Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 43

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Little Zhao’s body was still a little hot, and his cheeks were abnormally red. The child was listless. He was leaning his head against her chest.

Song Luan was so worried, but she could only wait for Zhao Chao to prepare the antipyretic medicine and send it to the kitchen for boiling. She wanted to fetch some water to wipe his body, because he was extraordinarily sticky from his own sweat. He tightly grabbed her clothes and refused to let go. He shook her head. “Mother, don’t go.”

Song Luan’s heart softened, so she held him and didn’t let go. Fortunately, the antipyretic medicine was soon ready, and the black medicine was still steaming with hot water. Song Luan took the hot medicine bowl and blew it cold. Then, she fed her son a spoonful of the medicine.

This medicine smelled bitter, but little Zhao didn’t cry or even frown.

He swallowed it.

The bitter medicine was fed to him smoothly. Song Luan took out a handkerchief and wiped the corners of his mouth for him. She looked at him painfully and asked, “Is the medicine bitter or not?”

Little Zhao nodded, “Bitter.”

Are there any medicine that are not bitter?

Song Luan ordered grandma Lin to bring up some candied fruits. She coaxed her son, “It won’t be bitter if you eat some candied fruits.”

Little Zhao picked out two candied fruits from her palms. “Father said that I can’t eat too much. If I eat too much, my teeth will be broken.”

No matter how distorted Zhao Nanyu’s character was, Song Luan couldn’t deny that he really taught his son very well. His rules were sensible.

After feeding the medicine, the temperature on little Zhao’s forehead went down a little bit. It wasn’t as hot as before.

Song Luan stuffed him very carefully into the quilt, afraid that he would freeze. She pinched her son’s soft cheek and said, “Go to sleep.”

Take medicine and then go to sleep. This would make him better.

His eyes were wide open, and the dark eyes followed her closely. He was reluctant to move or close his eyes. He refused to sleep.

Song Luan smiled, lowered her head and asked softly, “Why don’t you sleep?”

It was reasonable that people would get sleepy after taking medicine.

Adults were more vulnerable than usual when they are sick.

He reached out his hands from the quilt and looked at Song Luan with eyes. “I want to hug mother.”

His eyes were big and round. Song Luan couldn’t resist the expectation in his eyes and the kind of pleading. She just took off her shoes and climbed onto the bed. Little Zhao hugged her neck and smiled at her sweetly.

Song Luan seldom saw this child smile. He usually had no expression on his face.

Song Luan patted him on the shoulder and asked, “You can’t sleep?”

Little Zhao’s brain was still a little dim. With a strong nasal sound, he replied in a milk voice, “Mm-hmm. ”

Before, when his mother didn’t like him, he had never been held by her, slept with her, or cared for as carefully as he was today.

Later, when his mother treated him better and better, he was happy, but grew dissatisfied because he could only meet her for a few days.

Apart from having lunch with his mother every day, he spent most of his time in the front yard. It could be seen that although his father loved him, he didn’t like him sleeping with his mother very much.

Moreover, his uncle said that he was now a four-year-old. When his uncle was four years old, he also lived in the front yard early. No one in the family stuck to his mother like him.

After thinking about it, Song Luan said, “Shall I tell you a story?”

Little Zhao looked at her with bright eyes, “Okay.”

Song Luan didn’t know what kind of stories he wanted to hear, so she chose some familiar stories to tell him. “Once upon a time, there was a temple with three monks. One day, the master asked them to fetch water together.”

Her voice was soft and her tone was gentle. She told the story and the child in her arms had already closed their eyes and fell asleep.

In the night, Zhao Nanyu came back late. He was wrapped in cold air as he walked to the door to cover himself from nightly breeze. He pushed the door open. The candle fire in the room was not bright, and the faint yellow was enough to brighten the room.

At a glance, Zhao Nanyu saw Song Luan, who sat in front of the dressing mirror, removing her headdress. He quietly walked over and asked, “Little Zhao is ill?”

As soon as he came back, grandma Lin told him about it.

Song Luan froze for a moment and nodded, “Yes, he had a fever. He took medicine first before he fell asleep.”

Zhao Nanyu frowned. “In the other side of the room?”

“Yes.” Song Luan turned around and looked up to see his face. His facial features were hidden in the dim yellow light, and the lines of his lower jaw were tight and slightly cold.

She summoned up her courage and said slowly, “I want to bring my son to my side.”

Song Luan was already prepared that Zhao Nanyu would not agree with her. After all, she had abused the child before.

She had beaten and scolded her son.

The day before she transmigrated, the original owner did not give him food.

So even if Song Luan knew that Zhao Nanyu liked her a little now, she didn’t think he would trust her with his child.

Sure enough, Zhao Nanyu did not agree.

“No.” It seems that there was no room for discussion. But the reason why Zhao Nanyu refused was not what Song Luan thought.

Song Luan opened her mouth and lowered her voice, “I know… I wasn’t good at taking care of my son before, but I won’t be like that now, I will take good care of him. You also think he is still young, but you are also busy. You can’t always look after him, but I can! Can you just trust me once? ”

Zhao Nanyu gave her a deep look and shook his head slowly. He was not moved. “He is not small. When I was the same age as him, I had no father or mother around me. You are spoiling him. It’s not good for him.”

Song Luan had a headache. She felt that she and Zhao Nanyu were not in the same page.

“I am not spoiling him! You’re misinterpreting me!”

Zhao Nanyu raised his eyebrows. Indeed, he said that on purpose. The child’s mind had been cultivated. Even if Song Luan wanted to spoil this child, he would be very self disciplined to restrain himself.

Zhao Nanyu just felt that if little Zhao would be taken care by her, it would take up Song Luan’s hard work and energy. All her attention would be with the child.

Song Luan didn’t really want to stay with Zhao Nanyu. He never saw love from those beautiful eyes when they looked at him.

As soon as their son came, there was nothing more important than him.


“I didn’t.” After a pause, Zhao Nanyu coaxed her softly. “Okay, let’s stop quarreling. I’ll pick two more maidservants to serve him. Don’t worry.”

Little Zhao had been weak since he was a child. In the past four years, Zhao Nanyu had been used to his illness recurring several times a year. Song Luan hadn’t paid much attention to recovering her son’s body these past few years.

Song Luan blurted out, “He is my child. Can I not worry?”

She regretted it once her voice came out.

Zhao Nanyu looked at her and sighed, and he compromised. “So I’ll let him come to live here when he doesn’t have a class.”

Song Luan had a natural sense of fear in front of Zhao Nanyu. This fear may be due to knowing the plot in advance.

Knowing Zhao Nanyu’s vicious and cruel nature, and the more she had in contact with him, the more she knew that Zhao Nanyu was really not easy to provoke.

She did not ask for any more conditions, and said in a muffled voice, “That will do. ”


Sickness comes like a mountain, sickness goes like a silkworm1病來如山倒,病去如抽絲 (Sickness comes like a mountain, sickness goes like a silkworm.) – This proverb refers to a disease that easily comes, like the fast and violent landslide, but it goes away very slowly, like pulling silk from the cocoon.

He had a bad illness for a long time. The fever subsided but he began to cough again. Within a few days, his voice became hoarse. Song Luan had no choice but to find Zhao Chao and ask him to prescribe a new prescription.

After examining the pulse, Zhao Chao’s face sank, and he sneered, “His sickness is probably not from second sister-in-law’s birth, but because he was abused again and again.”

He obviously blamed Song Luan for this.

Song Luan was speechless. “I didn’t.”

“Forget it. I’ll complain this to second brother.” Zhao Chao hurriedly went to the pharmacy and picked up the medicine again.

Song Luan was ridiculed by Zhao Chao’s strange and gloomy spirit. Apart from feeling a little anger that stuck in her chest, she didn’t know whether she was angry at herself, Song Luan looked pale and haggard.

Zhao Chao brought the medicine himself after decocting it, and watched Song Luan feed the medicine to little Zhao before he left.

After he passed by, his footsteps stopped.

He stared at her silently for a long time, and retracted his gaze again. Because of pride, he still did not ask what he wanted to ask.

Zhao Chao also thought it was strange. He had seen her look better some days before. He thought there was nothing wrong with her.

How could it be that after just over half a month, her appearance became worse.

Song Luan deviated from the plot line of the original owner. There were no consequences that she knew of. She only thought that she took over this body to continue the plot.

Even the medicine was not enough to stop Song Luan’s body from decaying so fast.

Zhao Nanyu’s ‘tianqing’ under her body was also gradually waking up, and the combination of the two caused this current situation.

Song Luan deliberately fought with Zhao Nanyu in cold war, which was what the original master would do to Zhao Nanyu, so she managed to maintain the human structure by mistake, and her health gradually improved.

And all this happened silently. Song Luan had not yet understood this2The author is saying that Song Luan’s haggard appearance and weak health was because of her ‘deviating’ from the plot. There was a ‘character collapse’ because she was not acting like the original owner., and she was not even willing to admit that her body was gradually declining.

Perhaps because little Zhao was sick, Zhao Nanyu came back very early this day. He stood by the door and didn’t make a sound. He watched Song Luan’s gentle voice coaxing little Zhao to drink medicine.

After the medicine was fed, Song Luan walked out with an empty bowl.

Looking up, she saw Zhao Nanyu, who she didn’t know appeared. Her chest was a little stuffy, and she managed to walk to him. Her voice was also a little hoarse. “You are back.”

Before Zhao Nanyu could speak, Song Luan’s legs and feet suddenly softened, and she fell in his arms. Zhao Nanyu firmly supported her waist.

Song Luan seemed to know what he wanted to ask. With a smile, she stopped his question in advance. “I’m sorry, I didn’t stand still.”

She broke away from his arms and walked out.

Zhao Nanyu still firmly held her wrist.

Song Luan was shocked by his cold and fierce eyes. He held her with so much power that her wrist must have been squeezed hard.

Song Luan mumbled, “You’re hurting me.”



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