Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 4 part 2

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Translated by: Tinker

Zhao Shi wanted to speak to tell his mother that she should eat more, but he didn’t open his mouth. Everything that happened yesterday was like a dream for him.

Zhao Nanyu turned sideways and said softly, “Are you full?”

Zhao Shi nodded. “Father, I’m full.”

Zhao Nanyu got up and hugged the little bun in his arms. Shi Ge hugged his father’s neck then softly put his small head on his father’s shoulder.

He said to Song Luan lightly, “I will take him back to the front yard first.”

Song Luan also understood what he meant by this sentence. He was not assured if the child will stay with her. In fact, no one could question him if he thinks like that. After all, the original owner was very mean to her child.

Although she wanted to know her son and wants to treat him well, she was still afraid to ask Zhao Nanyu.


There was cobblestone path leading to the front yard. Zhao Nanyu hugged the little bun. The child in his arms suddenly tightened and burried his face on his father’s clothes, and said, “Mother hugged me yesterday.”

Zhao Nanyu footsteps stopped for a moment, “Is it?”

He was very indifferent.

Zhao Shi has some grievances. He was afraid of hating his mother. Just because she suddenly treated him better yesterday, his heart was shaken. However, he didn’t think that his mother was pretending, or that he had ulterior motives.

He went on to say, “Uncle said my mother’s mind is not pure, but I..” He stammered, “I…don’t think so. I like her smell.”

Zhao Nanyu’s eyes finally had some movement. He patted his head gently, “You are too young.”

He still didn’t believe that a woman like Song Luan would change. In the past four years, she has been intensifying her efforts. She is vicious that she has done countless evil things. Thinking of this, Zhao Nanyu’s eyes went cold.

Although Zhao Shi is only four years old, the homework should be done every day. Zhao Nanyu took him to the study. His words was not strict but the firm instruction was there, “Write carefully and fill ten sheets.”


Knowing that his son has been a very good boy, rarely crying or asking him for things, he didn’t have to worry about him. He doesn’t seem to be a four-year-old child. “If the result is satisfactory, I will take you to the horse farm in two days and let you pick your own pony.”

“Thank you, father.”

Zhao Nanyu left the study and did not immediately return to Huai Shui residence, but called the people who were responsible in the courtyard. He stood under the magnolia tree in the courtyard, and the mottled light and shadow sprinkled on his handsome face. The crescent-white clothes made a kind of elegant temperament. From a distance, he looked like a refined gentleman.

He put his hand on his back, opened his lips, and asked lightly, “What has my wife done in the days when I was away? Did someone came to see her? Or did something strange happened to her?”

The servant girl stood in front of him, daring not to look and whispered back, “Madam hasn’t done anything nor has anyone come to look for her.” She recalled it carefully and went on to say, “Just two days ago, Madam suddenly fell ill. Before she fell into coma, she said that she had chest pain and woke up after a days sleep.”

After hearing this, Zhao Nanyu was silent for a moment, his eyes were calm…He did not continue to ask, and waved his hand to indicate that she could withdraw.

Sick? That’s not surprising.

The corner of his lips rose a few arcs, and stepped towards Huai Shui Residence. Song Luan thought he would not come for a while, so she took of her socks and was lying on the soft mattress while reading a book.

When Zhao Nanyu entered, he saw a pair of white and tender feet shaking in the air.

His eyes dimmed, and he raised his eyebrows. He appeared quietly behind her, “I heard people say that you were sick a few days ago?”

Song Luan heard his voice, which scared her that even the seven souls and six souls* were sent into flying.

The sudden appearance of Zhao Nanyu frightened her so much.

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*  i think this basically means that all her soul (heaven soul, earth soul, and human soul) were too scared that they were sent flying by the appearance of Zhao Nanyu. LOL, it’s just a dramatic description that she got frightened 200%.

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