Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 32

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Song Heqing had a headache. It was really embarrassing for several people who know each other to coincidentally meet.

He had also wanted to talk to Zhao Nanyu alone. Now, he had no chance to talk.

He looked helplessly at the younger sister sitting on the edge. She was happy watching the play, like a small white eyed wolf with no heart, and looked very careless. Song Heqing, an old fox who had been mixing in the court matters for many years, was keen and sharp to details. Since Song Luan appeared, Zhao Nanyu’s smile on her was a little cold.

He did not fail to understand that no man like to see his wife in public, especially Song Luan, who had a long history of running out doing ridiculous things.

Song Heqing couldn’t help it. Song Luan was spoiled by her parents. She got anything she wanted when she was still young. As long as she opened her mouth, Aunt Lin would work hard to find everything for her and satisfy her wishes.

Song Luan’s beauty was so exquisite that ordinary people couldn’t resist her crying. When others see her crying, they just wanted to give her all their heart so that she won’t cry any more. So day after day, year after year, Song Luan was used to this exorbitant lifestyle.

He guessed that Zhao Nanyu likes the same type of woman as him. A woman who was obedient and sensible, like a delicate flower that would make people want to protect it.

Song Luan didn’t look at Zhao Nanyu much. She was tired of watching Zhao Nanyu at home. She came out to have a walk, and wanted to see the dancing and singing in the restaurant.

Song Luan held her chin and looked at the girls on the stage excitedly. She couldn’t move her eyes. Gu Shuang had asked her to come out to drink. Since her brother and husband were here, she was not afraid to drink, so Gu Shang poured her a glass of wine and sent it to her.

“Come on, this wine is quite delicious.”

Song Luan had not drunk such a strong wine before. She poured a cup down her throat, and was about pour another cup for herself, but suddenly, someone grasped her wrist. Zhao Nanyu’s hand was cold. He couldn’t help but snatch the glass off her hand and said, “It’s too strong. You can’t drink too much. “

Her body was fragile. It wouldn’t be good to drink more.

Even third lady Zhao found out that her face was not good recently. How could Zhao Nanyu not see it? He just didn’t say it. He was afraid to scare Song Luan.

Secretly, Zhao Nanyu ordered the kitchen to cook medicine meals these days. He couldn’t figure out whether it was the poisoning that made Song Luan unhealthy.

Song Heqing asked him drink together. The reason why Zhao Nanyu accepted was to ask him about Song Luan’s palpitations.

Zhao Nanyu didn’t care about her life and death before, nor asked about her private affairs. But now, he wanted to know anything and everything about her.

Song Heqing knew more than he did. He said that his sister’s heart had no major problems, only that it was weak.

Song Luan was born prematurely and was very fragile. She was carefully raised for a long time before she was cured. This made Aunt Lin dote on her daughter. She was constantly fed with good herbs to nourish her body.

Song Luan knew that the strong quality of the wine was not good, and she had no choice but to let him drink it. “Then I won’t drink.”

Gu Shuang looked at her and Zhao Nanyu. She was surprised that Song Luan looked like a paper tiger in front of her husband.

Not only was she strange, but Song Heqing also felt that he had seen an evil ghost. He knew what virtue his sister had, and she had never been so obedient!!

But now it’s good. His sister’s reputation wouldn’t get worse. Before, Song Heqing was always worried that the two of them would separate. He was really afraid that his sister would not find other men willing to marry her in the future.

Zhao Nanyu was a talented person. Although he was not loved by the emperor, he was also the special guest of the sixth prince. It’s not clear what kind of person he would be in the future.

Still couldn’t look down on him.

It was not easy for the four people to drink together. After half an hour, Song Heqing said that he would go first. Zhao Nanyu seemed to wait a long time and looked at Song Luan and said, “Let’s go back then. “

Song Luan didn’t want to, she just came out and hadn’t started shopping yet.

She glanced at Gu Shuang, hinting at her with frantic eyes. Gu Shuang originally wanted to say something, but Zhao Nanyu’s sharp eyes made her cold.

Zhao Nanyu looked at her with a smile before he said, “I haven’t seen your brother for a long time. I will go see him and definitely greet him well tomorrow.”

Gu Shuang immediately recognized that this was a direct threat. Her eldest brother was the one who was most strict with her. Today, she just sneaked out and didn’t dare let her several elder brothers know that she escaped to find Song Luan.

She knew her brothers would break her leg if they find out.

Gu Shuang said with a dry smile, “Then I’ll go back..I seem to be very tired.”

Before getting on the carriage, Song Heqing dragged Song Luan to talk. He lowered his voice for fear of being heard. “Did you use the medicine I gave you last time? “

Song Luan really didn’t want to recall this incident. It was all tears and blood. She clenched her teeth and two big words sprang out, “Already used!”

Song Heqing couldn’t wait, “How did it go?”

What he wanted to ask was not the effect of the drug, but the relationship between them after the drug. Did their relationship became more pleasant?

But Song Luan clearly misunderstood her brother’s words, clenched her teeth, thought for a long time, and then spit out a few words, “He is too fierce!”


Song Heqing’s old face was red in a flash, his ears and neck were red. His sister really dared to say this kind of thing. He was ashamed to hear her words!!!

Song Heqing was stuttering, and his words were all tangled, “Our family’s daughter speaks so…oh…I am really….I don’t know what to say about you!”

Song Luan felt it was strange.. He wanted to ask her this! She was not even happy about answering him!

“Your medicine is strong.”

Zhao Nanyu was not a human that night. It was like the beast within him had been summoned. She almost died.

Song Heqing waved his hand. “Okay, don’t talk about this. You continue to have a good time with your husband. Also, show me little Zhao. I haven’t seen my nephew in half a year.”

Song Heqing’s incessant chatter was also worrying, “Don’t make trouble again. You are not a child, can you be more sensible? “

“Brother, I know.”

Song Heqing then handed her the purse at his waist. Every time he saw this sister, he would give her money for fear that she wouldn’t have enough money to spend.

On one hand, he told her not to go out, and on the other hand, he gave her money to shop and spend things.

This was also typical for the Song family.

Having said enough, Song Heqing finally got into his own carriage and went back to the Song Residence.

Zhao Nanyu didn’t feel impatient after waiting so long. When Song Luan got on the carriage, she found that this was not the direction to the residence at all.

She turned and said, “Where are we going? “


Zhao Nanyu replied, “Go to the hospital.”

He couldn’t find Zhao Chao for a long time already. He couldn’t wait. Couldn’t wait anymore. He could only take her to the capital of the hospital first.

“Is your injury so serious?” She didn’t realize that the reason they were going to the hospital was because of her.

Zhao Nanyu didn’t answer.

The carriage shook as it moved. She was about to fall asleep when Zhao Nanyu suddenly said, “What did you want to do today?”

Strolling in a kiln to display her beauty? Or to simply slip out to drink?

“Nothing to do.”

Zhao Nanyu clasped her chin, gently stroked her ruddy lips with her fingers, and softly wiped off the rouge color on her lips. He took out his handkerchief from his sleeve, and slowly wiped all the makeup on her face.

He said, “I’m reluctant to let others see you, because you are so beautiful today. “

How could such a beautiful face be seen by others? What would I do if I’m robbed?

Song Luan looked at the person in front of her. Her lips were a little sore. She didn’t understand. How could she not get angry? He also took off the makeup on her face.

It’s not light how he removed her makeup at all. Her sore eyes were about to burst into tears. Rough man!

Song Luan didn’t want to make the atmosphere stiff. She raised a big smile and said, “I am beautiful every day.”

Yes, so I didn’t want you to go out every day.

Song Luan, who was weak and beautiful, should stay in the huge and gorgeous cage he made.

Zhao Nanyu nodded, “Well, beautiful.”

Soon the carriage stopped in front of the hospital, and Zhao Nanyu took her by the hand and brought her in.

Hou Taiyi, with grey hair and white beard, was over 60 years old, and his eyes were still bright and sharp.

Zhao Nanyu greeted him, and said, “I ask doctor Hou to check her pulse.”

Hou Taiyi nodded.

Song Luan now knew that the person to be looked at was her! However, she was quite willing to see a doctor. If she could find an antidote, it would be for her.

After carefully examining her pulse and looking at her face, Hou Taiyi stroke his beard and said directly in front of them, “Madam is born weak. She is sick and has heart palpitations. If she doesn’t take care of it in time, she may die soon.”





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