Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 3 part 2

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  • Yu Ge – informal way to call Zhao Nanyu. This word meant like “Zhao Nanyu Brother”

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Zhao Nanyu found that the woman in front of him was shaking and her shoulders were trembling slightly. Although she was afraid of this, she still obediently drank the medicine that he fed.

Song Luan shuddered. The more she thought about it, the colder she became. However, the medicine was boiled by the servant girl in her room. It should not be poisonous.

Thinking about it, she gradually stopped shaking.

Song Luan’s eyes widened, and her watery eyes looked at him pitifully. Her desire to survive was greater than that of others, “I’m very obedient.”

So, Yu Ge, just spare me a little…

Zhao Nanyu was stunned for a moment. Looking at the empty bowl, he lightly smiled, “Well, it is indeed obedient.”

The medicine was bitter, and she swallowed it all. She didn’t lose her temper. She didn’t sound like her usual self.

Song Luan’s mouth was full of bitterness, but now she didn’t dare ask for a candied fruit, for fear that Zhao Nanyu would think that she was planning many things, and would then think of the mischievous things she had done before, and would hate her even more.

In fact, she actually thought very clearly that she doesn’t intend to be his wife, nor did she expect Zhao Nanyu to fall in love with her.

Moreover, it’s not good to have a man who’s possessive.

Song Luan only begged Zhao Nanyu to see her as obedient, sensible, and not evil, so she could keep her life. She doesn’t want the experience of being burned to death, Okay?!!

She decided to start a low-key life and do good job. Now that the original owner has not yet betrayed him, nor has she neglected her son when he had high fever just to meet her lover. All solutions are still available.

It mentioned in the book that the son has a lame leg. When he tried to prevent the mother from meeting with her lover, the child was pushed away by the original owner. He rolled down the stairs while he had a high fever, and broke his leg.

At that time, the male lead must have wanted to tear the original owner into pieces.

Fortunately, none of this happened before she came. Otherwise, she can just find a rope to hang herself.

Zhao Nanyu saw her finish the medicine with his own eyes, and then stood up. “I’ll go to the room to see our eldest son.”

Song Luan didn’t dare to stop him, and even wished that he would go away quickly. After he disappeared, the stone in her heart fell down steadily.

He saw that his son is sleeping very well. The little bun was surprisingly well-behaved, did not move or kick the quilt. Zhao Nanyu carefully examined his body and found no scars. The cold in his eyes gradually subsided.

He quietly went out of the room and found that Song Luan was still sitting beside the bed, with a thin clothe that covered her lightly, revealing her collarbone and a small part of porcelain white skin.

Zhao Nanyu looked at it silently for a while, then retracted his eyes and said to the servants, “Go fetch some water. I want to bathe.”


Song Luan was already sleepy, but she dared not sleep first in front of Zhao Nanyu. She was somewhat surprised that he would stay.

When Zhao Nanyu bathed behind the screen, Song Luan sat beside the bed, dazed, listening to the sound of the water inside. She was on pins and needles, and wished she could get out of her way. She was afraid that something would happen tonight.

The more she thought about it, the more she was afraid.

Instead, she recalled the major events that had happened to Zhao Nanyu this year.

This year, his life was not very good. The emperor blatantly disliked him to make it difficult for him to walk in the court. And people in the Zhao family were quite disrespectful of him and often sneered at him.

The Song family didn’t like their son-in-law who didn’t make any achievements. When the original owner returned to her mother’s house during the Dragon Boat Festival, her mother began to urge her to steal Zhao Nanyu’s money and treasures.

On the Mid-Autumn Festival, Zhao Nanyu was sent to Huangzhou for a month. A group of people in black rushed and tried to kill him on the way. As a male lead, he certainly would not die, even if he was stabbed twice. He was then rescued.

The one who saved him was the legendary female lead. Song Luan doesn’t intend to take the credit of the female lead. When the time comes, she will remind Zhao Nanyu to be careful on the road! This would be a good thing.

As she was thinking, the man behind the screen came out in his sleeping clothes, his dark hair was slightly wet. This scene was bright as the moon. Song Luan looked at his face, her throat tightened, and she swallowed.

His appearance was indeed very tempting. The bright moonlight outside the window sprinkled on his shoulder. He asked, “Why didn’t you sleep yet?”

Zhao Nanyu’s observation is excellent and meticulous. Since he stepped into the room, he immediately realized her mistake. In the past, Song Luan never waited for him to sleep together.

Song Luan immediately took off her shoes and climbed up the bed. She shrank in the quilt, only revealing her head and trying to keep calm. “I’m asleep”

Zhao Nanyu suddenly chuckled and looked at the two white tender feet stretching out from the quilt. He stepped forward and held her ankle with his cold fingers. Song Luan felt cold sweat on her back. Even though Zhao Nanyu was very gentle on the surface at the moment, she still felt the cold feeling come out of him.

Zhao Nanyu grabbed her ankle and gently stuffed her foot inside the quilt, laughing, “Isn’t it cold?”

Song Luan avoided his eyes and whispered, “Thank you.”

Zhao Nanyu turned off the light, and the bedroom was plunged into darkness. The faint white moonlight came in through the window. He lay down beside her.

Song Luan gripped the quilt nervously, and her whole body was tensed.

Zhao Nanyu seemed to smile faintly. His long and delicate knuckles suddenly touched her cheek. His hands touched her belly, and she felt cold.

His voice was hoarse, “Go to sleep.”



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