Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 34

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The cold war between Song Luan and Zhao Nanyu was completely unilateral. Because she didn’t pay much attention to him, she wouldn’t notice that Zhao Nanyu was still the same as before. He still came back to her house everyday after working in Dali Temple.

Song Luan felt that it’s quite good now. Her life was more relaxed than the previous months. She didn’t walk on thin ice nor tremble anymore. Since the body had turned like this, all she could do was take the medicine. As for Zhao Nanyu, how could she like him! She stopped serving him already.

However, he was worthy of the title of male lead. He was still powerful. Even though Song Luan had given up holding this unreliable golden thigh, she dared not provoke him too much.

When the male lead looked at her smilingly, Song Luan felt tight in her heart. She was sweating at the back of her hand, and all her words were swallowed in her throat.

Song Luan originally disliked the bitterness of traditional Chinese medicine and never wanted to drink it well, but this time, she listened to the words of Hou Taiyi.

When she drank the medicine, she was more obedient than anything. She didn’t need other people’s urging. She pinched her nose and raised her neck to drink.

She wanted to live another two years in such a beautiful world.

She didn’t know who told her son about her recent illness. When Zhao Chao taught little Zhao to read poems, he was absent-minded and didn’t write very well.

Zhao Chao was not unreasonable either. Little Zhao was obedient and sensible. He was a cute little baby. He also liked this little Zhao. Even if he sometimes makes mistakes or doesn’t study hard, he couldn’t bear to punish him.

This time there was no exception in Zhao Chao. He collected the pen and paper for him, held the child on the chair in his arms, and asked, “What’s the matter? Your mind is not focused on practicing this calligraphy? Are you hungry? or tired?”

Little Zhao was indifferent to strangers, but he was still soft and cuddly in the face of familiar relatives. He hugged Zhao Chao’s neck, and his small face was very frustrated. He said, “My mother seems to be ill. My father didn’t let me go to see her last night. I was a little worried. ”

Last night, his father didn’t let him go, and this morning he even forbade him.
He listened to his father’s words very much and rarely resisted or objected, but this time he really couldn’t hold back and wanted to see his mother.

Zhao Chao was stunned. He didn’t even realize that Song Luan had unconsciously left a very important position in this little kid’s heart.

To be honest, he hated Song Luan very much.

Zhao Chao was used to wearing mask on his face, so no one could see that his disgust was so deep. He always thought that Song Luan’s life and death were unimportant. It was even better if Song Luan died. She was a plague or a curse from the devil.

He was willing to fight when he saw how she treated this 2 year-old child before.
But now it seemed that little Zhao liked her very much. In just a few months, the child’s heart was completely turned towards her.

If she died like this, he was afraid it would take a long time for little Zhao to recover.

Zhao Chao touched his head. “Do you want me take you to see your mother?”

“Yes.” Little Zhao laid on his shoulder and nodded vigorously.

Zhao Chao thought that Song Luan was conniving. Normally, the medicine of Tianqing in her body was not enough to cause fatality, and the poison of his master was gentler than the medicine he made.

If he used his poison, Song Luan would have been dead long ago.

He couldn’t bear to see him sad, “Okay. I’ll take you there.”

Song Luan was the second most disliked person in Zhao family, Zhao Chao, who hid his swords in his smile, was not a good person. As the saying goes, he smiles on his face but wants to kill you.

She knew that Zhao Chao also hated her very much. In the original book, Zhao Chao was a man who could be ranked as the fourth male lead, and could play a role at a critical moment. The female lead was always liked by many men at the same time.

‘The Powerful Minister’ was a common book with the usual setting. The little white flower female lead was pitied by all kinds of men because of her weakness. After meeting the female lead twice, Zhao Chao took the initiative to get closer to her.

His identity as the fourth male and the second male lead’s cousin meant that he could not get the female lead. Even so, Zhao Chao would play the word ‘affectionate’ very well, so that the female lead would not marry for life.

Song Luan felt that the author’s brain was not very good when she read the book. The men in the book didn’t marry for the sake of the female lead’s life. She thought of abandoning the novel for a time, but she still put up with it.

Song Luan was about to drink some medicine when he saw little radish’s head coming in. His eyes were as beautiful as grapes when he saw her. His eyes were full of worries, and he called out to her softly, “Mother.”

Song Luan put down the bowl in her hand and pinched his cheek lightly. “Why are you coming here? Don’t you have class today?”

Little Zhao set aside his shyness, and it seemed he was about to cry. The emotion in the child’s eyes was the purest. He looked at her and said, “Dad told me that you are ill. I’m a little worried.”

Song Luan’s heart was warm and her chest was blocked. It’s really good to have him. She won’t leave him in the future.

Song Luan was an orphan who grew up without both parents. She was alone most of the time. When she heard little Zhao, her eyes became red, and she smiled at him. “Mother will soon get better.”

She didn’t know how long it would take for her to get well, but the palpitation attack was not easy. The pain was very painful.

Little Zhao raised his face and asked, “Mother, is the medicine very bitter? Would you like some sugar?”

Every time he had a fever and drank bitter medicine, his father would reward him with two sweets. So, he took out the sweets in his pocket, spread out his little hand, and laid the four sweets wrapped in sugar paper in his palm. “It won’t be bitter after eating. ”
This is what he saved. His father gave him very little every time. Zhao Nanyu was afraid that he would have bad teeth.

Waves of warm water flowed into Song Luan’s chest and made her feel warm.
She couldn’t help kissing him. “You keep it for yourself. Your mother is not afraid of suffering.”

He was very stubborn, and just wanted to give her the candy, “You eat.”

The son followed his father’s stubborness. Song Luan had to take the sugar and swallow it. “I’ll take one.”

Little Zhao shook his head and looked at her with large eyes. “No, it would not be bitter after you eat three.”

Song Luan couldn’t help it. She ate the remaining two sweets together from his little palm’s heart. “Is it alright?”

Little Zhao nodded, “Mm-hmm, it won’t be bitter.”

Zhao Chao stood by the door and looked at them silently without disturbing them.

The golden sunlight hit her shoulder through the window pane. The woman lowered her head, with her features outstretched. The jasmine color clothes made her look more white.

Zhao Chao found that his second sister-in-law’s temperament was better than before, gentle and quiet.

Before he came, he thought about whether Song Luan was pretending to be ill. But looking at her pale face. It didn’t look like she was pretending.

Last time, he looked at her pulse, her appearance was not as bad as it is today. Average people couldn’t see it. But, he, a doctor could already see the clues.

Song Luan’s physical was weak. The body seemed to lost a lot of nutrients. It looked like something was slowly devouring her.

Song Luan seemed to notice his eyes. She raised her head, frowned at him, and coughed twice, “Third brother-in-law is also here.”

Zhao Chao smiled three-times wider, “I brought little Zhao here. ”

“Thank you. ”

“No, I see little Zhao is worried about second sister-in-law, so I have to take him to see you. See you’re okay, I’m relieved.”

Zhao Chao’d mind still didn’t change. It didn’t matter whether Song Luan died or not. It’s better to die. In the Zhao family, who hadn’t she seduced?


First, Ayan.

Then, her second brother.

It’s easier for her to die.

Song Luan smirked twice, and said stiffly, “Thank you for your concern,”

Zhao Chao beckoned to little Zhao, “Now that you’ve seen your mother, it’s time to go back to study and practice calligraphy.”

Song Luan was angry as soon as she heard it. The contempt in Zhao Chao’s eyes aroused her anger. She hugged her son and sneered, “He won’t practice today.”

“Second sister-in-law, this…”

“Oh, my heart is hurting again.” Song Luan didn’t bother to talk to him, so she covered her chest and started pretending.

Little Zhao was not at ease… Hearing his mother say it hurts, his face turned white. He said to Zhao Chao, “Uncle, I want to accompany my mother.”

Zhao Chao watched her ‘play’ coldly. It was hard for him to put his emotions on his face and smiled sarcastically. He said, “Second sister-in-law is really good.”

Song Luan ignored him and put her heart into her little ‘play’.

Zhao Chao was so angry that he had no choice but to walk away with big steps.

As soon as he left, Song Luan stopped pretending, but her son was obviously frightened by her.

Song Luan was both distressed and guilty. He coaxed him softly, “Don’t be afraid ah…I’m all right.”

Her son wiped away his tears silently, hiccuped and said, “I’m scared.”

He was afraid that his mother would leave him.

Song Luan comforted him, “Don’t be afraid. Mother will always be here.”

He cried and fell asleep in her arms.

Song Luan placed him on the bed, took off his shoes and covered him with a quilt. She wiped the tears on his face with a handkerchief.

In the face of this small face similar to Zhao Nanyu, she sighed and went out the room.
A maidservant reported that lady Yang came to visit her.

Song Luan remembered her. Yang Ruoyun, the third miss of Yang family, was one of the characters that provoked the original owner.

Song Luan thought about it and guessed that at this time, Yang Ruoyun came to stir up her relationship with Zhao Nanyu.

After all, everyone in the Zhao’s family could see that they were both in cold war recently.

Yang Ruoyun couldn’t let go of such a good chance. She provoked the original owner, let her splash Zhao Nanyu to death, then would cause them to alienate their relationship.
Song Luan wanted to praise her.

Of course, she would follow Yang Ruoyun’s wishes.

This man, she doesn’t want it. Whoever wants it could get it.



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