Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 33

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Song Luan’s head felt as if it was severely split by a thunderbolt. The words that hit her head made her unable to recall for a while, and her originally pale face seemed even whiter now.

What? She’s dying? She lived so humbly and yet she was dying???

Song Luan’s heart trembled. She really wanted to fight Zhao Nanyu now.

Zhao Nanyu’s face was not better than her. The five fingers curled up under the sleeve trembled slightly, and his face was pale. There was no expression on his tight face. A pair of black eyes looked straight at Hou Taiyi. The voice in his throat was very hoarse. He asked, “Hou Taiyi, do you have a good prescription for this?”

No, Song Luan was not born with physical deficiency and multiple diseases. She was in good health before she gave birth to little Zhao. She was no different from ordinary people. Although she almost died when she was a child, she was not weak to this extent.

In her final analysis, it had something to do with his poison.

Zhao Nanyu clasped his hands and clenched his jaw. He didn’t even know about the toxicity of Tianqin or whether there was an antidote. At first, he just simply wanted her to die.

Zhao Nanyu’s chest was full of dull pain, and the numbness spread through to his limbs. The stubborness in his eyes didn’t waver still

He would never let Song Luan die like this.

Hou Taiyi sighed for a long time, “Madam has eaten something that she shouldn’t have in the recent years. This pulse looks very dangerous.” After a pause, he said slowly, “But madam is not incurable. Fortunately, you didn’t eat too much of the dangerous food. Don’t touch them again from now on. Don’t eat cold or raw food. Take extra care of the rest you take. I’ll make some more plans. There’s still room for healing.”

Of course, Hou Taiyi did not dare to guarantee that Song Luan would live for a long time.

He’s the head of the hospital, and he had seen no more tricky diseases. Song Luan did not have the general disease, but a result of taking poison, and this caused her palpitations and other minor problems to her organs.

He did not know what kind of poison it was, nor did he ever see such dangerous poison that could slowly destroy a person’s body.

But he also mentioned that the amount she ate was not large, and good thing they found it early, so it wasn’t incurable.

Hou Taiyi was just used to saying that the illness was more serious, so that the patient would take care of themselves. But he was very curious. Whose venemous heart would poison this woman? Really pitiful.

Zhao Nanyu opened his mouth, his bloodless lips looked scary. He said softly, “Thank you for your help.”

“You’re welcome.” Hou Taiyi turned his eyes to Song Luan. He heard about this domineering lady. After thinking for a while, he said, “Madam must take medicine well, and the things that hurt her should not be touched. “

Song Luan’s ears were buzzing. She couldn’t hear what Hou Taiyi said later.

Zhao Nanyu answered instead of her, “I will watch her.”

The bitter fruit Zhao Nanyu planted by himself was naturally tasted by him, so he would surely keep her safe.

Since Hou Taiyi said that there was a cure, then it could be cured.

After taking the medicine prescription from the Huo Taiyi, Zhao Nanyu immediately asked the following servants to take the medicine. He took Song Luan back to the room.

After Song Luan returned to her consciousness, she found that she had returned to her room, and the people in the kitchen had prepared the tonic. Zhao Nanyu brought it to her. “Come, drink the medicine.”

Song Luan looked at his gentle appearance of giving medicine to her. She then recalled the memory in her dream. He fed the poison to the original owner himself and forced her to die.

Song Luan knew clearly that in the book ‘The Powerful Minister’, all the things that the male lead did to the original owner couldn’t be said to be wrong. His own son was disabled by her, and he had countless green hats on his head. What he did was understandable.

But what’s wrong with her? After an inexplicable sleep, she found she transmigrated and got a pair of rotten cards.

She was afraid of death, and she didn’t want to die. She just lived a short life of more than 20 years, she really didn’t want to die yet.

No one knew if she would die in this world, could she still return to her own world? She dared not gamble.

Song Luan’s brain was very confused now. She suddenly cried when she thought about these things, and she lowered her head and silently shed tears.

Zhao Nanyu sighed, put down the bowl in her hand, and gently wiped the tears for her.

Her tears flowed like a river. Zhao Nanyu couldn’t wipe them clean at all, so he watched her cry quietly.

Although Song Luan was crying, She also knew she need to drink the medicine. She took the bowl in front of him, lifted her throat and drank all the bitter medicine into her stomach.

She hiccuped as she cried. She seemed to treat Zhao Nanyu as a vent. Her small fists greeted his chest, “I’m going to die.”

Zhao Nanyu let her hit him with her fists and didn’t fight back. Seeing that she drank the medicine while she cried, he teased and laughed. “You won’t die.”

Song Luan believed his words, and she wiped her eyes with tears. “I didn’t hear what Hou Taiyi said.”

“He’s scaring you. If you take good care of yourself, nothing will happen.”

Song Luan’s anger was all over him, and she began to make unreasonable troubles, “Why do you coax me? You don’t like me either. I’m dead just as you wish.Didn’t you long for me to die?”

These words were half true and half false.

Zhao Nanyu didn’t fight back nor scolded her.

For fear that she might lose her temper and hurt herself, he removed all the sharp objects in the room. “No.”

Song Luan’s heart would be much calmer after she vented. She gradually calmed down, and her tears soon stopped, but she still refused to give Zhao Nanyu a good face.

Zhao Nanyu didn’t force her. He kindly left her alone. Before leaving, he didn’t forget to say, “You are only weak, not terminally ill. Don’t scare yourself. While I’m here, you will get better.”

Song Luan didn’t make a sound. She really didn’t want to talk to him.

No matter how dull she was, she realized that Zhao Nanyu was very different from before, and the contempt and gloom in her eyes gradually disappeared.

For dinner in the evening, little Zhao should have come over, but Zhao Nanyu didn’t let the maidservants bring him. He instead let him stay in the front yard.

Song Luan was upset when she saw this. Zhao Nanyu held the bowl of pigeon soup for her. She looked at it and pushed it away. She refused to drink it.

Zhao Nanyu didn’t seem to be angry. If she didn’t eat this, he would give her something else. After a meal, Song Luan didn’t eat much at all. She really had no appetite.

She broke the pot and thought that Zhao Nanyu would be upset, but he didn’t.

In the night, Song Luan came out of the screen after bathing and saw Zhao Nanyu sitting beside the bed. He probably was waiting for her.

Song Luan wanted to climb into bed, but was dragged into his arms. She was forced to stick to his chest. He chuckled, and then whispered in her ear, “Even if you want to die, I won’t give you a chance.”

Song Luan’s thin body trembled. This is what the male lead would say.


She felt that Zhao Nanyu was agitated when she refused to talk with him in the afternoon and evening.

Zhao Nanyu hugged her waist, and he closed his eyes and said in a low voice, “I had a sweet dream last night.”

He said to himself, “You were in it.”

Song Luan didn’t expect that she would hear Zhao Nanyu saying this in her lifetime. She admitted that at some point, her heart beat faster than usual.

Zhao Nanyu didn’t lie. She was indeed in his dream. If Song Luan knew the specific picture in his dream, she would surely scold him as a beast again.

Zhao Nanyu suddenly pressed her on the bed. With eyes like stars, he only looked at her. Then, he covered her delicate body. His long and delicate fingers wrapped around her hair, but he did not get her response, so he asked again with hoarse voice, “You are not going to talk to me for a lifetime?”

Song Luan looked away, “No.”

She needed to vent, and Zhao Nanyu, who was the fuse, should naturally become the vent.

Zhao Nanyu lowered his head and gently kissed her cheek, then breathlessly kissed the person under him before he let go, “Still too idle that you still have time to think.”

Song Luan turned her head and was angry to death. “Don’t touch me.”

He’s like this. She didn’t want to serve him at all!

Song Luan didn’t realize that when she was kissed breathlessly, she looked at Zhao Nanyu’s eyes with a trace of love, but it was not obvious.

Zhao Nanyu didn’t plan to do anything to her. He just held her to sleep that night, but even if he repented and regretted he fed her the poison, he already had no way back.

He would find all the elixirs in the world for her to keep her alive. He would rise to the top and have enough power to control her life.

After waking up the next day, Song Luan meditated in bed for a long time.

From today on, she wanted to follow the words of Taiyi and take medicine well. Wasn’t it just physical deficiency?! Wasn’t it just heart disease? It would be okay.

After this, she still treated her son just as before, but she obviously did not flatter Zhao Nanyu as much as before.

All her thoughts were written in her face. Within a few days, even the servants knew that the second young master and his wife had a cold war.





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