Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 42

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Translated by: Tinker

Song Luan’s legs were trembling. Zhao Nanyu came back earlier than she expected.

Seeing her slow to move, Zhao Nanyu bent his eyes and whispered, “Jump down. I’ll take care of you. Don’t be afraid.”

His beautiful eyebrows seemed to have a smile. Zhao Nanyu didn’t seem angry at all. He didn’t blame her for what she did. But Song Luan’s heart was shaking when she listened to his words. She couldn’t stand still, so she fell off the high wall without noticing.

Zhao Nanyu didn’t deceive her. He caught her steadily. It seemed that he didn’t intend to let her go.

As he walked into the house, he said, “Fortunately, I am here. If I’m not here, won’t you fall to the ground?” He gave a low laugh, his muffled and laughing voice were very pleasant.

Song Luan lowered her eyes, not only did she not dare to look at him, but also did not answer his words. She was still very guilty this time. After all, she deceived him first. She couldn’t stand upright in front of him.

At dusk, the sky in the distance was red with the afterglow of the setting sun.

After entering the house, Song Luan rolled down from him. Zhao Nanyu looked at her quietly with a smile on his face.

Song Luan’s clothes were dirty, and the pink skirt was stained with dirt on the corners.

Her gray-faced face looked really embarrassing.

She lowered her head and stared at her toes. She was waiting for Zhao Nanyu to settle accounts with her. The man was very stingy and would not spare her. She waited for a long time, but there was no movement from the person in front of her.

Zhao Nanyu was calm as he touched her face. “I’ll ask someone to give you water to bathe. You’ve become a little dirty cat.”

The more he was like this, the more Song Luan couldn’t stand it. She had a sudden headache.

She took her clean clothes and went to the screen to take a bath.

Then she took off her clothes and sat in the tub. The petals were floating on the water, sending out a light fragrance as it steamed. Song Luan’s body gradually relaxed.

Song Luan had been lying in the tub for a long time. It was not that she spent a long time in the bath. She just didn’t want to go out to face Zhao Nanyu. She would rather let Zhao Nanyu scold her that she didn’t keep her promise.

She didn’t want to see him smile.

It was really scary.

After half a stick of incense, the water was already getting cold. Song Luan didn’t want to get up from the tub.

After getting dressed, she walked out slowly.

Zhao Nanyu went up to wipe her hair by hand. He said, “If you really want to go out, why do you have to climb over the wall? It doesn’t matter if you climb the wall, but if you break your leg, you will never get it back.”

For some reason, the big stone in Song Luan’s chest fell to the ground. After a long time of fear, Zhao Nanyu finally began to say that she had climbed the wall.

Maybe it’s her prejudice against Zhao Nanyu, but Song Luan thought that Zhao Nanyu’s last sentence was frightening her, suggesting that if she climbs the wall again, he would break her dog’s leg.

She opened her mouth and wanted to talk. Zhao Nanyu didn’t give her the chance to talk, and continued, “I’m also to blame. I didn’t allow you to go out.”

Song Luan dared not let him admit his mistake, and murmured, “This time it’s my fault. It’s nothing to do with you. I don’t mean what I say.”

Zhao Nanyu smelled the light fragrance on her body and smiled, “Okay, don’t mention it. Next time don’t do this rash thing again. I’m afraid that you will be hurt.”

His lips were full of laughter, and Song Luan was so annoyed by him.

Zhao Nanyu then said, “You love beauty so much so you shouldn’t leave scars on yourself.”

Song Luan’s throat was tight, and spewed a word out of her mouth with difficulty. “Okay.”

After so many lessons, Song Luan was not naive enough to think that Zhao Nanyu had just let her go. Moreover, since he kept under the corner, he must have known that Huai Jin had been squatting on the wall. It was strange that this dead man didn’t mention anything.

When Song Luan went out, she was still lamenting her good luck.

Before the day ended, she overturned her car.

Today, she looked like she was climbing the wall to meet a wild man.

In the middle of the night, Song Luan crawled into bed trembling. Zhao Nanyu wore a white tunic, with his long silky black hair scattered around. The candlelight reflected his perfectly jade white face.

He had a book in his left hand. Seeing Song Luan coming, he quietly collected it.

Song Luan’s heart was frightened by his burning eyes. She had a premonition that tonight would not be easy!

Maybe Zhao Nanyu was waiting for her here! This man liked to torture her in bed.

Not to mention torture, she would feel uncomfortable in addition to being tired.

Song Luan was suddenly thrown into bed by his strength, and she was trapped in the quilt. Zhao Nanyu’s long fingers slowly caressed her cheek and it slowly fell on her collar.

He chuckled softly and didn’t say anything. He bit her lips. This time it was a real bite. She took a breath of cold air as it hurt.

Zhao Nanyu’s movements were never gentle and fragrant. He would not let her go. He whispered in her ear, “Is Huai Jin beautiful?”

Song Luan replied in her heart, beautiful.

But she didn’t dare say it.

She didn’t open her mouth. Zhao Nanyu had some ways to make her speak.

Song Luan felt that her waist was not her own.

“Is he beautiful?”

“No…not beautiful.” Song Luan almost cried out.

Zhao Nanyu kissed her chin, nodded contentedly, and began to ask the next question, “Is he good-looking or am I?”

“You…you…it’s you.” She sobbed.

Zhao Nanyu smiled. “He is infatuated with you. He has been guarding for half a month.”

Song Luan shrank back and sniffed. She said, “Don’t get me wrong. He and I are just friends.”

She also only treated Huai Jin as her younger brother. She didn’t dare to be involved with Huai Jin.


She also hoped that this time Huai Jin would not provoke Zhao Nanyu’s hatred because of her, and would result to his tragic ending.

Zhao Nanyu looked at her and knew what she was thinking. He took some of her wet hair and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t move him.”

Zhao Nanyu had a deep mind and knew that Huai Jin still had a position in Song Luan’s mind. He would not give Huai Jin a chance to win sympathy.

These concubines1Song Luan’s concubines (aka: Huai Jin, He Run, and Zhao Wenyan (not sure if Zhao Nanyu will take revenge on his brother tho))…he would slowly clean up, one by one, in the long run. He was really not in a hurry.

Song Luan was very relieved. She was really afraid of him.

At the beginning, Zhao Nanyu also said in her face that if he saw any wild man who had relationship with her again, he would kill them one by one.

Song Luan didn’t sleep well this evening. She had several small nightmares one after another. Zhao Nanyu in the dream was dressed in a white robe, and his clean clothes were splashed with red blood. He held a sword in his hand. The tip of the sword was dripping with blood.

The bloody Zhao Nanyu smiled at her and raised his hand. Song Luan found that his other empty hand was holding her heart.

Song Luan’s face was so white that she woke up immediately. It was still early, and the sky outside the window was still dark.

But there was no one around Song Luan. Zhao Nanyu went out early for several days in a row. The situation in the capital was complicated. He was busy discussing with the sixth prince.

The queen’s family came with a lot of force, but she went back to capital without permission.

However, the emperor didn’t go to the court for several days. He never came out of the Wenhua palace. The queen refused to allow anyone to visit him for the sake of recuperation.

If the emperor didn’t survive this, the world would fall into the hands of the tenth young prince.

Song Luan knew that the day of the emperor’s death was not in this period of time. He would have to spend a few months. Within two days, the emperor should wake up.

However, these things had nothing to do with Song Luan. She had already reminded the Song family once. If she met her brother Song Heqing, she would remind him again. If his brother believed what she said, it would now depend on his fate.

At the end of summer and early autumn, the temperature of the day changed greatly, which made people shiver in the both the night and day. At the highest time of noon, they need to take off clothes.

Song Luan had chosen the cloth early and asked grandma Lin to send it to the tailor’s shop to make new clothes, not only for her, but also for Zhao Nanyu and little Zhao.

There was no lack of homework for little Zhao. The poor four-year-old had to study for three hours every day. He was a premature baby and did not have a person to look after him. Before long, little Zhao got sick and had a high fever.

Song Luan’s eyes were red and she put the baby on the bed. She hurriedly said to grandma Lin, “Go find a doctor!”

She put her hand on her son’s forehead and felt the temperature. It was okay if it’s not too hot.

Zhao Chao stood aside and coughed twice. “Second sister-in-law, give me little Zhao.”

Song Luan subconsciously hugged her son and forgot that Zhao Chao was still a doctor. “No need.”

She also felt that Zhao Chao had put too much pressure on her son which made him sick.

Zhao Chao was also in a bad temper. Although he seemed to hate Song Luan even more, he still loved this little kid, and he was reluctant to see him suffer from a high fever.

He said, “Sister-in-law, don’t forget that I’m a doctor. I can see little Zhao’s situation.”

Hearing this, Song Luan gradually released little Zhao. She shook his hand and bowed her head, saying, “Look at him now. “

Zhao Chao breathe a sigh of relief after passing the pulse. “It’s just a fever.”

“Just?!” Song Luan sneered and continued to quarrel with him.

The child in her arms closed his eyes and groaned as if it was hard. Little Zhao reached out his little finger and slowly grasped her light sleeve. He said weakly, “Don’t worry, mother, I will soon be okay.”

His illness was normal. The body and bones of the premature infant were weak. Little Zhao was a good child. He didn’t want to talk about his little discomfort and the pain in his body.

Song Luan embraced him and made up her mind that she must take care of her son.

Seeing that his mother was still unhappy, he got up and kissed her on her left cheek, “Mother, I will sleep now.”



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