Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 4 part 1

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Before dawn, Zhao Nanyu opened his eyes and frowned slightly. He raised his hand and silently removed the hand that was on his chest.

A light of disgust flashed in his eyes.

He slowly sat up, leaning against the pear-carved wood bed. He was wearing thin clothes. His collar was slightly open, showing his white chest. He propped his head and casually looked at the sleeping woman beside him.

The woman on the bed slept badly. She was lying on her back, almost occupying most of the bed. Her hands and feet were still restless, and her legs were rubbing against him all the time.

Song Luan’s clothes were messy at the moment, and her long dark hair covered half of her small face. Her eyelashes were thick, and her skin was delicate. Zhao Nanyu’s sight gradually went down. He looked at her exposed waist with interest, her quilt was long ago kicked into the corner. Her thin waist gave people unlimited imagination.

Zhao Nanyu watched for a long time, and then the light in his eyes sank. The sky outside the window gradually grew bright, turning from dark to light.

Song Luan had a nightmare. In the dream she ran barefoot in the forest. Behind her, a wolf was chasing her. She was out of breath. As she was panting, she fell down, but before she got up, the wolf had already come to her, staring at her with fierce eyes. And finally, she opened her mouth wide and bit her lip with her teeth.

Then, Song Luan woke up in pain. She didn’t know if it was psychological but she felt that there was a light pain somewhere in her body.

As soon as she opened her eyes, she had faced Zhao Nanyu’s eyes. His eyes were as clear as last night’s, and she could not see the slightest emotion.

The morning sun fell on his side face through the window pane. He looked gentle, and elegant. Zhao Nanyu raised his eyebrows slightly, “Awake?”

Song Luan silently pulled the quilt to cover her exposed skin, with a heavy sound, “Uh..”

Zhao Nanyu didn’t have to get up early for bathing today. He got out of bed and didn’t call the servant girls to come in. Instead, he took off his clothes in front of her and slowly changed into a white-crescent clothe. Then he said to her, “Today, let’s visit grandmother’s place to say our greetings”

Song Luan nodded, “Okay.”

Zhaon Nayu’s eyes light up, and the corners of his mouth crossed with a meaninful smile. In the past, Song Luan would not talk kindly, so he just dealed with it.

The original owner and the grandmother don’t get along. 9 out of the 10 times they went, she was angry at the grandmother the whole time. Of course, her life won’t get easy after behaving like that.

Therefore, on the first day of the year, Song Luan would always throw a fit and would make vicious remarks. She would not go to the main house with him until he had been scolded enough. It’s interesting. He doesn’t know what happened in the days when he was away.

So much so that a woman like Song Loan had changed dramatically.

Song Luan couldn’t see what he was thinking. She looked at Zhao Nanyu with tearful eyes and longed for him to understand the meaning in her eyes. She didn’t want to change clothes in front of him.

Fortunately, Zhao Nanyu was not interested at seeing her dress. He didn’t say anything. He took a deep look at her and then moved to the other room.

Song Luan finally didn’t have to worry. She got out of the quilt and found a set of pomegranate red underskirt. She didn’t hurry or slowed herself on changing.

While changing, she realized that it was not an illusion that she felt some pain in her body before.

There were several obvious pinch marks on her waist. The porcelain and delicate skin could easily be left with marks. It was very obvious. The blue and purple pigment looked painful.

She wondered in her heart that she didn’t even know how she got this injury? When did it happen?

When she bathe last night, the skin was still fine. How could she wake up with more pinches? Song Luan didn’t think about it. She thought it might be that the wolf in the nightmare was too scary. In the dream, she must have pinched herself severely.

After she finished dressing, Zhao Nanyu walked out of the room holding their son’s hand. The father and son looked alike. They have the same temperament, releasing the same feeling of cold aura.

But Zhao Shi got the same eyes from her mother—big crystal clear eyes that can pierce people’s hearts.

The servant girls came in and quickly made breakfast. There were light dishes and a porridge.

Song Luan is from Sichuan Province. She is not happy if the food is not spicy. She looked at the clear porridge on the table. Her mouth unconsciously grunted. She was a little unhappy.

Shi Ge was very obedient. He let go of his father’s hand and sat on the chair. He straightened his back and waited for all the food to be placed on the table. In end, he was too young that even if his thoughts are limited, he still can’t control his eyes.

Little bun secretly looked at his mother. Last night was the first time he lived in his mother’s residence. Although he was separated by a thin wall, he could still smell his mother’s fragnance when he slept.

During the meal, the atmosphere was very dull. The father and son had a gentle and elegant dining posture, and no unecessary sounds were emitted. They didn’t say a word. Naturally, Song Luan could also not speak.

The food on the table didn’t suit her taste very much. Song Luan felt that she was chewing wax. She put down her chopstick after eating a little. Zhao Nanyu took a silent look and didn’t say anything.

This hasn’t changed much. In order to maintain her slender figure, she eats very little.



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