Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 35

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Yang Ruoyun stayed in Zhao’s house for half a month, with almost no sense of existence. She stayed low-key besides third lady Zhao.

Yang Ruoyun’s face was painted with light make-up, and looked beautiful and delicate. She had a gentle smile on the corner of her mouth. Her smile was appropriate. When she came in, she softly cried out to her, “Cousin-in-law.”

Song Luan knew that Yang Ruoyun is a very intelligent woman. She was able to understand the situation clearly, and had both strategy and courage.

She pretended to have a flat response and asked directly, “Is there something wrong that third cousin came over?”

Yang Ruoyun didn’t seem to see her unhappy face and pretended not to hear the hostility in her words. This cousin was used to have no good face to anyone, and she had seen it for a long time. Besides, she had developed the ability to keep her face unchanged.

She smiled and said, “Aunt heard that there is conflict between cousin-in-law and cousin. She was worried and had no choice but to let me persuade you.”

Remember, Zhao Nanyu is Yang Ruoyun’s cousin

Song Luan knew that there were many people in Zhao’s house staring at the two of them. What’s more, Zhao’s house was so big that no information could be hidden in this house.

It’s not unusual that their husband and wife had a bad relationship. It was normal. The reason why the third lady was worried was that old lady Zhao was waiting for her granddaughter-in-law to have another baby. The second reason was that the third lady was worried about them. The two of them were willing to share a room after getting along well. She didn’t know how they became cold these days.

Song Luan hummed, with a stubborn look on her face, “There is nothing to persuade.”

Yang Ruoyun smiled and said, “Don’t be angry with cousin. How can there be an overnight feud between husband and wife. If this time, my cousin was angry at you, serve him softly. Men are very easy to coax.”

It sounded as if Yang Ruoyun was doing this for good. In fact, this sentence stabbed the key point. This second female lead was worthy of her title. Their ability to sow discord was first-class.

The original owner was proud. It was impossible to reconcile with Zhao Nanyu, let alone coax the man in a low voice.

Song Luan pretended to be angry and gave her a cold look. Her eyes were full of disdain. She raised her chin and deliberately said, “Soft? Why should I be soft with him? Why am I going to coax him? Ridiculous.”

Yang Ruoyun lowered her eyes and slightly hooked her lips. Then she walked forward two steps, took her wrist affectionately, and comforted her anxiously. “Cousin-in-law, step back, even if it’s cousin’s fault, you shouldn’t be angry with him for such a long time. He’s busy enough. I see that he has lost a lot of weight. ”

Song Luan silently pushed away her hand, looked down at her, and said, “Do you mean that I should just swallow then?”

“Of course not, but my cousin-in-law who doesn’t know how to coax people, must have been aggrieved because of cousin. Aunt is worried.”

How nice her words were! At first, they were concerns for her, afraid that she would not live well or suffer losses. Thinking clearly, If these words fell into the original owner’s ears, she would surely explode.

Song Luan’s face was taut, and her expression did not soften at all. Her tone was very poor. “Aggrieved. Why should I be wronged?” She looked up at Yang Ruoyun with sharp eyes.

She pretended to be impatient and said, “You don’t have to persuade me anymore. I will do what I want. If you are worried about your cousin’s anger, you can persuade him instead of me. ”

Yang Ruoyun’s expression was aggrieved, and she bit his lips and said, “It’s because I speak too much. In that case, I won’t bother much.”

She walked out of Song Luan’s yard slowly. Her face was clear and her mouth was slightly hooked. She was very happy.

This Song Luan was as boring as ever. However, she thought that Song Luan had changed some days ago, and was pretending in front of others.

It’s hard to change her nature.

Song Luan had better not reconcile with Zhao Nanyu all her life. She would watch Song Luan put herself on the dead end.

Song Luan was not worthy of Zhao Nanyu. Apart from her better appearance, how could she compare her moral character and knowledge?

It was also a coincidence that Yang Ruoyun met Zhao Nanyu on the corridor after leaving Huai Shui Residence.

When she saw the person she was thinking about, her heart beat faster than usual. She went up with a red face and made a formal ceremony, “Cousin. ”

Zhao Nanyu expression was faint, “Third cousin.”

Yang Ruoyun looked at him affectionately, summoned up her courage and said, “Has my cousin just come back? ”


“I….” She suddenly said, “It’s a coincidence that I just came out from my cousin-in-law’s residence.”

Zhao Nanyu didn’t have any patience to deal with her. He was not familiar with this distant cousin, and had not seen her for several times in all. The gentle and sensible girl who was obedient was no different from the ordinary ladies.

But when he heard about Song Luan, he immediately became interested and asked with interest, “What are you doing with her?”

He remembered that Song Luan had a better relationship with Gu Shuang, but had no similar relationships with other women. It was either quarreling or grabbing each other’s hair. Song Luan never met his distant cousin, how could they still talk?

Yang Ruoyun would not miss any chance. She paused before she said, “My aunt asked me to advise my cousin-in-law.” She frowned. “Don’t blame cousin-in-law, cousin. She’s just not sensible, so she’s a little grumpy.”

Zhao Nanyu laughed when he heard it, “What?”

“Isn’t it? My aunt said that you seem to have quarreled. You haven’t talked well for several days.”

Zhao Nanyu interrupted her with a cold smile. “No quarrel, tell my mother not to worry.” After a pause, he continued with a smile,” Your cousin-in-law has a lovely temper. Of course, I won’t blame her.”

Yang Ruoyun’s brain was confused. This was totally different from what she thought?!

How could this happen? Shouldn’t this cousin hate that woman?!

She didn’t return to her mind until she realized that she had caught Zhao Nanyu’s sleeve. The man in front of her had a cold and bright eyes.

He removed her hand coldly and smiled more horribly than not. “You don’t need to care for our affairs if you still want to stay in the capital. Otherwise, I can also let someone send you back to Jiangnan.”

Yang Ruoyun’s eyes were red, and she was quick to respond, and promised: “I was abrupt, please don’t blame cousin.”

Zhao Nanyu glanced at her, didn’t say more. He turned around and left.

Yang Ruoyun was biting her teeth and stomped her foot. She was hated by Zhao Nanyu. She didn’t know when Zhao Nanyu was so tolerant of Song Luan?! Was it because she was beautiful?

Meanwhile, Song Luan was in the residence, and didn’t what had happened between Zhao Nanyu and Yang Ruoyun.

Little Zhao in the room woke up before long.

The child was half-awake and had a hazy face. Song Luan helped him dress and let him wear his shoes. Little Zhao smelt the light fragrance from his mother and stretched out his hands to hug her.

Song Luan chuckled and held the little kid in her arms. He wrapped his hands around her neck.

As soon as Zhao Nanyu came in, he saw the picture of her coaxing the child. He was stunned. He was not very happy and asked, “Why is our son here? Shouldn’t he be practicing calligraphy at this time?”

Song Luan, who pretended not to hear, turned her back to him and bowed her head to coax the child in his arms.


Zhao Nanyu’s eyes were dark, and the bright candle light reflected on his white face. He slightly closed his chin, but his expression was not worried.

He went to his son, since Song Luan would not speak to him. He asked him, “Speak.”

Little Zhao looked from her mother’s delicate face to the suddenly appearing father. He said with a low voice, “I asked my uncle to bring me over.”

Zhao Nanyu’s voice without a hint of emotion, “Come down.”

Little Zhao pinched Song Luan’s collar tightly then slowly loosened it. The child could not resist his father’s authority. He was about to climb down from his mother with his hands and feet when he was suddenly held.

Song Luan hugged him and looked up at Zhao Nanyu. Although she didn’t want to talk to him, she was afraid of him.

She sniffed. “Why are you angry at the child? You come at me.”

Zhao Nanyu smiled, his thumb gently crossed her delicate cheek, and finally fell on her chin, lifting it gently, “Can you hold my anger?”

His tone was very low and cold. Song Luan’s back was cold and her mind was trembling. It wasn’t that she was not scared. It was because the force he used was too strong. Those dark eyes made her shiver.

She didn’t open her mouth, because she couldn’t stand Zhao Nanyu’s anger…

Little Zhao broke free from Song Luan’s lap, and stood in front of Zhao Nanyu’s and said in a low voice, “Father, it’s my fault. ”

“What’s wrong?”

“I shouldn’t have come to disturb my mother.”

When his father left in the morning, he told him that he was not allowed to let his mother take care of him, but he didn’t hold back. While little Zhao thought about it, his eyes became red, although he didn’t cry loudly, tears still ran down his cheeks.

Zhao Nanyu sighed, squatted down and wiped the tears off his cheek gently, “Don’t do it again next time. Don’t ask your mother to hold you since she’s not well these days.”

Song Luan did not resist, and shouted at him, “I’d like to! Are you in charge?”

Zhao Nanyu’s eyes slowly moved to her face, thinking, and asked, “I can’t control you? Hmm?”

He patted his son’s head and called a servant girl to come in. He told the servant girl to carry him back to the front yard.

There were only two of them in the bedroom. Song Luan shrank back and closed her mouth after shouting at him impulsively.

Zhao Nanyu tolerated her deliberate neglect for so many days, which was the limit. He walked step by step towards the woman who was shrinking in the corner.



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