Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 25

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  • Huanhuan – This is the name of the aphrodisiac that Song Luan’s brother gave her.

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Song Luan had a long dream. In the dream, she was a spectator outside the scenes. In the dream, there was a woman who often wore gorgeous and bright red clothes. Her face was extremely beautiful, her character was domineering, but her words were sharp and bitter.

The plots written in the book all happened. Her son broke his leg, and the silent child relied on crutches from then on. In the dream, she and Zhao Nanyu were almost strangers. She taunted and insulted him.

Zhao Nanyu was as cold as a stone. The violence between his eyebrows was thousands of times as strong as it was now. His eyes were bright and dark, and there was a fierce sense of killing aura in his heart. As the days passed, her situation became more and more sad. First, the Song family crumbled and Song Luan fell ill.

She couldn’t even get up from the bed. There was a strong smell of medicine in the room, which couldn’t be dispelled even by opening the window. She was lying on the bed with thin bones, pale face, and there was almost no blood on her lips. As if she would die the next seconds.

Her internal organs felt like it was being eaten, or being stirred inside with a knife, and even breathing became torture. She would like to die at once. It was not good if she was filled with medicine. She slept with pain every day.

Song Luan looked at the woman lying on the bed, whose eyes were sad and her heart was as dead as ashes, and inexplicably began to shed tears. She felt very sad in her dream.

The woman’s bleak eyes seemed to look at her, and a smile appeared on her beautiful pale face. Song Luan thought that the woman saw her.

Suddenly, the man in dark blue came in slowly. The sound of boots coming nearer sounded like the bell of death.

The poor thin woman on the bed pulled up a hard smile, “Here you are.”
The man looked down at her for a long time, then sighed with sympathy, “Uh, so pathetic.”

The woman felt pain. The pain in her chest had never stopped. She seemed to live in a hell of endless pain. She opened her mouth and said weakly, “Kill me.”

Zhao Nanyu looked at her calmly as she asked for him to kill her. He smiled and asked, “Does it hurt? ”

How could it not hurt?

Every day, her limbs and her inner organs seem to be stabbed over and over by a knife. The pain was felt from the bottom of the foot to the back of the head. There was no place on her whole body that it didn’t hurt. She had been suffering for three years.

“Zhao Nanyu, you are a bastard’s child. Being born under a prositute woman, you can’t escape the fact that you’re born of sin.” After she said this, she began to gasp heavily to relieve the pain in her chest.

The man smiled instead of anger.

As she wished, he had an exquisitely crafted dagger in his hand.

He helped her up, and the sharp point of the dagger pointed straight at her heart. With a sharp look in his eyes, Zhao Nanyu stabbed the dagger into her heart without hesitation. “Go die.”

Song Luan woke up and was so scared that she hadn’t recovered from her eyes for a long time. Just now, the dream seemed too real. She even suspected that the scene was when the original owner died.

Song Luan’s eyes were staring at the top of the bed, the back of her head was numb, and her heart was blank.

She took a deep breath and gradually recovered from the fear in her dream. She slowly sat up, leaned on the pillow and remembered that she had just fainted.

Her hand unconsciously touched her heart. At this time, she didn’t feel any pain or even any discomfort. But Song Luan still couldn’t forget the sudden pain in her heart before fainting, like being stabbed with a needle in the softest part of her heart.

Song Luan’s face was rather dignified. She knew that the male lead in the original book had given the original owner a slow-poison medicine. It seemed that the dog man poisoned her earlier than she thought.

Thinking of this, Song Luan’s mind was bursting with thoughts of blood. She wanted to curse, but she swallowed her courage to scold the male lead. Isn’t it just to survive?! She was so angry that she turned red around her eyes.

The residence… There was no one in the room. Song Luan wanted to share blood with Zhao Nanyu.

She forced herself to calm down. She thought about it. She would go out to see a doctor tomorrow. This body would still survive.

On second thought, if Zhao Nanyu had the poison, he should have the antidote in his hand. It would be impossible unless she coaxed him, would he give the antidote to her?


Zhao Chao was confused when Zhao Nanyu visited him. He didn’t know what happened until he saw the woman lying unconscious in the bed. “What’s the matter with second sister-in-law?”

Zhao Nanyu said in a hoarse voice, “Look after her.”

For the first time, Zhao Chao saw that his second brother was nervous, and the cause was this woman named Song Luan, whom his second brother always hated. His heart sank, “Second brother….you will not ”

Zhao Nanyu snapped at him, staring straight at him with black eyes. He was furious. “Don’t talk nonsense, hurry up. ”

Zhao Chao did not dare to delay any more. He sat down and began to feel the pulse for Song Luan, frowning slightly. Song Luan’s pulse was normal. “She is fine.”

Zhao Nanyu, with a black face, hardly looked away from her. He didn’t believe Zhao Chao. He said in a cold voice, “She just suddenly fainted. She couldn’t stand straight and couldn’t speak. And you told me she’s fine now? Hmm?”

He had to admit that the moment when Song Luan suddenly fell in front of him, his heart became nervous, even scared.

Since two years ago, Song Luan had been drinking porridge every morning with the poison he ordered. He only guessed that those medicine had worked, but he already stopped ordering from them a few months ago.

Zhao Chao was full of innocence. “Second brother, I know what you are doubting, but there is no problem in her pulse. Tell me again, what did she look like when she fainted? ”

“She covered her heart.”

“Maybe it’s palpitation.”

Zhao Chao also had no choice. His medical skills were not bad. He learned from a famous family and was talented. He saved countless lives. There was no reason why he couldn’t make a diagnosis and treatment on Song Luan.

What’s more, the second brother got the poison medicine from him. Symptoms such as heart pain didn’t coincide with poisoning.

“Do you have any antidotes?” Zhao Nanyu suddenly asked him.

Zhao Chao put out his hand. “That’s my master’s medicine. I’ll ask him when he travels back to capital.” He also saw that his second brother’s attitude towards Song Luan was different. After thinking about it, he said a few words of relief. “Second brother, you don’t have to worry too much. The medicine is very strange. It won’t work without the right amount in the next three or five years. ”

After seeing off Zhao Chao, Zhao Nanyu stood under the corridor for a long time. He looked up and looked at the distance with quiet eyes. He didn’t know what he was thinking.

The cold wind fluttered his clothes. His fingers were cold. He heard the movement in the room. He turned and entered the room. Song Luan sat on the edge of the bed barefoot, her expression was silly, and her pale face was flushed red.

He went over and crouched down in good temper to put on her shoes for her. Then he raised his face, his eyes were soft and watery, and looked at her quietly. He asked, “Is there any discomfort? ”

Song Luan shook her head. “No. ”

It’s true. She felt good and there was no pain.

Zhao Nanyu sighed, “That’s good.” Then he asked, “What would you like to eat? ”

Song Luan’s stomach was really empty, so she felt hungry. She opened her eyes and looked at him brightly. “I want to have porridge. ”

She simply felt that it was better for her health to eat light food.

Zhao Nanyu’s fingers in the air paused, his eyes drooped, his face was hard to distinguish, and after silence he said, “I let the kitchen stew chicken soup for you to eat.”


“That will do.” As long as it’s light and nourishing, she could accept it. Zhao Nanyu got up and prepared to bring chicken soup. Song Luan reached out and grabbed his clothes. He looked back. “What’s the matter? ”

Song Luan tried to look calm while pretending to ask him casually, “What happened to me just now? Did a doctor come?”

Zhao Nanyu touched her face, a little fondly, “Yes, they said you’re fine.”

Song Luan’s expression almost faltered. She wanted to stretch out her hand and scratch his face. She didn’t believe it!

“Really? I’m… Healthy?” She asked, gritting her teeth.

“Well, take it easy.”

It was really hard for Song Luan to speak up and take it easy after being poisoned.

She wanted to tear Zhao Nanyu’s face, but the plot in her dream still left her with lingering fear. She didn’t want to experience the feeling that she was in pain all the time and couldn’t sleep.

Song Luan got out of bed and drank a large bowl of chicken soup in front of Zhao Nanyu. She could eat, drink, and jump with no discomfort.

Song Luan couldn’t help but think that she might misunderstood Zhao Nanyu. Maybe this wasn’t poison but just simple fainting?

Song Luan was still not at ease. She put down her chopsticks and looked at Zhao Nanyu in her wet eyes. She called out to him, “Ah Yu..”

Zhao Nanyu’s body suddenly froze, his breath sank, his fingers trembled, and his eyes were dark.

It’s sweet.

He wanted her to continue to call him ‘Ah Yu’ a hundred times more.

Song Luan raised a sweet smile on the corner of her mouth. She opened her mouth and continued to say to him, “I think it’s clear. Let’s go to Quzhou together. I want to stay with you and not leave you.”

Oh, she’s going to vomit herself.

Song Luan also learned to be smart. In the past half month, he had a good relationship with Zhao Nanyu. It’s not a bad thing for him to like her more.

It’s better for him to be able to put his three spirits and five principles into his mind, so he would definitely not want to kill her.

Zhao Nanyu pulled her into her arms and touched the corner of her mouth with her soft lips. “No.”

Zhao Nanyu changed his mind and couldn’t let her follow him. He pinched her waist and bit her on the corner of her mouth. “Just take good care of yourself at home.”

Song Luan really wanted to slap away the man who was close her. The dog man took advantage of her and wouldn’t even let her get her wish.

With Song Luan ‘s understanding of him, she couldn’t expect to cultivate a relationship of adversity with him on the way to Quzhou.

Song Luan thought of the package of Huanhuan given by her brother. She completely decided to let it go, and planned to give it to him tomorrow night.

If you can’t get his heart, you have to get his body first.

Let him be reluctant to kill her.



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