Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 30

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Song Luan was dragged to bed by him in a daze. The man was silent as he removed her clothes. His cool fingers were clasped around her waist, which was heavier than before.

Song Luan’s strength was not as strong as his, so she wouldn’t resist. She just hope that he could be gentle this time, but Zhao Nanyu, no matter how amiable he looked, was a totally different person in bed.

And Song Luan soon discovered a bad flaw of his. Zhao Nanyu would never stop until tears would be forced out her eyes, as she begged for mercy. In the end, Song Luan couldn’t stand it so she just scratched his back with her fingernails, and asked him to stop while weeping.

Zhao Nanyu smiled and was in a good mood. He lowered his head and kissed the tears on her cheek, as if sighing. He asked, “Do you like me?”

Song Luan rolled up her quilt and wrapped herself tightly. She didn’t want to say it but had no choice, “I like you.”

Zhao Nanyu heard those dry words without love. He was actually amused by her straightforward and superficial attitude.

Song Luan slept soundly until the dawn. What’s rare was that Zhao Nanyu was still at home. He didn’t speak much, and the couple spent most of their time together without talking. Song Luan was used to silence.

After breakfast, third lady Zhao sent someone to deliver a message to invite them to have lunch together.

It’s also because good things happened that the third lady would call Zhao Nanyu. She was not a good stepmother. She was not close to Zhao Nanyu these years, but she was considerate in all aspects and kept a proper distance.

It was Zhao Wenyan who was fortunate enough to study in Yueshan academy this year. The teacher of the academy was a famous scholar in the capital. He was only willing to recruit three or four students every year. The quota was quite expensive. Zhao Wenyan was still young. Now he studied with famous teachers, and was not afraid of failing in the future.

It was a good thing. No wonder that when Song Luan arrived, third lady Zhao still had a big smile on her face. After getting along with her several times, Song Luan found that third lady Zhao had a soft temper, a soft ear, and a soft root. She treated everyone well.

Zhao Wenyan was dressed in a blue suit, and his black hair was tied up high. He was a young man with an awe-inspiring demeanor. He stood under the tree with his chin up, looked up at Song Luan, and snorted disgustingly. Song Luan had long been surprise. Every time the child saw her, he looked like this–like a proud peacock. Neither of his eyes look straight at her.

Zhao Nanyu intentionally blocked her body, moved her intimately, took her small hand, and walked into the room together with their fingers intertwined. Third lady Zhao was very pleased to see that they had good feelings.

Family matters were okay. These two children didn’t give her anymore trouble.

The maidservants had started to prepare the dishes, but the third master Zhao hadn’t come back.

Several people sat in house and talked. It was Song Luan and the third lady Zhao who were talking most of the time. Zhao Nanyu listened silently and rarely made a sound.

After a while, the third master Zhao arrived. He first went back to the room and changed his clothes before he came out.

Zhao Nanyu took the time to go outside. Zhao Wenyan was still standing under the tree. His face was wild, some of his baby features faded a little bit, and looked more mature. He was handsome.

He knew of Zhao Wenyan’s failure, and then he knew that he wanted to die and made a lot of trouble. But throughout this event, Zhao Nanyu never came out and said words of relief to his brother. It was good for the boy to suffer some setbacks. Later, he heard Song Luan’s words to him, and it made Ayan rise up.

Zhao Nanyu came up to him and patted him on the shoulder. “Ayan.”

Zhao Wenyan was tensed, “Second brother.”

Zhao Nanyu was still very fond of his younger brother, Ayan. If anything would happen, he would protect him. He smiled gently. “You will go to the academy in a few days.”

Zhao Wenyan nodded, “Yes.”

“Keep yourself from arrogance and carelessness. Learn from Mr. Du, understand?”

“I know.” He paused, thought about it, and said, “But I don’t want to stay in the academy.”

Mr. Du requested that all students must live in the academy.

Zhao Nanyu thought that his younger brother’s innocence really followed his mother, “Then don’t go.”

Zhao Wenyan closed his mouth and didn’t say a word. If he didn’t go, his mother would kill him. He would not dare to be as headstrong as before after this year.

Zhao Nanyu put his hand on his back and looked at the fallen leaves calmly. After a long time, he suddenly asked, “Ayan, do you have a girl you like?”

Zhao Wenyan’s whole body was tense and his heart was tight. His hand under his sleeve clenched into fist, then his five fingers loosened. For a moment, he could not even make a sound. Just then, Song Luan’s face flashed in his mind. A short moment was enough to make him uncomfortable for a long time.

He was stuck in his throat and lowered his head. “No.”

Zhao Nanyu knew that Song Luan had entangled with him before. At that time, he didn’t pay too much attention as he saw that his brother was disgusted of her.

It was just yesterday that his guards told him that Zhao Wenyan’s actions towards Song Luan seemed to be different. He was able to sit and talk with her calmy without ridiculing her.

Zhao Nanyu had a keen intuition. He didn’t like Song Luan talking to other men. Even if that man was his younger brother, even if they just talk, he would be uncomfortable for a long time.

He was jealous. He knew it won’t happen if he says it won’t.

Zhao Nanyu closed his eyes, and the fine wind brushed his cheek. He thought of her delicate and frail appearance, her eyes covered with water, and her lips that would slightly raised. He immediately opened his eyes, and looked at Zhao Wenyan meaningfully, saying, “You are approaching the age of marriage. If you have a girl you like, you must tell your mother, she will surely help you.”

Zhao Wenyan’s voice dropped a lot. It was not hard to hear the disappointment. He even dared not look up at his second brother, “Mhm.”

“Come in, father has come back. ”


Zhao Sanye was also in a good mood today. It didn’t affect his mood at all even when he saw his elder son who he didn’t like very much. He was nice enough to say a word to Zhao Nanyu, “Everything is well in Quzhou?”

“It’s done. ”

“It’s fine that you did not get any scratch.”

Song Luan held the chopstick and was uncomfortable in heart. It seemed that no one else in this family knew Zhao Nanyu’s injury except her. He didn’t say it himself. Now his father asked about it, and he didn’t even mention it.

Zhao Sanye swallowed a mouthful of liquor, grinned and looked at his two sons. He said, “Don’t lose the Zhao’s face when you go out.”

His loving eyes completely turned to Zhao Wenyan as he continued,”Ayan was picked up by Mr. Du this time to be a student and it gave me face. You can speak in front of the emperor, Ayan. You must seize the opportunity, okay?”

Zhao Wenyan frowned. He didn’t like his father saying these things in front of his second brother. “Dad, I know it from my own heart. Besides, I go to school to study, not to bow to others.”

Besides, Mr. Du certainly didn’t like flattery.

When Zhao Sanye saw that his son didn’t want to mention it, he immediately didn’t say, “Okay. Dad won’t say it anymore.”

Song Luan pretended not to hear anything. She lowered her head and devoted herself to eating the food in front of her. Zhao Nanyu took two pieces of crystal clear meat and placed it into her bowl. “Eat more.”

Song Luan was a meat eater. The cooking in the Zhao family didn’t really suit her taste. The soup had little water, not enough oil and didn’t have any spicy flavor. She didn’t expect that Zhao Nanyu would be so considerate.

During the dinner, Song Luan was only interested in eating. She didn’t need to take any dishes. Zhao Nanyu did all the work for her. The man seemed to be happy to do such a thing. He was not impatient at all

She didn’t say a word to minimize her sense of being. Zhao Sanye didn’t like his daughter-in-law either. He didn’t look her in the eye from beginning to end and ignored her directly.


Zhao Nanyu accompanied Zhao Sanye to drink two glasses. Zhao Wenyan was still young so he was not included.

Zhao Sanye had a good time. It was late when he was finally willing to put down his glass and let the servants help him up.

Zhao Nanyu was not so good either. His ears were red, but it was not obivious. His skin was white, and his face was no smilling. He still looked like a noble and an inviolable fairy.

He and Song Luan didn’t plan to stay any longer. Before they left, third lady Zhao San suddenly stopped her. She looked at her with complicated eyes and began to worry. “Ah Luan, I don’t think you look very well when I look at you.”

Song Luan subconciously touched her cheek, “Ah? Really? I feel okay. ”

Third lady Zhao said, “You look a bit haggard. Your face is too pale. I don’t know if you are ill.”

Song Luan smiled awkwardly. She didn’t have any problems these days. She didn’t feel pain or any dizziness. “Maybe I have too much powder today, so I looked pale.”

Third lady Zhao was still uneasy. She asked people to take out the tonic she had prepared and hand it to her. “Take these tonics and drink them. The woman’s body can’t be ruined. I’m waiting for you to add another younger brother or sister for little Zhao.”

Zhao Nanyu intercepted the medicine in his own hands. After thanking third lady Zhao, he took Song Luan’s hand and left.

Song Luan thought she wouldn’t be able to finish all the supplements she gave her, but it was not until they returned to the yard that Zhao Nanyu threw the supplements in his hand to the young man and told him lightly, “Throw them away. ”

See, Zhao Nanyu’s dominance as a male lead was vividly reflected from this scene.

Ugh. So annoying.

Zhao Nanyu suddenly hugged her and buried his face in her neck. The hot breath made her itch. She heard him say, “What do you want? I’ll find it for you. Don’t get it from others.”

She could only eat what he gave.

Song Luan was speechless. She dared not touch what he gave her, okay!?

Zhao Nanyu had a faint smell of wine. He raised his face and looked at her with dark eyes. He smiled a little bit.

Perhaps because of the effects of strong wine that he said, “Do you know? Ah Yan likes you.”



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