answer, Zhao Nanyu raised her chin slightly and said forcefully, “Even if you don’t want to, you must still go.”

He also kindly reminded her to pack up her luggage in advance.

Song Luan couldn’t resist, and nodded with clenched teeth, “Well, then.”

It took a long time for her to walk to the cabinet. She was about to prepapre all the clothes she had to wear, when her heart suddenly hurt.

The pain came suddenly and violently. Her white fingers tightly clasped the door of the cabinet. Song Luan’s face was as white as paper, and her whole body was weak. Her throat hurt like a knife when she breathed.


She opened her mouth and wanted to call Zhao Nanyu’s name. Before she could make a sound, her eyes gradually went black and she fainted.

She seemingly saw the man that was not far away from her changed his facial expression before striding towards her in a rush.



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