Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 29

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Song Luan didn’t know was going on. The plot of the original book was distorted because Zhao Nanyu didn’t follow the original path. She was a bit at a loss.

In fact, Song Luan was deeply impressed with the jade pendant in the book ‘The Powerful Minister’, because it was written that after Zhao Nanyu became an important minister in court, many women wanted to climb his bed. Once, there was a woman who failed to climbed the bed who rushed away leaving, but because she was in a hurry, she broke the jade pendant with her feet, and it shattered.

The woman’s family background was not high nor low, and her father was a fourth-rank official. In an instant, Zhao Nanyu dragged her out the room and killed her.

No one in the court dared to stand as his opponent. He was capricious and ruthless. They didn’t fight back against him.

If he wants to kill, then kill.

And, in almost at the end of the book, Song Luan didn’t see who the male lead gave this piece of jade. Even the female lead couldn’t get it. He had always been wearing it close to his body for ten years.

All of a sudden, Zhao Nanyu wanted to give her such a precious thing. How could Song Luan not panic?

Since he said he wanted her to wear it, the paranoid and overbearing character of his certainly wouldn’t allow her to take it off in the future.

One of the reasons why Song Luan wasn’t brave was that she was careless. If incase she would break it one day, Zhao Nanyu would kill her like that woman. How pitiful.

However, what she didn’t understand was why would Zhao Nanyu be willing to give this jade pendant to her? Why??

She was sure that it was impossible for him to like her.

Was there any other reason? She couldn’t think of anything anymore.

Facing Zhao’s dark eyes, she replied tensely, “Okay.”

Zhao Nanyu seemed to be satisfied with her answer. His fingers brushed her cheek gently, and his eyes curved and smiled.

Song Luan felt scared and cold in her heart every time she saw him smile gently to her.

Back in the bedroom, Zhao Nanyu asked people to take a few red strings. He then sat down, bowed his head, and began to weave the ropes seriously. His drooping eyes were particularly beautiful and gentle, which could confuse people.

For a while, even Song Luan herself was stunned. She didn’t expect Zhao Nanyu would make a red rope. His slender and white fingers were extremely flexible. He made the rope in three or two strokes.

Then he raised his face and looked at her and said, “Take the jade pendant. ”

Song Luan walked to the cabinet, opened it, and took out the jade pendant from the sachet. She reluctantly pass it to him.

Zhao Nanyu put the red rope into the small hole of the jade pendant, and then stood up. He was tall and slender. Song Luan just reached his shoulder when she stood with him. Only when she looked up could she see the expression on his face.

Zhao Nanyu gently tied the red rope to her slender snow-white neck. He seemed very happy and asked, “Do you like it?”

Song Luan couldn’t answer that she didn’t like it. Her hand touched the jade pendant on her neck involuntarily, with a complex expression, “I like it.”

Zhao Nanyu naturally put his arms around her waist, held her in his arms, put his chin on her shoulder, closed his eyes slightly, and sighed, “You like it.”

She was his and couldn’t ran away from him anymore.

Although Song Luan was held by him many times, she was still nervous. Her limbs were stiff and she didn’t know where to put her hands. She suddenly opened her mouth and asked him roundly, “I heard that there were many beautiful girls in Quzhou. Have you met one or two? ”

Song Luan quickly added, “Don’t tell me you hadn’t, I won’t believe it.”

Zhao Nanyu bent his lips and smiled. He misunderstood that she was jealous. He replied, “None.”

“You lied to me. ”

Since he was injured, it was impossible that he did not meet the hostess. As for why he was the only one to go back to the capital without seeing the female lead, it must be what happened in the middle.

Zhao Nanyu was used to her little temper, and kissed the corner of her mouth, “No.”

Song Luan was a little discouraged and gave up.

After Zhao Nanyu stayed long enough, he went to the front yard to see his son. It’s been long…he hadn’t seen him in a month. The child would naturally miss him.

Zhao Nanyu checked his son’s homework and then picked up the child. Little Zhao subconsciously covered Zhao Nanyu’s neck with his little arms. He stayed with his mother these days when his father is away.

Little Zhao had already fallen in love with his mother’s unique fragrance. He slept comfortably with his mother every day. Now that his father was back, the child didn’t know whether he could continue to sleep with his mother. He probably couldn’t.

His father never indulged him, but he still couldn’t help it. He opened his mouth and asked in a low voice, “Father, can I sleep with my mother tonight?”

Zhao Nanyu didn’t even think about it, “No way. ”

Little Zhao’s mouth drooped and his face was downcast, “Okay.”

His father didn’t allow it. Crying and selling pitiful faces won’t change his mind.

Little Zhao didn’t know that his father was injured. He was carried all the way to Song Luan’s residence. When he put the child down, Song Luan found that his light clothes had been stained with slight red blood. The wound had opened.

Song Luan quickly carried her son into the inner room and didn’t want him to see the picture.

Then she came out and kindly reminded him, “Your wound is opened!”

Just now when she saw that he still had strength to walk, she thought that his injury was not heavy. The original book really didn’t deceive people. Serious injury was really a serious injury. But this ittle pervert, this male lead, was very tolerant. No one would have noticed this wound if not for his pale face.

Zhao Nanyu sat down and began to undress in front of her. When he was finally naked, he uncovered the gauze covering the wound. The wound was still open, and blood still ran out. Unwrapping the gauze took a long time. Some of the cloth was stuck to his flesh. Song Luan felt pain when looking at this. Zhao Nanyu looked fine, he pulled the gauze off without a flicker on his face.

Song Luan, unable to look anymore, took the initiative and said, “I’ll get the medicine for you.”

Zhao Nanyu was resting on the back of the bed. “By the way, please help me with the medicine. ”

Song Luan didn’t dare at all. She couldn’t bear to look at the wounds on his chest more than once. She actually felt dizzy. It was hard for her to see the blood. But after transmigrating, the symptom became better, but only a little.

Song Luan shivered and handed the medicine to him. “You have to do it yourself. I’m afraid I’ll hurt you. ”

Zhao Nanyu didn’t bother her. He quickly applied the medicine to himself. Then, he slightly closed his shirt. His face was beautiful and dazzling under the candle fire.

Song Luan swallowed her saliva and felt that Zhao Nanyu’s appearance was really attracting to her. The words ‘beautiful’ and ‘handsome’ could be used on him at the same time.

She looked out of the window. It was dark before she knew it.

The dinner table had already been arranged. Song Luan and her son were sitting on one side, while Zhao Nanyu was sitting on the other side alone.

There was only the sound of chopsticks as they ate. As long as Zhao Nanyu didn’t initiate the talk, Song Luan would just stay silent and wouldn’t dare to speak first.


Song Luan didn’t eat much during the quiet dinner. The jade pendant around her neck made her feel uneasy, as if she had been labeled as this man’s and could never escape.

After that, Zhao Nanyu ordered his servant to take little Zhao back to his own room, and only the two of them were left in the master bedroom.

Song Luan found it stressful to be alone with Zhao Nanyu each time, so she soon ran off and slipped away to bathe.

Hearing the sound of the water behind the screen, Zhao Nanyu stood silently for a while, then stepped out of the room. The people hiding in the dark appeared behind him.

In the dark night, Zhao Nanyu’s face was difficult to discern.

The guard reported to him the days when he was not around. Included in the report was that Song Luan and Huai Jin met several times. The look between Zhao Nanyu’s eyebrows and eyes was cold.

“Go now.”

“Yes. ”

After Song Luan finished her bath, she went to dress. She wanted to take the jade pendant off her neck several times, so she stretched her hand to remove it but then was counseled to wear it back. She had no power to tie the chicken. She was not Zhao Nanyu’s opponent in the future. To disobey and rebel against him would be tantamount to death.


She was so upset that she always felt that this thing hanging around neck made her one of his possessions.

Song Luan sighed. She put on her clothes and went out from the screen. Zhao Nanyu seemed to have been waiting for her for a long time.

She just came out of the water, wrapped in a mist, her face was rosy, her lips were red, and a few drops of water were hanging on her forehead. She was a delicate flower, waiting to be picked.

The look in Zhao Nanyu’s eyes were very familiar, it was exactly the same as when he was drugged that night.

Song Luan shivered all over, and her heart was tight. She was so afraid of the beast Zhao Nanyu in bed.

As long as you don’t go to bed, you can say anything.

The night they had sex, there was only endless tossing and turning. She was humby begging for mercy as she sobbed. She was in a mess.

Song Luan walked cautiously, naively thinking that he wouldn’t do anything to her with his wounds.

When she was close to him, he suddenly grabbed her wrist and threw her in middle of the bed. His hands were leaning against her ear, and he looked at her from the top. His eyes deepened.

Song Luan shrunk her shoulders, afraid that he would eat her raw. She said, “Your wound…”

Zhao Nanyu lowered his head, bit her lips, and licked the blood that spilled from her little mouth. He untied her belt and replied, “It won’t hurt.”

His kiss fell on her facial features and licked the remaining blood from her lips.

Song Luan was really terrified. She struggled as she resisted, but he was holding her waist. The man saw her doing meaningless struggle, and gave a soft laugh.

He controlled her waist and stroked her butterfly bone with his fingers. “Be good.”

Song Luan heard the meaning of threat from his simple three words.

He seemed to be saying, “Do it or die”

She couldn’t afford it.



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