Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 39

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Zhao Nanyu was stunned. As the wind howled in the cold night, he continued to walk in steps. He almost thought he had heard her wrong. He cut the nails and cut off the iron1斬釘截鐵 (Cut off the nail and cut off the iron) – describe resolute and decisive words/actions without hesitation., so he decisively answered, “No.”

Now, how could he still be willing to kill her? He wished she had no worries or illness.

Zhao Nanyu hugged the person in his arms more tightly, as if unintentionally, “Why do you suddenly ask?”

It was still cool in the evening. Song Luan suddenly felt her arms were very warm. She nestled in his arms. Her mood was still a little low. “Nothing, I just asked.”

Song Luan thought it might be that he was too surprised. Zhao Nanyu didn’t want to kill her. He seemed pretty good to her. As for the plot of the original book, she was reluctant to think about it. The more she thought about it, the more painful her brain was, it was better to let it go.

She still didn’t plan to follow the plot line because it would hurt too many people, especially her obedient and pitiful four-year-old son.

But she didn’t know if there were consequences for deviating away from the original book.

There must be a way to get there. Song Luan comforted herself like this.

Zhao Nanyu held her waist tightly in his broad hands and murmured, “Don’t think about anything.”

Song Luan nodded, but this time she listened to his words, “Okay.”

Zhao Nanyu walked to the front of the palace with her in his arms. When the fireworks stopped, the officials scattered, and all of them went out of the palace together.

The third lady of the Song family was really famous. In addition, her father was a proud man in the court. Most people had heard of Song Luan’s right and wrong enmity with Zhao Nanyu, and many high spirited scholars mocked Zhao Nanyu in their hearts.

At that time when they saw him holding Song Luan tenderly, for a while, they thought that the moon was misty. They wiped their eyes, but they did not see him wrong.

The woman in his arms was really beautiful.

The moonlight poured on her jade-like face. Her skin was white as snow, and her appearance was exquisite. Zhao Nanyu raised his hand without trace, and the wide sleeve blocked her face.

He quickened his pace, obviously eager to leave. But someone who didn’t understand the vague atmosphere, went up and said hello to him, “Brother Zhao.”

Zhao Nanyu nodded, “Lord Chen.”

“Brother Zhao, why didn’t I see you enjoying the fireworks? I also never seen your wife.” Lord Chen had no malice. Recently, the sixth prince was in the limelight, and Zhao Nanyu was close to this prince. He was just trying to make a match.

Zhao Nanyu was always very kind to his colleagues. Even though his heart was disgusted, he still replied flatly, “My wife was not well, so she didn’t go watch the fireworks.”

“So it is.” Lord Chen’s eyes glanced at her, but the beauty was covered by Zhao Nanyu so tightly that he couldn’t see anything. He smiled again and said, “I wonder if brother Zhao is free tomorrow? I have something to ask brother Zhao.”

The emperor had been ill for several months. His appearance at today’s banquet was not good. Everyone was guessing that the emperor would choose a prince in this period of time. But they didn’t know who the prince in the emperor’s heart was?

Tonight, he gave several marriages in one breath. The most prominent one was the sixth prince. In addition to the emperor’s preference for the sixth prince these days, there were not a few people who were optimistic about this sixth prince.

Zhao Nanyu thought about it and said, “Okay.”

Song Luan was oppressed by his sleeve. She just wanted to show her head, but she was pressed back mercilessly.

The carriage was waiting at the gate of the palace. Zhao Nanyu held her up. At last, she could breathe. Her face was red and flustered.

Since that time when she and Zhao Nanyu made love, he liked to move his hands and feet on her. It was normal for him to bite her twice. This time, he couldn’t help biting her cheek.

Song Luan turned her head angrily. She didn’t talk to him on the way back to the residence.

The lantern in front of Zhao’s house was high. The two fierce stone lions look more ferocious at night.

They almost came back at the same time with Zhao Erye.

Zhao Nanyu’s relationship with this second uncle was very rusty. They rarely speak together.

After a salute, he took Song Luan’s hand, and went straight back to the courtyard.

Song Luan already slept in the palace for a while, so she was not sleepy at all. After bathing and washing her face, she sat in the middle of the bed cross legged in a chinese dress. When Zhao Nanyu took a bath, changed clothes, and came out of the screen, Song Luan remembered what she had forgotten.

She held out her hand to Zhao Nanyu, “The gold and silver jewelry my brother gave me!!”

Her bag disappeared. It must be Zhao Nanyu who hid it for her.

Zhao Nanyu wiped his hair and replied, “I’ll help you put it away first.”

Song Luan thought to herself that his character should not be a stingy man, how could he get greedy for her things now? What’s more, Zhao Nanyu was not short of money at all, and he couldn’t use the jewelry her brother gave!

“I have said that I don’t want you to collect it for me. I have a place to put it! How can you take my things?” Song Luan said angrily.

Zhao Nanyu pondered for a moment, and thought that he didn’t treat her well just now, so he said, “Tomorrow, go to the warehouse and pick out any jewelry that you like.”

All the gold and silver jewelry in his storehouse were given by the emperor. Even if Song Luan wanted to sell those jewelries in the future, pawnshop wouldn’t dare to buy it.

Song Luan didn’t know about it. After thinking, she thought it was not a loss. For fear that he would take it back, she said quickly, “You said it yourself. I will not be polite tomorrow. ”

Taking whatever she wants means taking as much as she wants. Treasure is a good thing in any dynasty. No one would think too much.

Zhao Nanyu swallowed the smile on his lips and nodded.

Song Luan was not too sleepy at this time, and the boring books she read looked almost the same. She couldn’t understand Zhao Nanyu’s books, and couldn’t mention her interest. She rolled twice in the bed, but she was still not sleepy. She put on a blouse and said, “I’m going to see my son. He must miss me.”

Zhao Nanyu held her wrist. “I’ll take him and let him sleep here tonight.”

He detained little Zhao these days. He didn’t let her get close to Song Luan for many days.

This time, he would be happy for sure.

Zhao Nanyu went to the front yard with a light lantern on his hand. Little Zhao was not yet asleep. He laid on the bed in a very serious position, his black eyes were wide open, staring blankly at the top of the bed, and didn’t know what he was thinking.

Zhao Nanyu lit the light in the room, found a coat for him, reached out and touched his head, and asked, “You can’t sleep?”

“Yes.” No matter how serious he was, the voice of the child was still a little milky. He said, “Dad, I ate in my grandmother’s house tonight. I waited for you and my mother for a long time, but neither you nor my mother came back.”

When his parents are not at home, he can’t sleep well.

Zhao Nanyu took him out of the bed and put on his coat for him. Then he picked up his son and said softly, “I will take you to your mother’s side to sleep. ”

Little Zhao’s eyes were bent as he smiled and hugged his father’s neck. He said sweetly, “Okay.”


When Zhao Nanyu saw that he was smiling, he also laughed.

The father and son soon arrived at Song Luan’s residence from the front yard. The candles were bright inside. Song Luan couldn’t wait to get off the bed when she heard the noise outside.

She had an old habit of walking barefoot again.

The barefoot girl rushed to the door and saw bright eyed little Zhao in Zhao Nanyu’s arms, “You came quickly.”

Zhao Nanyu reminded her, “Put on your shoes.”

“Got it.” She went up to take little Zhao. She looked at him with a smile, and asked, “Does this little son miss me?”

Little Zhao replied honestly, “Yes.”

Song Luan liked to stay with her son. She was happy. She looked down at him carefully and sighed, “Did you get thinner? There’s not much flesh on this face as before.”

Little Zhao shook his head. “I eat very well, mother.”

Song Luan held him and thought that he was indeed lighter than before. She said, “You must be too tired with learning so much. Tomorrow I will stew soup for you and supplement your body. It’s better to be fat and white. ”

Little Zhao’s face turned red. “Mother, I’m not a little boy.”

Four year olds also know that fat people don’t look good. In fact, she couldn’t say he was fat. He looked…beautiful and looked cute with the little meat on his face.

Song Luan chuckled, “Okay, that’s the deal. Come here after finishing your homework tomorrow noon, okay?”


He also wanted to eat what his mother made. Last time, the pastry was delicious. As long as his mother made it, even if it wasn’t delicious, he liked it.

Song Luan held the little child and was reluctant to give up. She seemed to have countless words to say, “Did your uncle punish you when he taught you lessons?”

Song Luan still remembered that not only Zhao Chao who punished her son to copy, but also Zhao Nanyu.

That time when she boldly told Zhao Nanyu not to punish little Zhao, the man promised her, but she didn’t know if he was lying to her.

Little Zhao originally wanted to say that he had been punished, because he couldn’t lie, but his father suddenly coughed, so the child immediately understood, and shook his head, “No.”

Song Luan nodded contentedly. “That’s right. You’re only four years old. You can’t be punished even if you don’t understand how to read or how to learn.” She was still uneasy, and told him, “If your uncle punishes you in the future, come and tell your mother.”

Song Luan knew in her heart that little Zhao was her son and shouldn’t get hurt.

Zhao Nanyu couldn’t just watch anymore and said with a smile, “You are not afraid to spoil him.”

“You are too strict.”

“Okay.” Zhao Nanyu patted his son’s head. “That’s enough. Should you go to sleep?”

Little Zhao reluctantly climbed down from Song Luan’s lap, put on his shoes, and said to Song Luan, “Mother, I’m going to sleep.”

His bed was located on the side of the room. She had slept several times with little Zhao.

He knew his way to the room so she didn’t need to carry him.

His short legs pedaled to the edge of the bed, climbed up the bed with a little effort, and covered himself.

She embraced her lovely son contentedly before going back to room.

Zhao Nanyu laid beside her without saying a word, and silently extinguished the candle.

The room was in darkness. Zhao Nanyu’s cold palm covered her hand.

In the dark, Song Luan heard him ask, “Is there anything else that is uncomfortable?”

Song Luan despised his cold hands and broke away. She turned over and turned her back to him. She didn’t forget to answer, “No more.”

“That’s good.”

Zhao Nanyu grabbed her waist and pulled the woman who was rolling fast to the corner of the wall. He held her firmly in his arms and held her close to his chest. He kissed her on the forehead. “This time, it’s still my fault that I didn’t take care of you.”

It seems that he should not let her out in the future. There was no doubt about Song Luan’s beauty. It could be seen from the many eyes that followed her today.

She was even more beautiful when she dressed up. No one knows how many dignified gentlemen despised her temperament on their lips but covet her in their hearts.

Zhao Nanyu thought, of course, he would hide her, and not give her a chance to be robbed.

When he closed his eyes, he could still remember the feeling when he saw He Run holding her in his arms. His hatred and jealousy rushed to his head and couldn’t help it.

Song Luan had fallen asleep. She couldn’t hear what he said, but she could feel someone kissing her all the time, like a mosquito that couldn’t be driven away.

Annoying to death.

Zhao Nanyu covered her ears and blew softly, as if sighing, “I really can’t take you2拿你沒辦法 (I really can’t take you) – kind of helplessness and spoiling for the girl. It shows that he loves her very much..”

I just fell in love with her.

That night, Zhao Nanyu didn’t touch her because he was afraid of her frail body. She slept in his arms.

In the middle of the night, Song Luan couldn’t stand the temperature on his body several times. Unfortunately, she was dragged back once when she rolled out of his arms.

Finally she gave up resistance completely and laid in his arms.

When she woke up, Zhao Nanyu was gone. Song Luan scratched her hair. She remembered that someone asked him to meet and talked about something last night. She guessed that he should have gone out.

After getting up to wash, Zhao Nanyu was no longer in the residence.

Song Luan first went to the housekeeper to ask for the key to the storehouse, and went to pick out the gold and silver jewelry in Zhao Nanyu’s small vault!

Zhao Nanyu’s storehouse was richer than Song Luan thought. It seems that he had everything in several big boxes. She even saw a set of wedding clothes with excellent workmanship and full of gold thread. She could hardly walk.

Song Luan swallowed very ignorantly. She carefully selected several sets of jewelry from the box. When she picked them, she asked the housekeeper what was more valuable?

She took as much as she could. She wanted to change it to money with these jewelries in the future. How can she live such a good life?

As a matter of fact, Zhao Nanyu had already calculated her mentality, and left her with no future.

It was not early to pick out the jewelry, and Song Luan didn’t forget that she told her son that she would make him stew.

The cooks were not surprised that she went into the kitchen to cook. This lady had a remarkable ability.

The stewed chicken and mushroom soup that Song Luan made was nutritious, delicious and fragrant. It took Song Luan two hours to stew the chicken.

Song Luan tasted the soup. It was neither salty nor greasy. It was delicious!

When the soup was ready, her son came.

Walking together with little Zhao was Zhao Wenyan, who had just returned from the academy. He had less sharpness in his eyebrows than before, and his eyes were still clear.

Song Luan’s face was surprised. For a moment, she didn’t know when he came back?

Didn’t he go to the academy?

Zhao Wenyan looked at her uneasily and said, “I’m looking for my second brother.”

Song Luan frowned. “Your second brother is not in the residence. He had gone out.”

He shook his sleeve angrily, and somehow began to lose his temper, “I know! I’m leaving! ”

Song Luan’s face was full of ignorance. She really could never understand Zhao Wenyan’s anger?! Adolescent children, the mind was really hard to guess.

Zhao Wenyan went back halfway and then folded back. “Then I will wait for my second brother to come back.”

He insisted on staying, and Song Luan didn’t want to bother with him. She was just focused with her chicken soup.

Song Luan ignored Zhao Wenyan as much as possible, regarded him as air, and didn’t take the initiative to talk with him. She was satisfied with only knowing him.  She filled a small bowl of soup for little Zhao. Afraid that he would drink it when it’s too hot, she blew it deliberately, and then gave it to him, “Drink.”

Little Zhao picked up a bowl of soup and said, “It’s good. ”

“Is it? How about stewing soup for you every day?”

“No way.” Little Zhao shook his head seriously, and said, “Father will not agree.”

His mother was not in good health. How could she stew soup for him every day? She’ll be tired.

Song Luan thought about it. It seems like Zhao Nanyu’s thought process was different from that of ordinary people, so maybe he also wouldn’t agree.

“Okay.” But Song Luan explained to the child, “In fact, your mother’s body is not so bad. She ate bad things a few days ago, but next time she would not. You don’t have to worry about mother.”

The child’s heart was the most sensitive. Song Luan still didn’t want her child to know too much at his early age, otherwise he would worry about her body. She hoped her son would be happy.

He was very stubborn. “No, I have to take good care of my mother.”

Song Luan couldn’t convince him. “Okay.”

Zhao Wenyan was completely ignored. After eating, he stood up and said, “I’ll go.”

He seems to hate Song Luan at first glance.

Song Luan was very satisfied. It seems that only the things related to her could not be changed. But the fate of everyone else had changed.

The more Zhao Wenyan acted like this to her, the happier she was.

At dusk, Zhao Nanyu went back to the house. As soon as he entered the house, he asked, “Ayan has come to see you today? ”

Song Luan was peeling melon seeds on her coach, and she gave him some, “No, he came to see you.” She turned over and patted the dirt off her body.

It was strange. “How do you know everything?”

Zhao Nanyu opened his mouth and said, “The servants said.”

Song Luan did not doubt him. “Oh.”

She had a tiger headed doll, and when he said this, she believed it.

Of course, Song Luan didn’t know that she was surrounded by Zhao Nanyu’s eyes.

The maidservants who attended her daily life, and the shadow guard who hid in the dark.

….she lived in a huge net he had woven, and she wouldn’t be able escape.



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