Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 26

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  • Huanhuan – This is the name of the aphrodisiac that Song Luan’s brother gave her.

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Translated by: Tinker

Song Luan didn’t sleep well all at night. She kept tossing and turning. In the middle of the night, she was still lying on the bed with her eyes open. She didn’t dare to move. She was afraid to disturb the man on her side.

Her mouth still hurts, there were still fine wounds on her lips that Zhao Nanyu just bit. Song Luan didn’t like to curry favor with the male lead before she fainted. Even if she knew the final ending of the original owner, she just wanted to get along with him well, and didn’t make any more mistakes. She never wanted to flatter and grovel in front of him.

As the saying goes – when you lick a dog, you get nothing.

But now the situation was grim, she had to seduce Zhao Nanyu. It’s better to get his heart, so she didn’t have to worry all day about being killed by him.

Zhao Nanyu had a beautiful appearance, exquisite brows, and looked as elegant as painting. She had nothing to lose going to bed with him! But to be honest, Song Luan wanted to throw away the medicine her brother gave before. Fortunately, she didn’t.

When Zhao Nanyu touched and kissed her body last time, he could still control himself. He even closed her clothes and did nothing to her after.

If she didn’t use this medicine, and wait until Zhao Nanyu was willing to touch her, it would already be the year of the monkey!

Song Luan thought about things and gradually fell asleep. In just a few hours, she had many fine dreams, and each fragments were presented in her mind. It’s a pity that when she woke up, she forgot everything and didn’t remember a single dream.

It’s rare that she woke up before it got dark. Zhao Nanyu stood in front of the bed, his back was facing her, and he was dressing his clothes. He slowly put up his clothes and when he turned around, he saw her sleepy eyes. The clothes on her shoulders slid down, and her skin was bright and white. Zhao Nanyu couldn’t help it, but leaned over and kissed her. “You can sleep a little longer.”

Song Luan nodded. She was still sleepy. Both her eyes and brain hurt. It was the kind of pain that came from staying up all night. She rubbed her temples, and the tone of her voice was still lingering. “Okay, I know. ”

Zhao Nanyu didn’t put the light on. The room wasn’t very bright. He covered the quilt for her. Then he went to the outside room. Before he left, he ordered not to disturb her.

Song Luan rolled two times on the bed, and rolled out of the bed in good clothes. Her belly was white. She sat in front of the dressing table and yawned. She drew a light make-up for herself. After finishing, she asked the servant girl to come in and fix her hair.

Song Luan was still gorgeous, but her eyes looked less brighter.

After dressing up, she couldn’t wait and grabbed the money bag and went out. She strictly forbid the servant girls in the residence not to follow. Her fierce appearance was very intimidating and frightened the servants. Obviously, no one followed her. No one dared to ask where she was going or what she was going to do.

Song Luan went to the street and inquired about the best medicine hall in the capital. She went to the rank of famous doctors to see them for herself. Many people come to see those famous doctors every day. Just after the door opened in the early morning, the front of the medicine hall was already full of people.

She stood at the end of the line, praying silently for herself, hoping that she wasn’t poisoned.

Song Luan walked into the hospital with tension. The doctor asked her to sit down politely. She didn’t know if she was too sensitive. She always felt that the doctor’s eyes were different from those of others.

She reached over and the doctor closed his eyes.

After a while, the fingers on her pulse moved away slowly. Song Luan couldn’t wait to ask, “What is it like? What’s wrong with me, doctor? ”

“There is no abnormality in the lady’s pulse. The body is just weak. Go back and take two doses of tonic.”

Song Luan was still uneasy, and stretched out her left hand again, “Or would you like to see the pulse of this hand again? Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to listening the pulse. Doctor, take a good look at me.” She continued with a dignified look, “My heart and mouth ached yesterday, and my premonition was very bad. Doctor, please tell me the truth. ”

The doctor stroked his beard and said in silence, “Did lady feel extreme pain before?”

Song Luan nodded.

“Is it still painful now? ”

Song Luan also nodded.

…The doctor thought for a while and told her, “Lady has a poison in her body.”

Song Luan’s heart and knees were cold. It’s too late. This body was already poisoned.

Wuwuwu! Zhao Nanyu lied to her last night!

Seeing that her face was white, the doctor hurriedly said, “Don’t worry, lady. This time your palpitation is not caused by the poison. The reason why I didn’t tell you that it’s poisonous is because it’s harmless. ”

Song Luan’s eyes brightened. “What does that mean? ”

“I can’t diagnose what kind of poison it is at the moment, but the amount of this medicine in your body is not much, and it will take a certain time for the attack. As long as you don’t continue to take it, there should be no problem in your body. ”

Song Luan asked anxiously, “Don’t you know what kind of medicine it is? That is to say, you don’t have an antidote?”

The doctor nodded.

Song Luan’s fingers were colder than before. She felt a little sad and wanted to cry.

Now it seems that there was no other way but to coax Zhao Nanyu to give her the antidote.

Before the doctor had finished saying, “As for the sudden palpitation of the lady yesterday, maybe you haven’t had a good rest recently. Pay more attention to your rest, and it will be fine.”

Song Luan gloomily said thanks to the doctor, and went out of the hospital with no idea after paying the doctor’s fee.

After she left, the doctor looked at his back and shook his head. He sighed to the children around him, “I don’t know whether this lady’s life is good or not. ”

Before she came in to see the doctor, a young man had first let someone greet him and told him not to say what he shouldn’t say. He guessed that what he had just said with the lady had been sent to the second young master of the Zhao family without a word.

Song Luan was still surprised by the fact that she had been poisoned. She didn’t hurt her son or scold Zhao Nanyu as a mean son of a prostitute this time. How could this person do it to her?

After careful analysis, she came to think of the most important characteristics of being an overbearing young master. The possessive desire imposed a paranoid personality that couldn’t tolerate his wife’s indifference.

He must be the only one who owns his woman’s mind and body. He should be in charge of life and death. Emotions and joys. Just like the female lead, after marrying him, she only had a few days out in this life, and there were many people hiding behind, watching her every move.

Song Luan shuddered at the thought, felt the chill throughout her body.

This kind of life which only relies solely on Zhao Nanyu to live is terrible.

After returning to the residence, Song Luan locked herself in her room the whole afternoon, and then gradually figured it out. Anyway, the doctor also said that the poison was not deep enough, as long as she didn’t eat it anymore poison, she would be okay.

Looking at the Hehuan in the drawer, she thought it was really a good thing. Maybe after tonight, Zhao Nanyu would fall in love with her and wouldn’t be able to hurt her in the future.

She really didn’t want to die, and she didn’t want to die in such pain.

Song Luan asked people to prepare good wine. For the first time, she didn’t have any experience in medication. She poured half a bag of Hehuan powder into the bottle with shaking hands. She felt her chin and thought that the dosage should be almost the same.

This bottle of wine is not only for Zhao Nanyu, but also for herself. She’s going to drink it. She’s brave and doesn’t give her way back. She raised her hand and shook the wine. Then she puts the tip of her nose together to make sure it’s colorless and tasteless.

Maybe it was because he was going to Quzhou the next day, Zhao Nanyu came back from Dali Temple very early that day, and came directly to her residence as soon as he came back.

Zhao Nanyu felt that during these days, she only stayed by his side, even if she didn’t say anything. He silently observed her every move and kept it in his mind. Without him knowing, she had already occupied a big part in his heart.


Song Luan took the initiative to come over. She smiled at him sweetly. “Ah Yu.”

Zhao Nanyu squeezed the brush in his hand and tightened his back. “Yes.”

“I heard that there are many beautiful women in Quzhou. When you arrive, you won’t like other girls, will you? ”

Zhao Nanyu looked up at her and said, “I won’t.”

Song Luan’s smile was even sweeter. If she had a tail behind her, it would already be wagging. “You are so good!”

Zhao Nanyu’s heart moved. He couldn’t help touch her face. She smiled at him in the sunshine. She looked so beautiful.

After two people finished their dinner together, Song Luan summoned up her courage and suddenly stopped him, “I want to drink. ”

Zhao Nanyu had seen her drunk state more than once. He frowned.

Before he refused, Song Luan had put the glass on the table and poured two the wine in each glass quickly.

Her palms were sweaty. She took the glass and handed it to him. “Would you like to have a drink with me? ”

Zhao Nanyu took the glass and was stunned. Then he hooked up his lips and smiled. “Okay.”

He raised his neck and poured the wine into his throat. The stone in Song Luan’s heart landed steadily. She bit her teeth and poured her cup and into her stomach.

Zhao Nanyu looked at her meaningfully and smiled deeply in the corner of his eyes. He couldn’t see what was put in the glass. He just wanted to see what Song Luan wanted to do.

The candlelight was shining on her bright white face, and soon the effect of the medicine began to play. Song Luan was weak. She could not stand on the table until her hands were leaning on the table. The bright red lips were bitten by her. Looking at the pale man in front of her, she swallowed her saliva and said stupidly, “I’m a little hot.”

Zhao Nanyu’s black eyes were nailed to her face, and there was no reply.

Song Luan couldn’t stand it. The effect was too strong. Her brain was not clear.

Song Luan was not aggrieved. She looked very pitiful. She sniffed and was about to cry. She tugged at his clothes, as if begging him, “What should I do?”

“Help me.”

Zhao Nanyu grabbed her chin, and his cold fingers made Song Luan felt very comfortable. She unconsciously rubbed against his palm,

He chuckled and sucked the tear from the corner of her eyes. “Don’t cry now, you will cry later.”

The woman in his arms trembled with fear.



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