Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 31

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In the book ‘The Powerful Minister’, the author carefully wrote Zhao Wenyan’s love for the original owner that should happen a year later.

But after she transmigrated, Song Luan didn’t get along with Zhao Wenyan happily, and they even seldom spoke, how could Zhao Wenyan like her?

But looking at Zhao Nanyu, he seemed to be telling the truth. Song Luan thought for a moment and the details that she had neglected for a long time. She had been deliberately trying to avoid the storyline before the events in the book happened.

But although some things had changed, the result was not different.

She worked hard to create the image of a good wife and mother in Zhao’s house.

She wanted the man to show mercy and spare her life, but she was still poisoned, though not deeply yet.

She intended to avoid contact with Zhao Wenyan and didn’t want to let the boy with a miserable ending fall in love with her, but he still did.

Some details that she didn’t notice before seemed to confirm her speculation. The endings and other emotional lines of people around her had changed. It seemed that everything related to her was slowing walking towards the line of the original book.

Song Luan’s mind was a little confused. She shook her head and wanted to throw away all the bad ideas in her mind, so as to avoid scaring herself.

She smiled laughed and tried to say in a light and lively tone, “Ah Yu, are you drunk?! You began to say silly things.”

Zhao Nanyu was not drunk. He said this sentence deliberately to scare her. He wanted to see what kind of performance she would have.

He didn’t plan to calculate such old accounts with her. He knew that Song Luan’s past would kill him.

Zhao Nanyu nodded, still closed his eyes. “Mhm, I’m drunk.”

Song Luan exhaled steadily from her chest, and helped him with difficulty. “Then go to bed earlier.”

“I have a headache.”

“…….” Song Luan then said, “Maybe you drank too much.”


Zhao Nanyu refused to say what he wanted her to do, and Song Luan was too lazy to guess. She helped Zhao Nanyu to the bed and took off his shoes. “I’ll go to the kitchen and bring you a bowl of sober soup.”

Zhao Nanyu held her cuff tightly with one hand. “I don’t want to drink it.”

He didn’t want to drink, and Song Luan just didn’t want to serve. At this time, she was tired physically and mentally. She just wanted to roll into the bed and get a good sleep.

Song Luan looked down and saw his face-like-jade. The man’s lips were red, his eyes were beautiful, and his facial features were vividly more exquisite. She licked her lips and looked at Zhao Nanyu’s alluring face a hundred times more and felt that her tiredness dissipated.

Song Luan unconsciously stretched out her fingers and carefully painted his face with her touch. Suddenly, she realized what she was doing, and quickly took back her hand and felt that her fingertips were hot.

Song Luan forgot to take off her clothes and laid traight to the bed. Her back faced the man as she drifted soon to sleep.

In the middle of the night, Song Luan felt very hot in her sleep. Her forehead began to sweat, and drops of water began to drip down the outline of her cheeks.

Song Luan couldn’t wake up in her dream. She only felt that she was trapped in a stove and was blocked by iron walls in four directions. She was forced into a small room and her limbs seem to be trapped–unabling her to move.

She couldn’t stand it, and gave it two bangs. Gradually the shackles on her body loosened, a cold hand reached into her collar, slowly untied the buttons, and took off her clothes.

Song Luan, who was still in-betweens of dreaming, felt much cooler, and hummed comfortably. Suddenly, her lips felt cold, as if she was bitten.

The next morning, after Song Luan woke up, the other side of the bed was empty. Zhao Nanyu had probably went out long ago.

She got out of bed, looked at her face in the mirror, and stroked the lip with her fingers. Though it was painful, there were no wounds.

Song Luan thought it was strange. She thought that she was bitten by Zhao Nanyu again last night. This person had a strange hobby. He liked to bite her lips every time he kisses, then licks and bites the same wound again and again.

This time she didn’t find the wound and could not help doubting her intuition. Didn’t Zhao Nanyu do it?

Thinking about it for a while, he was drunk last night and it was impossible to get up and bite her in the middle of the night!

In fact, Song Luan didn’t find any fun staying at her residence. She had no one to talk to and didn’t have many good friends.

As noon approached, the maidservant reported that the fifth miss of the Gu family came to visit.

Gu Shuang, the fifth miss of Gu’s family, was a close friend of the original owner. The friendship between the two was sincere. In the original book, the two of them were described in four characters, “In Cahoots”

狼狽為奸 : a metaphor that means to collude with each other to do bad things.

Gu Shuang was also a spoiled young lady. She was the only daughter in her family. Her four elder brothers loved her with no bottom line, and so she developed a temperament that was always doted and pampered on.

The only difference between Gu Shuang and Song Luan was that she hadn’t married yet. Although she had a marriage agreement, her fiancee had to keep his father’s filial piety for three years, and the marriage period had been delayed for three years.

Gu Shuang was petite and her face was delicate. She appeared in front of her, and stared at her with her round eyes, “Aluan! Why haven’t you come out to play with me lately?”

Perhaps influenced by this body, Song Luan had a natural sense of familiarity and intimacy when she saw her. She said with a smile, “Recently busy.”

Gu Shuang blinked, “What are you busy with?”

Song Luan didn’t answer her question. She asked, “Why are you here today? Do your brothers know?”

It was not the first time for Gu Shuang to come to Zhao’s residence. She sat down and took a big sip of tea. Then she said, “Of course, my brother knows and they didn’t want me to come, but can they control me? I’m here to see you.”

Song Luan was interested in hearing funny stories. Her days in the backyard alone could be said to be boring! No fun!

In ancient times, there was a lack of entertainment facilities. She was also a very poor cannon fodder, and no one was willing to have fun with her.

As for the fun the original owner used to find, she dared not go on.

Looking for a man in the kiln? She didn’t have nine lives to live with. Besides being a wife and a mother, she really shouldn’t do such a thing.

窯子里 (kiln): most direct and lowest sex transaction place in ancient country, formerly called brothel.

“Where do you want to go?” She asked.

Gu Shuang’s eyes turned and took her arm. “Shall we go to drink and listen to the opera?”

This was not out of line! Song Luan’s eyes brightened, and immediately nodded, “Okay.”

The women of this dynasty were not as deeply bound as those of other dynasties, at least it was not difficult to go out. Especially the bad tempered Song Luan, it was even easier for her to go out. No one dared to stop her.

And Song Luan had asked Zhao Nanyu before. If he would get angry if she ever went out to go shopping.

Zhao Nanyu looked at her with a smile, nodded and said, “Will not.”


Two words.

In this case, Song Luan was more relieved.

Gu Shuang pointed to her and said, “Ah Luan, haven’t you slept well these days? How can you look so much worse than before?”

“I didn’t sleep well for a few days. ”

She was tossing and turning in bed with Zhao Nanyu these days and made her really exhausting.

Gu Shuang said, “Then I’ll help you put on makeup, let’s go out together beautifully!”

As expected, she was a good sister who didn’t want her to look ugly!

“Okay, please.”

“Be kind to me.”

While Gu Shuang was helping her with her make-up, she could not stop her mouth and kept talking, “My second brother told me that you and your husband seem to have made up these days?”

“Yeah.” Gu Shuang’s second brother said nothing wrong. They indeed reconciled.

Gu Shuang smiled, “That’s not bad. Your husband is handsome, and it’s good if you’re together.”

Of course, Song Luan knew that Zhao Nanyu was very handosme. She didn’t need to be reminded of what she could see with her eyes.

She thought of Zhao Nanyu’s bright face in the moonlight. Her heart started pounding, and her beating speed was abnormal.

Song Luan cleared her throat, “Let’s not talk about him.”


Two beautiful women walked side by side as they went out. Both looked like a delicate flower, so this attracted a lot of attention along the way.

Gu Shuang seemed to have been used to this kind of eyes for a long time, but Song Luan still felt uncomfortable.

They finally arrive at the restaurant where they could listen to the opera and drink wine. Gu Shuang seemed to be a regular customer. When the shopkeeper saw her, he immediately greeted her, with a kind smile on his face. “Miss Gu, do you want an elegant room or in the lobby? ”

The restaurant was divided into two floors. On the second floor, there were elegant rooms and four square tables leaned by the stairs.

Song Luan hadn’t seen a large ancient restaurant before. She answered for Gu Shuang, “Let’s sit at a small table on the second floor.”

“Yes, upstairs, please.” The shopkeeper took them to the stairway, hesitated and said, “Madam, your brother is also drinking on the second floor.”

Song Heqing was here, too?

Her brother was there, and her husband was sitting beside him too.

Zhao Nanyu looked at her with a curved smile, his face full of spring breeze, and Song Luan was dumbfounded. She didn’t expect to meet him.

Song Heqing met Zhao Nanyu in the middle of the road today. He called his brother-in-law over to have a drink with him, and also wanted to talk about Song Luan on the way. After all, she was his sister. He had to help him as a brother no matter what she did.

Fortunately, his sister and brother-in-law met coincidentally.

Song Heqing looked at his silly sister, and looked at the man with a slightly cold temperament. He shook his head helplessly.

His sister was really naive.

Being a brother was very worrying.

But Song Luan herself didn’t feel anything. She didn’t come out to find a wild man. She was full of confidence.

And Zhao Nanyu said that he would not be angry if she went shopping.



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