Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 44

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Song Luan had been taking care of her son day and night. She was really tired.

Even her well-dressed makeup couldn’t cover her haggard face, and there was a gloomy aura around her.  

Zhao Nanyu loosened his wrists and swept a look at her face. He said in a cold voice, “Your appearance now is not very good. It’s better to leave it to the servants to take care of the child.”

Song Luan said with a smile, “I’m okay. It’s not a big problem.”  

Zhao Nanyu didn’t believe what she said. He had a debt in his heart and was reluctant to see her worry about her child’s illness all day long. Zhao Nanyu just wanted to keep Song Luan’s body healthy now.  

He stretched out his hand, and his cool fingers slowly slipped over her pale cheek. It also gently pulled the scattered hair for her.

He urged her in a warm voice, “I know you can’t trust me, but if you do this to take care of him, you will be ill again. If little Zhao knows that you got sick, he will feel very sad. This child has a heavy mind. Even if he is sad, he will not tell you.”  

Song Luan rubbed her wrist, stared at her toes, and did not answer him.  

In addition to being tired these days, she also felt that there were some uncomfortable places in her body. Her chest was stuffy and she had short of breath. Her heart and mouth also hurt. It was very similar to the symptoms of when she fainted for the first time. She also blamed herself for taking less medicine some days ago.  

It was only now that Song Luan had reluctantly admitted that she had really became a sick seedling, and that she couldn’t live without medicines. She didn’t lift her head, and just said, “That’s fine, please find a reliable servant to look for little Zhao.”  

Zhao Nanyu heard her unhappiness. He squeezed her chin and raised her face. Song Luan’s unhappy face could be seen in her straight face. Even her words were less.  

He sighed, “Ah Luan, I am not refusing to let you near the child, but I am worried about your body.”

Song Luan knew that the poison in her body couldn’t be control immediately.  

With his eyes closed, Zhao Nanyu could remember the picture of when he asked Zhao Chao for poison.  

At the beginning, he didn’t take Song Luan’s life to heart and asked Zhao Chao for the most dangerous medicine that could torture a person. Zhao Chao picked from the cupboard and found a small red bottle and threw it to him. At that time, Zhao Chao laughed and said that he was cruel enough.  

Zhao Nanyu even took this word as praise. He thought of all the things that Song Luan had done, and only wanted to torture her slowly, rather than kill her all at once, which was too boring. Even he couldn’t hide from the cause and effect.  

Song Luan looked at Zhao Nanyu with complicated eyes.  

She suddenly felt that Zhao Nanyu was really worried about her this time, and not for other reasons. And this kind of care was still very useful for Song Luan.   In fact, Zhao Nanyu could give her enough security at a critical time.  

Song Luan thought the last time she was in the palace. She almost thought she would die of pain, and was really afraid. But in the moment when she was hugged by him, the fear that magnified in her heart gradually subsided.  

She was held in his arms while quietly being coaxed. She cried conspicuously in his arms, and all her grievances and uneasiness dissipated right then.  

“Well, I didn’t think much.” Song Luan looked at him with sincere tone.  

Today, Zhao Nanyu wore a crimson round collar and narrow sleeve robe. There was an exquisite patterns embroidered in the middle of his robe. His waist was decorated with jade belt. His black hair was tied up high, showing his extremely handsome features.  

At sunset, the yellow golden light passed through the window pane, and the soft light fell on his delicate face, which made him look white and transparent.  

There was no doubt about the beauty of the male lead. Song Luan had been stunned for several times. This time, she may have been seduced by Zhao Nanyu’s beauty. She stood on tiptoe and pecked his lips. Her face was slightly red. “I know you are worried about me. Thank you.”  

Song Luan took the initiative to kiss him.   

She blushed, sat down, and pretended to drink a glass of water.  

Zhao Nanyu’s fingers caressed the place she pecked, his eyes curved with laughter. He licked his lips, squinted at her, and said, “Kiss again.”  

Song Luan did not open her eyes and pretended not to hear.  

She was just seduced by his beauty…

Song Luan rarely took the initiative. Although Zhao Nanyu wanted her to peck him more, he didn’t continue to force her.  


The weather gradually turned cool, and the autumn wind was blowing. The ground of the courtyard was covered with golden leaves.   

The windows of the inner room were tightly closed, so no wind could get in.  

Little Zhao’s illness began to improve, but Song Luan’s complexion was still as pale as ever, and only after taking tonic did she get better.  

In this way, Song Luan would never dare to stop the medicine easily again. Now her body was like a bottomless hole, and she could only fill it continuously.  

Problems such as chest tightness and shortness of breath never appeared after taking the medicine. But her face was still pale.   

Other people in the family who knew that little Zhao was sick, came to their residence and visited him. After Zhao Wenyan returned to the academy, third lady Zhao had time to come see little Zhao. Although she never liked to interfere with the affairs of Zhao Nanyu and his wife, he was also her grandson. If he was ill, she could not help asking.  

Besides, third lady Zhao still likes this kid. Some of the other children in the family were more lovely and charming than him, but they were not as good-looking as him.  

Besides, he was the most sensible one. He didn’t cry, nor quarrel, and didn’t get angry with the adults. Third lady Zhao picked some valuable supplements from her warehouse, but was surprised to see Song Luan’s weak appearance. Didn’t she look good the other day? Why was she so haggard?  

Third lady Zhao thought in her heart for a while, thinking of the love between the two couple. Zhao Nanyu was young and energetic, maybe Song Luan was fooled by Ah Yu in the matter of the bed. In addition, Song Luan was worried about her son’s illness, so this made her thin and weak.  

She felt that as their nominal mother, she had to say something. She took Song Luan’s hand and said, “Ah Luan, although I’m happy to see you and your husband mixing oil, you can’t get used to Ah Yu in anything. You have to persuade him when he comes.”  

Song Luan heard the fog in her head, “Ah?”  

When third lady Zhao saw the ignorant expression on her face, she coughed twice and whispered in her ear, “You can’t be coaxed in bed. He’ll be used to everything if you don’t. He needs to understand restraint.”  

Song Luan blushed and her neck moved awkwardly. She looked rather embarrassed. She said, “I see. Thanks for reminding.”  

She couldn’t help it! Zhao Nanyu was a beast in bed! Don’t tell him to exercise restraint. As long as she made a sound, Zhao Nanyu’s movements would only get fiercer and fiercer and won’t listen to what she was saying at all.  

The more third lady Zhao saw and know Song Luan, the more she liked her. She patted Song Luan on the back of her hand and said with concern, “When you look after your son, you should not treat your body too harshly. When you gave birth to him, your body became weak by then. You can’t be careless any more.”  

Song Luan listened to her words, and was very moved. The third lady in front of her was not the same as in the original book. In the book, she was a cold woman, with only her own son in her eyes and heart, regardless of what Zhao Wenyan did.  

The two were talking, and there was a “dang” sound in between, as if something had fallen to the ground.  

Song Luan opened the curtain and hurried into the room. It turned out that her son woke up. The child wanted to dress himself, but he accidentally knocked over the candlestick on the desk.  

Song Luan was relieved and went to pick up the candlestick for him. She smiled and said, “You’re awake?”  

He just woke up with a red face, and nodded, “Mother, I…I was careless.”  

Song Luan laughed and carried him off the bed. She dressed him up one by one. “It’s okay. You didn’t do anything wrong.”


She began to tease her son with a smile. “You are mother’s sweetheart. You will always be my son no matter what you do.”  

Sure enough, the little old-fashioned son was red in his ears.  

Song Luan pinched his face, “Okay, let’s go out and meet grandma, shall we?”  

Little Zhao’s eyes drooped and his cheeks were hot. “Okay.”  

Third lady Zhao was also very happy to meet her grandson. She took out the prepared golden sugar and handed it to him, “Good kid.”  

Little Zhao thanked her politely, then he was carried to the front yard by grandma Lin. He had to continue getting his pulse checked.  

As soon as the child left, third lady Zhao went on talking. Before she had finished speaking, she looked at Song Luan’s stomach meaningfully and asked, “Hasn’t your stomach moved yet?”  

Song Luan was dumbfounded for a long time, then she quickly denied, “No….”  

Third lady Zhao sighed, “It’s been several months. It’s not right.”  

Song Luan couldn’t lift her lungs at one breath, and her fingers trembled.

She knew later that Zhao Nanyu had never let her eat Bozi soup after everything they did in bed. She was lucky enough that she didn’t get pregnant.  

Song Luan’s brain was in a mess.

She begin to guess Zhao Nanyu’s mind. Did he want her to have another one? Otherwise, with his meticulous character, he would not forget such an important thing as Bozi soup.  

But Song Luan herself had no intention of making another one for him. She was still waiting for a proper time to leave. As long as the Song family does not fall, she could leave safely. Her voice was trembling. “Don’t worry, fate will come naturally.”  

After thinking for a moment, third lady Zhao said, “After two days, when you are better, you and I will go to flusi to worship Buddha together, and then we will worship Guanyin.”  

Song Luan was not good enough to refuse the elder’s request, so she had to answer it with a stiff head. “Okay.”  

After having tea and talking for a long time, Song Luan sent third lady Zhao away. She sat by the window and thought for a long time. Still, she thought it was very difficult to drink the soup by herself. She needs people to buy the medicine and decoct it.  

Song Luan decided to tell Zhao Nanyu about it when he comes back at night.



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