Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 41

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Huai Jin was a very beautiful little boy. When he looked at Song Luan with red eyes and disappointed look, he felt a little guilty.

Song Luan didn’t even think that this child would be so stubborn. Because she didn’t go to him, he stood outside the wall waiting.

The corner of the wall was not a good place to talk. Song Luan looked left and right and found no one else. She was still uneasy. She grabbed his sleeve and dragged him under the tree in the corner.

Under the shade of the tree, the golden light fell on his cheek through the leaves. The boy was almost white, and his lips were red and his white teeth were beautiful.

Song Luan tried to reason with him and said, “Huai Jin, I didn’t know you were waiting for me. I have other important matters today. I really don’t have time to talk with you more. I’ll go first.”

Huai Jin easily reacted, he grabbed her arm and the corner of his mouth bent down. His voice was loud. “Where are you going?!”

Song Luan quickly covered his mouth for fear that he would attract others. She lowered her voice and patiently explained, “I’m going first, so hurry back.” and she started to run.

He followed her closely. His angry face turned green. “Are you going to leave me?”

Huai Jin was a smart person. Song Luan didn’t come to see him in such a long time. She probably didn’t want him anymore. This thought made Huai Jin sad.

He didn’t know what he had done to make her angry.

Song Luan thought for a moment. She thought it would be a good thing to speak clearly with Huai Jin now, so as not to hurt him in the future.

She turned sideways, and her face was frozen. Finally, she said, “Huai Jin, I…”

As soon as Song Luan opened her mouth, Huai Jin knew what she wanted to say. He blocked his ears with his hands like a rogue. “I won’t listen. I won’t listen.”

“I haven’t said anything yet and you won’t listen?”

“It’s definitely not a good word.”

Song Luan sighed for a long time, but even if Huai Jin didn’t want to hear it, she would still say it, “I didn’t do the right thing before. Huai Jin, I already have a husband and a son. I’m a woman, you’re a man. We should not go so close in the future. You’re better off living your own life.”

Such a beautiful boy must be liked by many girls in the future.

Song Luan wanted to find a good future for him as much as possible, rather than dying in the ice and snow.

Looking at Huai Jin’s face, it could almost kill flies between his eyebrows. His face was as black as the bottom of a pot. He shouted angrily, “But you don’t like that man with the surname Zhao! You said you were going to leave him, and we….we originally have no relationship like that. I won’t do that with you!”

Song Luan was completely relieved that the original owner and him still had good manners and didn’t break through the bottom line of the relationship between men and women.

Since she couldn’t persuade him, Song Luan didn’t want to waste her precious time. She had to go back to Song’s residence as soon as possible.

She had to come back before dark.

Huai Jin’s goal was not to leave her, but to follow her behind. He followed her all the way, and finally realized that the two had come to the gate of the Song residence.

Two days ago, he was kicked by Song Luan’s brother in the street. The location was not too different from where Zhao Nanyu kicked. He still felt the pain until now.

Song Luan was recognized by all the servants in front of the Song residence. They were stunned as they wiped their eyes and made sure they didn’t see it wrong.

Then, they hurried up to meet her! “Third lady, how did you come back?! You didn’t tell us beforehand.”

Song Luan said slowly, “I came back to see my mother, should I still report that?”

“I dare not. Come in quickly. I’ll inform Aunt Lin right now.”

“No, I’ll go in and find my mother myself. ”

She entered the gate of the Song family, but Huai Jin was blocked at the gate. Several bodyguards blocked the gate tightly. They seem to have known Huai Jin for a long time.

Also, who didn’t know the friendship he had with the third lady?

Song Luan found Aunt Lin’s yard according to her last memory. When she arrived, Aunt Lin was picking up silk and satin to make autumn clothes she would wear this year.

Song Luan’s sudden appearance really scared Aunt Lin, “Ah Luan, where did you come from?”

Aunt Lin’s gold and silver jewelry almost blinded Song Luan’s eyes. She replied, “I stopped by today to see you.”

She didn’t dare to tell her mother the truth.

Aunt Lin seldom doubts the truth of her words. She held her hand, smiled and said, “You are still filial and still know to come back to see me.”

After saying this, Aunt Lin told the maidservant inside the room to go out. She didn’t like having outsiders whenever she talks with her baby daughter.

Song Luan sat down and poured herself a glass of water. She took a small half of the cup and licked her lips. She asked, “Mother, can you speak to father?”

Aunt Lin’s eyes narrowed. “Why do you ask? What’s your idea again?”

Song Luan swallowed her throat, but refused to answer, only to be pampered with her mother. “Tell me first.”

Aunt Lin felt that her precious daughter was the most beautiful and charming in the world. Song luan didn’t need to ask.

Song Luan asked directly, “Can you say one or two words to father?”

This was her modest words. Song Luan was so beautiful, and Aunt Lin was her biological mother. Her appearance was not bad. Although she was old now, she still had charms.

In addition, Aunt Lin’s temperament was excellent. She was very soft when it needed to be in front of Song Luan’s father. In these years, she is still had the favor of Song Luan’s father.

At least if she speaks, the master would be willing to listen to her.

Song Luan’s mind gradually relaxed. She was afraid that Aunt Lin would not be able to speak to her father. In that way, she couldn’t remind her father not to go against the sixth prince.

“Mom, I heard a message from Ah Yu yesterday.”

Aunt Lin raised her ears, “Tell me.”

Song Luan confirmed that the doors and windows were closed, so she whispered in Aunt Lin’s ear, “I heard that the emperor intended to pass the throne to the sixth prince.”

Of course, she just made this nonsense up. She didn’t know who the emperor wanted to take over his position, but she knew that the future emperor was the sixth prince, which was enough.

Aunt Lin stared and was surprised. “My God, Luanbao, you are so good. I thought you only know how to have fun, and make fun of things. It’s good.”

After she paused, she asked, “But where did Ah Yu get the news?”


No matter how many times she was asked, she couldn’t explain it, so she pretended to be unhappy. “Mother, don’t you believe me?”

“Oh, I believe in you.” Aunt Lin also guessed the deep meaning of Song Luan’s words to her. If the emperor wanted the sixth prince to be the next in line, wouldn’t their family fight with the sixth prince in the future?

Aunt Lin also knew something about the court. She usually had tea and flowers with the wives and concubines of the dignitaries. She talked about rouge and gouache, but occasionally talked about who was demoted and who was promoted.

“Mom, just believe me. I’m afraid something will happen to our family.”

“Don’t worry, your mother will speak about this to your father.” Aunt Lin was tactful and could speak very well. If she wanted to tell the master about it, she would not be as straightforward as Song Luan.

Suddenly, Song Luan heard the cry faintly. She raised her eyes and looked at Aunt Lin foolishly. She asked, “Niang, is anyone crying in the house?”

When Aunt Lin heard this, her eyes seemed to glow, and her face was full of gloating ridicule. “Ah, it’s your sister, Song Yu, who is crying.”

Song Luan’s hand holding the teacup was stagnant, “What’s wrong with her?”

Aunt Lin said slowly, “Since the evening when she came back from the palace, she began to have stomachache. She couldn’t see several doctors well. You didn’t see her, but in a few days, she became too thin and didn’t look good. I feel sorry for her.”

Song Luan looked at her mother’s smile, which couldn’t be suppressed.  She was in a complex mood.

Aunt Lin talked about other people’s affairs with great enthusiasm and kept on talking. “Yesterday, I invited a Taoist master to take care of it.”

“What did the master say?” Her intuition told her that this must be Zhao Nanyu’s revenge for her.

Aunt Lin almost didn’t laugh out loud.

She didn’t like Song Yu at all. She was very pitiful. For the past four years, her eyes towards Zhao Nanyu was still the same ever since the first time Zhao Nanyu came to the Song residence.

“The doctor said that she was guilty of evil in her life. Only when there is a happy event can she get rid of it.” She moistened her throat, and then said, “It’s just that she is at the age of marriage. Now, she was given a good candidate. They have cooperated with each other and talked about marriage. They just made an appointment this morning, but your sister has something in her heart. She has been crying since the morning.”

What was the use of crying? She still had to marry even if she didn’t want to marry.

Aunt Lin wanted to watch a good play. In this way, Song Yu didn’t have to wait for her son-in-law (ZN) to give up the marriage with Luanbao.

Song Luan naturally had no affection for Song Yu, a person who targeted her, so she kept silent for a long time and finally jumped out of her mouth and said, “This is very good.”

Having said that, Song Luan didn’t plan to stay in Song’s residence this long, and Aunt Lin didn’t keep her long.

Aunt Lin once again cried at the door. This time, she didn’t see the carriage or even a person to serve her daughter. Aunt Lin knew what was going on.

But she firmly believed that there was a reason for her daughter to do this thing, and her baby daughter would never be wrong.

Aunt Lin also secretly stuffed a bag of gold leaves into Song Luan’s sleeve, for fear that she would be cold and hungry and poor.

Song Luan returned to the road and climbed back to the high wall according to the previous method. She didn’t know that someone was waiting for her like an assailant waiting for its prey.

Zhao Nanyu was dressed in a blue tunic. The light wind raised his sleeves. His hair was tied up high. His facial features were three points sharp, and a killing aura showed in his face. 

He stood with his hands on his back and his lips raised slightly.

He looked at her on the high wall and smiled. The soft wind brought his gentle voice to Song Luan’s ears. He said, “Be careful. I’ll wait for you from below. Don’t hurt yourself. ”

Song Luan shivered violently and her legs became soft.



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