Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 36

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Zhao Nanyu’s gloomy appearance was frightening. His face was pale and cold as ice. Song Luan shrank towards the corner of the bed. Her body trembled slightly.

A few days ago, she thought that she was going to die, and her temper was suddenly stimulated. Every time she woke up these past two days, she felt like she was not beyond cure.

Many of the plots in the original book had been changed. The legs of little Zhao did not break, and the female lead did not appear. She did not elope with Huai Jin, and Zhao Wenyan did not fall in love with her. The story progressed differently.

Although she knew the plot and the ending, she was still miserable than the others.

Song Luan pinched the quilt under her body. She was bullied. Zhao Nanyu was a little bit fierce. She was afraid from the bottom of her heart.

Zhao Nanyu patted the head of the bed and whispered, “Come here.”

The soft voice that reached Song Luan’s ears was not the same at all. Her scalp was numb and her body was tight. She shook her head desperately.

She was not a fool. Did he just ask her to go there? His face clearly says it all–‘I will not give you good fruit to eat!’

Zhao Nanyu tilted his head and smiled. His pure and clear smile shook her spirits for a while. His appearance was really excellent, not only could be described as handsome, but also breathtaking and beautiful. He had delicate features with no flaws. When he smiles, his gentle features were more vivid.

Song Luan’s cheeks felt it was scolded with hot water, and the heat spread to her ear tips.

She lowered her head, took two deep breaths, and stopped looking at Zhao Nanyu.

“Ignoring me?” Zhao Nanyu also saw that Song Luan’s attitude towards him had changed obviously after they came back from Hou Taiyi’s hospital. She had become more courageous and bold, with her little anger.

Song Luan clenched her teeth and said nothing.

Zhao Nanyu smiled angrily, with a smile on his eyebrows. He grabbed her directly from the corner by the wrist, and kissed her carefully.

Song Luan was bewildered and confused1The chinese words used to describe her confusion was: 七葷八素 – ‘Seven meats and eight primes’, originally referring to the traditional 15 dishes, later considered to describe the confusion of the mind. (TL note: I  just directly translated it as confused.)

In fact, she was also very smart. She was not blind. Why couldn’t she see that Zhao Nanyu liked her a little? But his like was still too trivial.

Relying on this, she probed Zhao Nanyu’s bottom line and deliberately ignored him for these past few days.

In fact, Song Luan thought that this man was good at other places except for his black belly and cold heart. But she couldn’t accept being trapped in the backyard all her life, and the fate of her life being controlled by him.

Song Luan couldn’t break fee. Her face was rosy. She couldn’t breathe when he kissed her. Her body was soft. Her lips were bitten. She hissed, and said, “Don’t kiss, it’s painful…”

“It hurts, I’m sorry.” Although he said sorry, his movements were still indifferent.

His slightly cool fingers slowly climbed from her back to her spine. Her clothes slipped unconsciously, and Zhao Nanyu became stiffer.

Song Luan couldn’t stand his offensive attack, so she tried to run back. Of course, she couldn’t escape and was quickly caught back.

Zhao Nanyu chuckled and whispered in her ear, “It seems that you are very happy ignoring me these two days?”

Zhao Nanyu’s eyes were bright and scorched, as if he was thinking of something. Song Luan’s scalp numbed as he stared at her. She couldn’t resist his questioning, her five fingers held his back tightly, and pinched it, “I’m dying, and you bully me!”

Zhao Nanyu’s eyes were covered with thin blood threads, and his momentum was sharp. “Don’t talk nonsense.”

Song Luan pushed him away, hugged the quilt tightly as she breathed heavily. Her hair was soaked with sweat. She didn’t have any strength, “Hou Taiyi said that day that it was because I ate something I shouldn’t have, but I couldn’t figure out what I ate? I didn’t know….I didn’t think anyone would want to hurt me.”

Zhao Nanyu stopped for a moment and lowered his eyes. Holding her face, he whispered, “I’m not good, I didn’t protect you.”

Zhao Nanyu figured out why she was so cold these days. Maybe she blamed him for not protecting her. This misunderstanding was better than her knowing that the person who poisoned her was him.

Bah! Obviously it’s your poison. You still don’t admit. I’m pretending not to know here.

Song Luan closed her eyes and said, “If I don’t live long, you can find another one. I think your cousin Yang Ruoyun likes you very much. If you like her and want to marry her, I won’t stop you.”

Yang Ruoyun, in any case, the female character who almost married this male lead. The gentle and atmospheric appearance was what this man liked.

If he had not just met Yang Ruoyun on the way, Zhao Nanyu would hardly remember what she looked like. He rubbed his eyebrows. “I don’t like her.”

Song Luan was surprised. He denied it directly.

Zhao Nanyu pulled down the quilt that covered her head.

He asked, “What did she come here to tell you today?”

Song Luan thought about it and decided to go ahead and say, “She advised me to coax you, to be soft to you and not to lose my temper with you.”

Look, what a good female character.

It didn’t matter if the female lead didn’t show up! At least, there’s this female character.

It was a pity that Zhao Nanyu didn’t seem to understand the meaning of her words, and frowned, “Don’t let her in next time. ”

He didn’t know what they will say to Song Luan. These irrelevant people were really annoying.

I wish they could all disappear.

Until today, Zhao Nanyu’s intention to kill Huai Jin had not weakened at all. He had just been patient.

He wanted to remove all the men who have had unclear connection with her before.

Even thinking that Song Luan might have liked any of them, he couldn’t bear the feeling of jealousy rising up his heart.

“She’s your cousin. You don’t give me this face. I’m afraid people will say I don’t understand etiquette and I’m arrogant.”

“No one dares to say that to you.”

Song Luan curled up and was tired of saying so much today. She was very tired. But, she was tossed by him again. She was fighting with her lower and upper eyelids. “I want to go to sleep.”

Zhao Nanyu didn’t let her go. He bent her legs on her waist and drew close to her ear. He breathed softly, “Don’t worry. It’s still too early.”

The hibiscus tent was warm, and the low sobbing sound in the room was ambiguous. The sound didn’t come down until midnight.

Song Luan’s consciousness was dim. She was crying and felt she would almost die. She also realized that the man seemed angry, but she didn’t know what she said that touched his scale that would result to this cruel punishment.

Zhao Nanyu chuckled and said in a low and hoarse voice, “You can easily push me to others…then it’s not true when you said you like me before?”

Of course it is false. You still need to ask?


After that day, Zhao Nanyu was calm and quiet. Song Luan was willing to take care of him, although she was not as warm as before.

Zhao Nanyu had no shortage of soups and medicines. Song Luan’s complexion became a little better. The maintenance of the body was a long-term thing, even if Song Luan was in a hurry, she had no choice but to take this step by step.

Zhao Nanyu seemed to be afraid that she would not take the medicine well. He would personally watch her every morning and evening as she drink all the medicine in the bowl.

After drinking the medicine for a month, Song Luan’s state of mind was so good that she would occasionally lose her temper, but Zhao Nanyu only watched her closely, even if she vented on him.

Third lady Zhao looked at the cold and lukewarm appearance of the two people. She was worried and couldn’t help it. They were still like that after more than a month.

Yang Ruoyun was the happiest of all the people in the house. She would like them to stay like that for the rest of their lives. Song Luan had been quarreling with Zhao Nanyu for a long time every time she had a chance.

Yang Ruoyun won’t give up easily, even if she was scolded or threatened by her cousin.

If Song Luan was not worthy of him. Only she (YR) was worthy of her cousin.

Zhao Nanyu never paid attention to this unimportant cousin from the beginning to the end, and even forgot to clean her up.

He’d been checking Huai Jin these days. Huai Jin must had forgotten he was kicked out harshly, because he was not afraid squatting and wandering outside the backyard fence these two days. He should be looking for an opportunity to come in and chat with Song Luan. Zhao Nanyu wouldn’t let him in.

When investigating Huai Jin, Zhao Nanyu also learned a very interesting thing. Song Luan seemed to hide most of her gold, silver, jewelry and money to Huai Jin.

Zhao Nanyu thought about it a little, and figured out why she hid it there. Ten percent of it was for the purpose of leaving in the future.

If she leaves openly or secretly, she could just take the treasure and go. This method was convenient and easy to use.

Midsummer was approaching, and the days were becoming more and more lively.

When the emperor’s birthday was celebrated in the palace, any official invited to celebrate in the palace could bring a family member with him.

Zhao Nanyu naturally wanted to take Song Luan with him, but she was very reluctant to go.

This time, there was a detailed description in the original book of entering the palace.

The original owner drank a lot of wine, so she secretly slipped out of the hall to cool her face.

A group of people went to the pond to admire the lotus. The original owner had offended many people earlier, and someone placed the medicine into her wine glass. Although it didn’t kill her, it also made her suffer a lot.

When the original owner came to the pond, her abdomen suddenly felt pain. Wave after wave of pains, she gradually understood what was going on. She held on to the railing.

When her painful face was white and speechless, He Run came out, lifted and carried her regardless of other people’s eyes.

The male lead then came, looking at her lying in He Run’s arms with a cold face, while she painfully clutched her stomach as she screamed in pain. He didn’t take her from He Run’s arms, but went to call the doctor for her.

Song Luan didn’t know who want to hurt her. She really didn’t want to feel the pain.

But it was no use that she didn’t want to go, Zhao Nanyu only family member was her.

On the day of departure, Song Luan got on the carriage and entered the palace with Zhao Nanyu.

She thought in silence that she won’t drink the wine that had been drugged.

Zhao Nanyu smiled at her sincerely and squeezed her face. “Well, it looks nice.”

He meant that she looked a lot better, unlike the previous days that looked like as if she would die any minute.



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