Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 40

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At sunset, beams of golden light fell nto the room through the window. The branches outside the window swung with the wind, making a rustling sound.

Song Luan didn’t seem to want to talk to him. She sat on the window and bent her head to peel melon seeds. Zhao Nanyu walked over and asked, “Did Ayan say why he was looking for me?”

Song Luan was surprised. “No, he didn’t say a word to me.”

Zhao Wenyan despised her and lost his temper. He was no different from the wayward child. And Song Luan thought that he mostly felt disdain talking to her.

Zhao Nanyu nodded, and his displeasure dissipated. He didn’t want his brother to be too close to her. He had better not meet her again later, but as long as both of them were in Zhao’s residence, they would have to meet once or twice.

“I’ll ask him later.”

“Oh. ”

For a while, both husband and wife were silent again.

Zhao Nanyu was not a talkative person. He picked up a book from the bookshelf.

When Song Luan looked up, she saw his side face. After a while, she went back to her mind. After coughing twice, she remembered that she had another thing to say to him, “That…I…”

Zhao Nanyu stared at her. “Say it.”

Song Luan wanted to go back to her mother’s house recently. She still remembered several big turning points in the original book. After a few months, the emperor would die and the new emperor would ascend the throne.

The Song family was involved with the wrong side. Song Luan’s father was deprived of his official position. There was nothing left in the Song family. Both men and women were exiled. She thought of her good brother Song Heqing. She couldn’t bear to see this big family destroyed.

Song Luan just wanted to remind her father and brother that it didn’t matter if he didn’t stand on the side of sixth prince. As long as he didn’t oppose him, he won’t have to settle with them in the future.

She looked at Zhao Nanyu and said slowly, “Tomorrow I want to go back to Song residence to see my mother. ”

Zhao Nanyu put down the book in his hand, and suddenly wondered why she wanted to go home. He straightened his lips, and asked, “I will go back with you in two days.”

He was too busy these two days to spare time to accompany her back.

Song Luan quickly waved her hand and said, “Don’t. I’ll go back myself, and I won’t bother you.”

She spoke in a polite way and regarded him as an outsider.

Zhao Nanyu was silent for a long time. He seemed to be discussing with her in a gentle tone. “I’ll accompany you when I’m free. I’m not sure if you can go by yourself. ”

The capital was really unstable these days.

This morning, the emperor made an edict and granted the throne to sixth prince. The sixth prince, who was in the limelight because of the marriage, was even more noticeable this time.

They had not yet figured out whether the emperor really intended to pass the crown prince title to sixth prince. At noon, the palace issued two more holy orders, and conferred the younger ninth prince and tenth prince respectively.

The emperor’s mind was hard to guess. No one could understand what the emperor wanted to do.

However, several other princes who had sealed the king early had been eager to move. Anyone could see that the emperor’s dragon body was uneasy during this day. If something unexpected happened, whoever had the military power in the capital was the last winner.

The birth mother of sixth prince died early, and he grew up beside the queen when he was ten years old. However, they didn’t have an amicable relationship, so the sixth prince couldn’t rely on the queen.

These days, the queen had secretly recalled her brothers who were guarding in Bincheng to the capital. This made chaos for a long time.

Song Luan didn’t think there would be any trouble in the capital city. What’s more, she wouldn’t even be affected if the gods fought. She looked at Zhao Nanyu and said, “I’m just going home, and I’m not wandering around outside. What can happen?”

Zhao Nanyu shook his head and smiled, “Well, I know.” After a pause, he said, “But I’m still not sure. Would you just listen to me once?”

Song Luan was a little frustrated.

Little Zhao probably inherited his stubbornness from him. He would never change his mind. But every time he used that kind of gentle tone, she would be embarrassed to quarrel with him. It gave her a kind of illusion that she was ignorant.

She knew she couldn’t beat him, and lost her face. “I know.”

Song Luan was also a good speaker. She didn’t really intend to promise anything to him.

Zhao Nanyu was not at home in the daytime. Wasn’t it easy for her to go out?

Seeing her dejected, Zhao Nanyu knew that she was not happy. He squeezed her bulging cheek and said nothing.

After dinner, a woman she had never met came in.

Zhao Nanyu said to her, “This is Grandma Lin. I asked her to come here and take care of your body. ”

Song Luan had the problem of being picky about food, so he was afraid that she won’t drink the medicine well because it was bitter. The servant girls couldn’t control what she could eat. Zhao Nanyu invited this Grandma, who took care of her brother, to come here.

Grandma Lin who looked serious. She respectfully saluted Song Luan, “I pay respects to Madam.”

Song Luan nodded, “Get up.”

Grandma Lin didn’t like the lady who she had only seen a few times. When she first saw their son, he was less than a year old. She saw that this woman didn’t care about her own child, and didn’t even worry when he fell ill.

At that time, she thought that the young master had a good temper. This kind of woman had long abandoned her family.

Unexpectedly, one day she would be called to serve this madam.

After meeting, Zhao Nanyu asked Grandma Lin to retreat. He slowly explained to Song Luan, “I’m not looking for someone to look at you. Grandma Lin not only takes care of people, but also can make medicinal meals that taste good. You will like them.”

Song Luan’s eyes widened. “Look after me??? ”

She didn’t really think about it. Looking after her? For what?

Zhao Nanyu’s reaction was very quick. Seeing her appearance, he knew that she didn’t think much. He felt relieved and laughed secretly.

“I’m afraid you don’t take your medicine well.”

Song Luan was scared to death by him and mistakenly thought that he would do what she did to the female lead. He kept her locked at home. In his world, nothing could escape his eyes.

She didn’t want it.

Yes, the male lead was still normal now.

Song Luan said, “I’ve been much better recently. My chest and brain doesn’t hurt. Besides, the medicine is too bitter. ”


“Drink more of the bitter medicine.”

“Oh. ”

Although Zhao Nanyu didn’t speak much, he always liked to bite her ear and say something shameful in bed. Song Luan was never his opponent in this respect.

She was coaxed three or two times, and was taken to bed in a confused manner.

Zhao Nanyu’s aggression made her unable to resist, and she tried to ran away with tears. He just grabbed her ankle and pulled her back. He lowered his head and sucked the tears from her eyes. He said in a loving voice, “It’s still early. What can you do in the middle of the night?”

And she suffered.

Song Luan’s heart trembled, her eyes were red than rabbit’s.

She was bullied too hard by him. Before she went to sleep, she suddenly realized a very serious problem. She had not drunk any contraceptive pill, what would she do if she had a child?

It was a pity that Zhao Nanyu didn’t give her the strength to think deeply. After tossing and turning, she was already tired and had no heart to think.

In the early morning of the second day, the first thing she did after she woke up was to go out. It was impossible to go out in a proper way, but there was still a back door in Zhao residence, and she planned to sneak out through the back door.

Grandma Lin looked at the blue and purple bruises on her shoulder and ordered people to pump water in and find ointment for her. Song Luan took the ointment on her face and refused to let Grandma Lin apply the medicine to her.

Her skin was delicate and easy to leave a mark. It looked scary, but actually it didn’t hurt.

Grandma Lin’s eyes were sharp, and she was relieved when Song Luan drank the tonic.

Song Luan’s whole body was uncomfortable when she saw her. Fortunately,  she was not always waiting for her in her room.

After she finished drinking the medicine, Grandma Lin went to work.

Song Luan sent away all the other servant girls in the room, and then changed into a set of servant clothes timidly. She opened the door fearfully and quickly ran out of the room.


Although the back door was small, there were also small guards guarding the door.

Song Luan waited for half the incense stick1Burning 1 incense stick takes an hour to an hour and a half. Song Luan probably waited for 30 minutes or so. by the door, and didn’t doze off. She was very dedicated, and didn’t dare to act rashly.

Song Luan bit her teeth and turned to the wall in the backyard. She remembered that Huai Jin turned in from that wall last time. There should be no one there.

She kept her head down along the way, and no one saw her.

Song Luan suddenly thought, ‘why did she go so low as to climb a wall?’ 

She shouldn’t have given in to the power of the man last night.

She should have said that she would go back to her mother’s house! But now it’s no use regretting. In order not to let Zhao Nanyu find out that she lied and said nothing, she had to go out by climbing the wall.

The corner of the backyard was not too high. Song Luan found some big stones to pad her feet, and tied up the skirt in the way. She looked around, and made sure that no one was around.

She started climbing the wall quickly. With the height of the stone, she easily climbed up the corner.

Song Luan closed her eyes and jumped. She found a young boy squatting under the corner of the outer wall. He was wearing orange clothes and the skin on his face was shining white under the sun. He was a beautiful boy.

Song Luan and Huai Jin looked at each other. She choked for a moment. She’s was afraid of what was coming!

She didn’t know what to say.

When Huai Jin saw her, his eyes lit up like a shining star. He stood up with a rather aggrieved tone. “Ah Luan, I have been waiting for you for many days! ”

He squatted in this corner and guarded for many days.

“You finally came to me, but how did you know I was under the wall?”

If she knew he was under the wall, she wouldn’t climb out at all.

Song Luan secretly congratulated herself..

Fortunately, Zhao Nanyu didn’t see it! Otherwise, it would be a scene of  ‘Caught in the Red-Apricot wall2So the wall she climbed out has the color of a red-apricot. This is not an idiom or anything. crime scene’

It seems that her luck was not too bad3Let’s see, Song Luan, let’s see…..



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