Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 38

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Zhao Nanyu asked the sixth prince for a room to put Song Luan, who had been sweating and suffering from stomachache, on the bed.

She couldn’t bear it any anymore, but Zhao Nanyu couldn’t hold her in his arms any longer. Her lips whispered in low tones as she grasped his clothes tightly without letting go. Tears ran down her face, and it didn’t stop pouring from her eyes.

Zhao Nanyu looked at her dry lips and was about to get up and pour a glass of water for her, but the person on the bed trembled and held out their fingers. She had to hold on the corner of his clothes as she didn’t have any strength. “Don’t go.”

This kind of dull pain was really too hard to endure. It made people more and more conscious.

Although Song Luan feared her impending death at what Zhao Nanyu would do towards her in the future, but he was the only one in the Imperial Palace who could bring her a sense of security. Song Luan’s eyes were glistening with tears. They were as red as the rabbit’s. They were pitiful.

Zhao Nanyu sat back and took her hand and whispered, “Okay, I won’t go.” His back was tight, his eyes were bloodshot, and his face was cold. He turned his head and said earnestly to the sixth prince behind him, “Excuse me, sixth highness, please ask a doctor for me.”

After a pause, he added two more words, “As soon as possible.”

Tonight, sixth prince saw how Zhao Nanyu treated Song Luan.

Now, the sixth prince ordered people to go to the Taiji hospital and ask the Tai doctor to come over.

Song Yu stood outside and watched. She was so nervous that she kept wringing her handkerchief. Her face was ugly and white.

Song Yu had to admit that there was poison in the wine glass in front of Song Luan’s table.

She looked for that kind of medicine so hard before she attended the birthday party in the palace. The medicine had no harm other than stomachache. Although she hated this elder sister, Song Luan was after all, still her sister. She dared not kill her.

But tonight, she knew that Song Luan didn’t even drink since she stared at her all night. She never touched the glass from the beginning to the end!

How could Song Luan get poisoned!? Song Yu even began to doubt that maybe Song Luan had seen through her. However, Song Luan’s speechless appearance did not look like it was pretend. For a while, Song Yu was confused. She didn’t know what was going on.

Tai doctor was quickly invited from the Taiji hospital. Since the sixth prince personally sent the message, the doctor did not dare to delay, so he hurried to check her pulse. After careful diagnosis, he took a breath of relief and turned to let the apprentice behind him go to Taiji hospital to get the antidote.

Zhao Nanyu’s face was heavy, the lines of his chin were cold and hard, and there was a murky breath coming from him. He said in a hoarse voice, “Taiyi, what’s wrong with my wife?”

He clenched his five fingers, and it turned white. At that moment, he almost thought Song Luan was going to die.

The doctor said slowly, “Madam ate Qingluo by mistake, and this caused her stomach to hurt. After taking the antidote, she will be okay.”


“It’s a kind of poison from the south of Xinjiang. It’s not vicious either. It won’t take peoples’ lives after taking it. It will only hurt them.”

The sixth prince responded first, and waved his hand, “Go and find out where the poison came from.”

Song Yu’s heart suddenly jumped. She pride herself on her calm temperament and was not afraid of being checked. The wine glass passed so many people, so they wouldn’t find that it was her. Song Yu forced herself to relax gradually.

There was a ready-made antidote in the hospital. The little apprentice quickly sent it to her. Zhao Nanyu helped Song Luan up, gently feeding the antidote into her stomach, and carefully wiped her lips.

Song Luan’s back was already wet. Because of the pain, she had been biting her lips, and tiny wounds began to appear.

“Don’t bite yourself.” Zhao Nanyu couldn’t see it.

Song Luan buried herself in his chest and sobbed. Zhao Nanyu took out his coat to wipe the sweat off her face. He reached his finger to her lips. “Bite me.”

Song Luan was not polite to him either. She opened his mouth and bit him. She immediately left two wounds.

Fortunately, the antidote soon worked, and the pain in the lower abdomen gradually eased. Slowly, the surging pain disappeared, and Song Luan loosened her teeth.

She felt she had just been fished out of the water, and was embarrassed.

Even though Song Luan was poisoned, it didn’t turn into a big commotion. Today was a great day, no one would poke this kind of thing in front of the emperor and make him unhappy.


Therefore, only a few people on the lakeside at that time knew.

Soon, the people that sixth prince ordered also came back, along with the wine cup on the table of Song Luan,”Your highness, the wine glass was poisoned.”

“I see. Step back.”

It seems that Zhao Nanyu was not surprised to hear this sentence. He had seen a lot of dirty things in the palace. He pulled up a smile of ridicule.

The person poisoned the cup directly. It could be seen that this person’s means and mind were very common.

It’s too easy to find out who poisoned this.

Song Luan had no strength in all her limbs. She didn’t hear the report because she was too tired. She laid in Zhao Nanyu’s arms and slept quietly.

Zhao Nanyu covered the quilt for her, stood up, and said to sixth prince, “Thank you for your help.”

“Why are you so polite.”

Zhao Nanyu’s eyes swept over Song Yu’s body intentionally. He casually rubbed his fingers, and said lightly, “It’s almost time. The emperor will come to the imperial garden.”

The sixth prince said, “You stay and take good care of her. Naturally, I will speak for you for father’s side.”

“Thank you, your highness.”

Sixth prince left.

Naturally, some people who stayed also left and didn’t continue to stay any longer.

But the little eunuch beside the sixth prince was not willing to leave. She was still too young and was scared by Song Luan’s appearance. Her eyes were red and she grabbed sixth prince’s clothes. “How is she? Is she alright?”

Sixth prince patted her head, “Don’t think about it too much. It will be fine.” Then he took her hand, “Don’t you want to see fireworks? Come on, I’ll take you there.”

The little girl was coaxed by him around two or three times.

Almost everyone left, and the palace soon became quiet. Zhao Nanyu watched over Song Luan’s bedside, and his thumb lingered on her pale face.

Song Luan was dizzy. Her body seemed to float and sank in the air. Her dreams were always strange. There were many strange pictures drilling into her mind.

Zhao Nanyu looked down and saw that she was slightly frowning. Her heart’s palpitation was smooth, but her breathing was weak and her lips were still pale.

Zhao Nanyu found new clothes for her, took off the wet clothes which had been wet by her sweat, and helped her changed.


Song Luan couldn’t settle down in her dreams. There was a voice in her ear all the time. It was low and hoarse. She couldn’t sleep comfortably because of the noise.

Zhao Nanyu caressed her face carefully and intimately, and said, “Clearly you were very careful. How could it be that something happened? I can’t let you out of my sight for a moment.”

“It seems that you will have to stay at home in the future, so you won’t suffer so much. It must be very painful just now. I feel distressed when I look at it.”

He kissed her on the forehead. “Don’t worry, I won’t make you suffer in vain.”

Song Luan woke up to his voice, slowly opened her eyes, and saw the man beside her.

She recovered some strength after sleeping, so she opened her mouth and asked, “What have you found out?”

More than anyone else, she wanted to know what was going on. It was written in the book that the drink of the original owner was poisoned, but she didn’t touch the drink. Why would she be poisoned?

The strangest thing was that Song Luan didn’t see He Run in the palace, why did he suddenly appear in the palace again? She was so careful to avoid the plot of the original book. Why did it happen at last?

“Poison was left in your wine glass.” Zhao Nanyu did not intend to hide it from her.

In an instant, the little blood on Song Luan’s little face faded away. She looked pale and scared. Her body was still soft. She could only sit on him.

Song Luan did not give up and asked, “Is there anything in the food?”

Zhao Nanyu shook his head. “It’s not in the food.”

Song Luan’s heart was cold. She didn’t touch the wine. She ate pineapple cake during the banquet, but Zhao Nanyu also ate it.

She had a bold guess in her heart. What happened before was strung into a line in her mind. She showed her weakness and flattered him. Zhao Nanyu still gave her the poison. She could not avoid Huai Jin and He Run, because Zhao Nanyu still thought that she had something with them.

She was cautious, but still couldn’t escape the plot. Indeed, she tried hard to avoid the path the original owner took in the book, but the result hadn’t changed.

That is to say, some plots of the book had changed because she was a transmigrator, but her ending would not change. There were always other reasons that will lead to the end of the original book.

The future of everyone else in the book could changed, only she, who was the transmigrator, couldn’t changed.

It didn’t matter if her character was broken. The fate line would still be pulled back by an invisible hand.

Song Luan thought it was more and more like this. Her heart sank continuously. She remembered clearly the ending of the original owner. She was stabbed after the poison entered the bone marrow, and then burned alive in a fire.

Song Luan’s eyes became extremely complicated when she looked at Zhao Nanyu. Now Zhao Nanyu liked her more or less. Since he liked her, he wouldn’t kill her, would he?

Would he still want to stab her to death?

Song Luan didn’t believe it. She forced herself not to think. Maybe today’s event was just a coincidence.

Song Luan didn’t know yet if there were any consequences for her character collapse, but if she went along with the original character of Song Luan, her body would be much unhealthier than it was now. The broken spur would gradually erode her vitality, which was why her heart suddenly ache before the first days she transmigrated.

Even if she was poisoned by tianqin, it was far from the time when the poison was going to happen.

Seeing that her face was ugly, Zhao Nanyu asked, “What’s the matter? Scared?”

Song Luan wriggled her lips and said, “No.”

Zhao Nanyu wanted to laugh, but he only showed a smile. He hugged Song Luan tightly. Even though she said she was not afraid, he could feel her trembling with fear. “Do you want to know who did it?”

“Yes.” She forced back her tears and asked, “Who is it?”

In ‘The Powerful Minister’, it was not written who poisoned her during the banquet, it only showed that the original owner lost a big face to the male lead in this banquet, and the hat on Zhao Nanyu’s head became greener.

“Your sister, Song Yu.”

“Ah? How could it be her?” Song Luan was shocked. The younger sister was usually timid and submissive. She would play with anyone and would get along well. She had no idea.

She looked ordinary.

How could she be so cruel that she dared to attack her own older sister?

Zhao Nanyu didn’t understand the twists and turns between girls, but at a glance, she could see that Song Yu didn’t like her, and her means were too childish, so the people that sixth prince ordered were able to find the poison so easily.

The reason why he didn’t say it in front of everyone was that he wanted to wait for Song Luan to wake up and ask her what she wanted to do.

“What do you want to do? Do you want to destroy her reputation? Or something else?”

Song Luan didn’t think about these things at the moment, and she didn’t get Song Yu’s intentions, but if she told Zhao Nanyu that she didn’t care, it seemed that it was too white lotus, so she said, “It’s up to you.”

Zhao Nanyu nodded. “Okay, let me do it.”

His means, needless to say, would not make people feel better.

Song Luan’s brain was in a mess, and the speculation of her ending was still lingering in her mind.

She raised her eyelids, and her beautiful eyes fixed on Zhao Nanyu. She just opened her mouth to ask him something, when the door of the hall was pushed open. Song Heqing rushed in from the outside in a hurry. His handsome face was full of anxiety. “Ah Luan, I heard that you fainted?! Ah? What’s the matter?”

Song Luan tried to smile at him. “Brother, I didn’t faint. I just had a stomachache.”

Song Heqing rushed forward, pushed Zhao Nanyu away, and looked at his sister with concern, “How can you have a stomachache?”

On the way, he was almost scared to death. He originally came out to find Song Yu, who he couldn’t find. When he caught a palace man, he asked. The palace man not only told him about Song Yu, but also told him about Song Luan.

He was so frightened that he was afraid that Song Luan would be hurt to death, so he rushed here in a hurry.

Song Luan didn’t want Song Yu to tell her brother about her poisoning. Song Heqing was a terrible man in the court, but in front of his sisters in his family, he was very silly and sweet, and he believed everything her sisters said unconditionally.

Song Heqing was really unbiased and loves every sister. She felt Song Heqing truly loved her even just the few times she spent with him. So… she didn’t have the heart to let him know these silly accounts.

“I ate too much cold food, and had a bad stomachache.”

Song Heqing didn’t know what to say about her. He poked her in the forehead. “When can you be sensible!? Girls should eat less cold food.”

He turned his head and scolded Zhao Nanyu, “So do you, how can you let her do that!? Why won’t you stop her when she does this? Don’t let everything go her way.”

Song Heqing said these with a little guilty conscience. He knew that his sister was a ‘little boy’, and no one could persuade her with her bad temper.

When Song Heqing pushed Zhao Nanyu away, he was stunned. When he saw him poking Song Luan’s face, his anger became even worse. Even brothers and sisters should not be so intimate.

Zhao Nanyu said coldly, “Brother, it’s my fault.”

Song Heqing scolded him for awhile, and then calmed down. He coughed twice and asked Song Luan in a low voice, “Does it hurt now?”

“No more pain. “

The pain disappeared after she took the antidote.

Song Heqing raised his hand and touched the back of her head, thinking that her sister was so cute and ignorant. If she had been so obedient all her life, there would be no need to worry!

A few days ago, Song Luan’s little dog (HJ) dared to find him in the street. He was full of nonsense, saying that A Luan had been living in deep water all day, and asked him to bring her out of Zhao’s house.

Song Heqing laughed at that time, and was angry. He kicked the scoundrel away.

“I have said this many times. Don’t be capricious in the future.” He said this in Song Luan’s ear.

“I really changed!” Song Luan grumbled discontentedly.

“It’s better to change.”

Zhao Nanyu coughed several times when he saw that this brother and sister were talking longer.

Song Heqing was very discerning, knowing that he disturbed the couple. He got up, but didn’t change his style whenever he leaves Song Luan. He didn’t bring his purse today, so he gave her all the valuable things on his body.

Little sister, you must be spoiled.

Song Luan collected all the gold and silver jewelry he gave and held it like a small wealthy fan. She pointed to the bag in her arms and asked curiously, “How much are these worth?”

Zhao Nanyu glanced at it. “Several hundred Liang.”

He reached for it. “I’ll put it away for you.”

Song Luan knew that she couldn’t take it back. She quickly hid everything behind her and said softly, “How can you rob my money! I don’t believe you’re so poor.”

Of course, Zhao Nanyu didn’t lack anything at this point. He was only possessive. He couldn’t accept that she would use other things given by others. Moreover, he couldn’t let Song Luan hide too much money.

Once the rabbit gets fat, it wants to run.

Zhao Nanyu ridiculed her, “If you let others see this picture of you that you have never seen money before, they will definitely laugh at you.”

Song Luan didn’t feel ashamed either. She said in a big way, “No one doesn’t like money.”

“You really don’t want me to help you?”

“I can do it myself. “

“Okay.” He shrugged, as if he gave up.

Zhao Nanyu was not in a hurry. He would take this away when she sleeps.

Song Luan held the bag in her arms. She was also good at blocking it for fear that Zhao Nanyu would rush up and rob it.

“You’re tired?” Zhao Nanyu asked her.

“Not too tired.”

“Then we will go back to the palace.”

The palace was a place of right and wrong. What would happen if they stay a little longer?

Song Luan didn’t want to stay in the palace anymore. Her legs were still soft. Zhao Nanyu didn’t want to let her go, so he went forward and held her back.

Song Luan’s hands were tied around his neck, and she looked up at his delicate side face, which was flawless. Song Luan thought of a lot of things, lost her mind for a moment, then blurted out the questions from the bottom of her heart. Her voice was very small, almost like a small whisper, “Will you kill me?”

Just like in the book.

He stabbed her heart with a knife.


Will he?




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