Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 27

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It was deep in the middle of the night, and the movement in the room had not stopped.

The night maid listened to the faint cry from the room. Her face blushed red. She sympathized with the madam and was a little envious. The master didnt look like a person that could toss around vigorously. Sure enough, you can’t judge a person by their appearance.

Song Luan felt that she was going to die. She was not far away from her death. At last, she cried out shamlessly. She begged and cried out in tears. Gradually, Song Luan realised that whenever she begged him, Zhao Nanyu would become more and more active. The man bit her earlobe and smiled softly, as if laughing at her ignorance.

She was a fish on a chopping board. She couldn’t fight back.

When the two people stopped in the middle of the night, Song Luan was too tired that she couldn’t lift her hand. The feeling was like lifting a stone and smashing her foot. Although she felt exhausted to death, she couldn’t bear to sleep. She opened her eyes laboriously. Zhao Nanyu pulled the quilt up on her body. He looked at her with warmth and gentleness. “Why don’t you sleep?”

Song Luan also wanted to sleep, but she couldn’t. She asked, “Can you take me with you to Quzhou?”

“You stay at home. ”

Song Luan put the quilt over her head and covered her face. She was not very happy.

Dog man still taking advantage of her.

Zhao Nanyu’s face was a little heavy. After he thought for a while, his face was still not very good. How could he not see just now that Song Luan did everything just so she could go to Quzhou. Even there was no love with those men she entangled with.

There’s no love.

Zhao Nanyu’s heart was uncomfortable. It was very painful.

Song Luan’s eyes were slightly red, and there was a mist of water in front of her eyes. She said cautiously, “I vaguely feel uncomfortable recently. Can you help me find a doctor again? I still cherish my life. You don’t want me to….”

Zhao Nanyu interrupted her without permission, “I know. ”

Song Luan went around and told him that she didn’t want to die ambiguously. She said all these with so much politeness because she didn’t want Zhao Nanyu to know that she had discovered the poison.

She added, “I’m afraid of pain and death. ”

Zhao Nanyu smiled at her, but the smile on the corner of his mouth was a little ugly. He said, “Don’t talk nonsense, it won’t hurt you. ”

There was a sneer in his eyes, and he suddenly understood how Song Luan suddenly threw herself to him so enthusiastically.

He was told that she went out early this morning to see another doctor.

Song Luan didn’t know how many people he had arranged in the dark. Her every move could not be concealed from his eyes. It turned out that she knew about her poisoning, and then wanted him to help her detoxify, so she was willing to laugh at him and lie in a bed with him.

No wonder it didn’t feel like she likes him with her eyes. This was done everything just to achieve her goal.

But it’s okay to use him. It’s important to use him.

Zhao Nanyu could have asked the doctor to hide her poisoning, but he didn’t. In his opinion, as long as Song Luan didn’t know who poisoned her, it would be fine.

“That’s what you said. You can’t lie to me.” Song Luan was in a better mood at last, and was guaranteed to be overjoyed.

“Not lying to you.”

Now how could he still let her die, Zhao Nanyu couldn’t wait to be in one body with her.

There was a carriage waiting at the front door of Zhao’s residence. Before Zhao Nanyu left, he took off the jade plate that was around his waist, and gently placed it beside her pillow. He bowed his head and kissed her forehead before leaving.

That jade pendant was a relic left by his mother, who had already left him for more than 20 years.

The fog was still heavy in the early morning. Zhao Nanyu said in a cold voice to the man hiding in the dark, “Look after her.”


When Song Luan woke up, the warmth around her had long been gone. She sat up with difficultly and was breathing in pain. The traces of blue and purple looked scary.

Bah, Zhao Nanyu was a beast.

Fortunately, she didn’t suffer in vain last night. She also got a promise from Zhao Nanyu. Although the man was vicious, he still kept his words. She could relax for a while.

Song Luan rested on the pillow for a long time. A servant girl outside began to knock on the door. “Madam, are you awake?”

“I’m dressing. Don’t come in. ”

“Yes. ”

It took Song Luan a long time to dress. Her legs trembled when her feet touched the ground. She scolded Zhao Nanyu in her heart again. She had a psychological shadow in her heart because of his actions.

At a glance, she saw the jade pendant beside the pillow. She took it and looked at it carefully. She seemed to doubt that she had read it wrong.

Song Luan rubbed her eyes and looked at it carefully again. She was sure that it was Zhao Nanyu’s most precious jade pendant.

Song Luan’s psychological pressure suddenly increased. Not that she was being arrogant, but she felt that the weight of this jade plate was more important than Zhao Nanyu’s heart.

She put the jade pendant back in place, thinking that Zhao Nanyu was too anxious to go out and left it at home. Anyway, she didn’t dare to touch it.

The sunshine outside was brighter than any days. People couldn’t open their eyes freely because of the strong golden rays. Song Luan just had lunch, and little Zhao came to find her to play the chess game they played last time.

The child was still embarrassed to express himself. After a long time of embarrassment, he rubbed at her trouser legs in a red face and says, “Mother, I want to play chess with you. ”

Song Luan had nothing to do today. She touched her nose, smiled and replied, “Okay. ”

Little Zhao was generally interested in everything. He didn’t really like playing chess, but he came to her with an excuse to play chess so he could get closer to her.

The sun was too strong, Song Luan hugged him and went inside the residence. She now felt the struggle to hold her son. The child grew very fast, he was heavier than before.

He climbed on the bench and straightened his back. Song Luan wanted to laugh every time she saw him act mature. This little adult.

“Do you want to eat? ”

“I came here on a full stomach.” He replied seriously, with a straight face.

Song Luan nodded, “Okay.” She smiled and pinched the flesh on his face. “Would you like to have dinner with me tonight? Do you want mother to cook the duck soy sauce for you?”

He didn’t have a strong taste and didn’t eat duck soy sauce, but if it was made by his mother, he would like to eat.

He nodded seriously. “Okay.”


He liked her, but was embarrassed to say it. Every time he come to find his mother, he had a lot of words to say, but is always stuck in his throat.

He would just stare at her, obediently and docilely. He would do whatever her mother wanted.

After two games of chess, it was time for lunch break.

After coaxing her son to sleep, she planned to go to the kitchen to prepare the ingredients for braised duck with soy sauce. At last, the sun outside the window became gentle. She stretched her waist and was about to go to the kitchen, but suddenly, a head appeared on the wall. Song Luan stared at him with round eyes.

All of a sudden, there were many fragments of scenes appeared in her mind.

“What’s your name? “

“Huai Jin. “

“I’ve bought you. You should listen to me. “

“Okay.” The young man stared at the gorgeous beauty in front of him, and there was a flower blooming in his heart.


“Ah Luan, your husband is so fierce. Why do I think he wants to kill me. “


The beautiful young man sat in the high courtyard wall and looked at the quiet man with a smile. “Ah, second young master, you are not worthy of our Ah Luan. Don’t look for her. She is still sleeping. She was too tired last night. “


“Ah Luan, wait for me. I will find a way to save your life and kill the dog man.”


Finally, the scene ended on the young man with blood. He fell on the way to find the antidote for her. He was frozen to death in the ice and snow. His eyes were wide open as he died.

Song Luan suddenly returned to her consciousness. There were many memories in her mind that do not belong to her. In ‘The Powerful Minister’, only the original owner and the men that surrounded her were not clear. Their names were not written.

She said doubtfully, “Huai Jin? ”

The man jumped down from the wall and turned around her. “Do you want to die, Ah Luan! You didn’t come to see me for so many days. I thought you died in another man’s bed! ”

Song Luan’s mouth twitched, so Huai Jin subconsciously answered, “I have become a good man ”

Huai Jin chuckled and pointed to her neck directly. “Did that dog nibble your neck? I thought I’ll go blind.”

“I dared to come in when I heard your husband was away. The dead man was so vicious that I was almost killed by him last time.”

Song Luan asked, “You looked for me. What’s the matter?”

“Take a look.” The expression on his face turned sharply, and he waved his sleeve fiercely. It seemed that he was losing his temper.

Huai Jiin squinted at her. “No, this traces of mark won’t come off easily, right?”

Song Luan knew he was right when she didn’t make a sound. He was angry. He pointed at her and said, “Didn’t you say you want to leave him? How can you change your mind!”

“I’ll be with you, but not now.” Song Luan thought of the tragic death of Huai Jin in the future, but she didn’t have the heart to be too cruel to him.

In fact, she didn’t think that the original owner was such a scum, how could the luck of peach blossom not be bad?

Huai Jin turned a white eye at her. “You want to have another child for him and then leave? Wow you are so great.”

Song Luan thought how poisonous this man’s words were. He clearly liked the original owner, but he pretended to be free and easy.

“Huai Jin, I have something else to do. Why don’t you get out of the wall?” She whispered to him.

Huai Jin’s face was green, and he gnawed his teeth. “I’m leaving, hmp! You, You must remember to come to me.”

Song Luan was not going to look for him, but Huai Jin just said something that reached her heart.

She wanted to run. But she couldn’t think of thoughts like this for now…

She had to make up for the mistakes of the past, then go far away after being at peace with Zhao Nanyu. In the future, they would just mind their own business. This was the best solution for a couple who was forced to marry.

But the feeling of not being able to escape was annoying.

She looked up at the sky and thought wistfully. She didn’t know if Zhao Nanyu had met the female lead now.



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