Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 3 part 1

TL NOTE: Song Luan was scared the whole time…uhh I can’t wait for the yandere male lead…I can almost see the potential just from this chapter…. (~˘▾˘)~

Also, I decided to refer to Shi Ge as “Son or Eldest Son” when he is being talked about.

For example:

Before: “Where is Shi Ge?”

After: “Where is my son?”

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Translated by: Tinker

In the book, “The Powerful Minister”, It’s not hard to see that the relationship between the original owner and the male lead is not good. The male lead almost never set foot in the original owner’s residence. If it’s not necessary, he won’t even appear in front of the original owner.

Song Luan never thought that the male lead would come to her directly after coming back home. To be honest, she was a little nervous.

Zhao Nanyu came back to his house, drank some water to moisten his throat. Then he went to his room to see his son. The room in the front yard was empty, and his eyes were cold. “Where is my son?”

The young man replied trembling, “Your wife took him this evening.”

Zhao Nanyu’s face was even colder, and he took large steps towards the Huai Shui Residence. His anger was so strong that his heart felt crushed. His eyes darkened. She better not seek death.

Song Luan thought about how to face him. Suddenly, the room was pushed open. She was shocked. She sat up from the bed and raised her eyes. The man in front of her was dressed in white, with a jade pendant hanging on his waist and a cloud pattern embroidered on his belt. Her eyes gradually moved up and looked at his face directly.

The face was very delicate as if they had been carefully carved, with eyes that at first glance, looks like it was painted. The peach-blossom eyes seem to contain clear water. The corner of the eyes are slightly raised, and the casual glance at her added to the emotion.

There was a faint light in his light-colored pupil. His eyes were deep, his skin was fair and the light of the candle fell on his elegant face like a painting.

Song Luan swallowed her breath. This male lead is so beautiful.

Zhao Nanny looked around slowly, chuckled and said, “Where is our eldest son?”

He pretended to be such a good-tempered man.

Song Luan was a little nervous and said, “In the room..”

Zhao Nanyu’s eyes narrowed slightly. It seemed that today she is different from the ordinary times. This person seemed to be soft and quiet. Her eyes are clean and her expression is ignorant.

He raised his eyebrows and remembered to ask the servant tomorrow about what happened while he was away.

Song Luan was even more nervous when he didn’t talk for a long time. Even though Zhao Nanyu was smiling, she could not smile back. After all, the nightmare left a big impression on her—Zhao Nanyu was smiling as he inserted a dagger in her heart, which hurt her chest while thinking about it.

She is frightened.

Zhao Nanyu stared at her quietly, as if he found something interesting. The fragile and weak woman was afraid of him.

She lightly bit her lips with her teeth, and her brows that furrowed were covered with fear while her eyes were overflowing with water. Zhao Nanyu doesn’t know why but when he looked at her weak appearance, his eyes became dark.

“You don’t have to worry, son is sleeping well in that room.”

Zhao Nanyu removed his inquiry look and didn’t ask her why she suddenly became nice to their son. He knew that Song Luan didn’t like her child since the day she born him.

Usually she wouldn’t want to touch her child. How could she even let the son sleep in the same room as her?

Zhao Nanyu usually takes care of their child to avoid the child from suffering.

He sat down, took the cup on the table and didn’t mind the cold tea at all. He took a sip and ordered the servant waiting outside, “Go make a bowl of calming soup.”


Song Luan was about to open her mouth to say something when Zhao Nanyu smiled and said to her, “You can’t sleep well night. It’s good for your health to drink a bowl of calming soup.” He put down the tea cup, and then said softly, “Your body is always weak so drink the medicine for your health before sleeping.”

Now she couldn’t even refuse.

Song Luan was actually very depressed. Although she almost finished the book, “The Powerful Minister”, there are a few descriptions about the the cannon fodder—original owner. The author never wrote about how she got along with the male lead, or what kind of life she had lead in the Zhao’s residence.

It was just a rough summary of the evil things she did and the result after.

After a while, the servant girls brought up the medicine soup. The medicine in the bowl was black and still had a strange smell. Song Luan immediately frowned.

This smells bad. She doesn’t want to drink. She doesn’t want to drink it at all.

Seeing her thoughts, Zhao Nanyu took the medicine bowl himself, held the spoon handle, and delivered it to her mouth. While she was stunned, he gently wiped the corner of her mouth and smiled.

His smile was almost fascinating.

Under the swaying of the candle light, the beautiful smile was too frightening.

Song Luan opened her mouth and swallowed a spoonful of the bitter medicine. Almost at the same time, a sentence from the book jumped to her head.

【Zhao Nanyu clasped her chin and forced her to opened her mouth. He mercilessly pours in the black medicine. His lips sneered, and his hoarse voice was like the fierce ghost and like an evil spirit who climbed out of hell, “Go and die.”】

This is the only sentence in “The Powerful Minister” that mentioned poison. In this way, even if she has read the book, she has no idea why Zhao Nanyu started poisoning, nor where he poisoned or what he used for poison.



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