Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 45

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[At the teahouse]

A man in a dark imperial uniform with kylin patterns embroidered in his chest, sat by the window. The man’s lips were smiling. He looked proud.

The windows were half open, and the shouts of peddlers on both sides of the street could be heard in the elegant room.

Opposite to him sat a noble man as regal as a magnolia tree.

Sixth prince Li Han took a sip of wine, smiled at Zhao Nanyu, and said, “I’m afraid my mother can’t wait.”

Zhao Nanyu’s face was cold and his brow slightly wrinkled. In recent days, the Queen’s action was more urgent than he thought. She couldn’t wait to arrange her own people in the forbidden army. Her father and brother’s army also secretly went back to the capital.

Every move was for the purpose of getting on the throne.

Zhao Nanyu pondered for a moment and asked, “What is your highness going to do?”

Li Han’s eyes were full of smiles. “Naturally, I’m waiting to see a good play.”

His father was in his palace position for more than 30 years. He was cautious and skillful, now he was seriously ill and trapped in the Wenhua hall. It was strange. Maybe the old emperor deliberately designed to test his sons, but didn’t expect the queen to be the first.

Zhao Nanyu looked out of the window quietly and said, “The queen is very anxious.”

The battle for the throne had always been extremely cruel. If you want to rise to a high position, you must have the ability to be calm.

Zhao Nanyu guessed that these days the emperor’s reward to sixth prince made the queen disorderly, and triggered her to fight.

Li Han raised his head and drank up the remaining wine in the cup, smiling, “Yes.”

He seemed to think of something interesting. “Ah Yu, your father-in-law showed me his kindness a few days ago. You know that he hated me deeply regarding the food release incident in Xuzhou. He also participated in several of my meeting. Didn’t you talk about your father-in-law?”

Zhao Nanyu was stunned. After the silence, he said in a cold voice, “I didn’t.”

Li Han was surprised and said, “I really don’t understand why the Lord Song suddenly turned the wind.”

Zhao Nanyu took a sip of tea and said slowly, “Maybe Lord Song saw something.”

Li Han said regretfully, “It’s a pity. I thought about how to deal with all the sons of the Song family.” He seemed to remember that Zhao Nanyu’s wife was also from the Song family, and Ah Yu still valued her very much. With a smile, he continued, “Ah Yu, I didn’t know that you were happy with your marriage.”

Zhao Nanyu was expressionless and didn’t answer.

Li Han was already used to his reticence for a long time. He said to himself, “I remember. No wonder I saw her familiar before. I had seen her. “

The expression on Zhao Nanyu’s face finally fluctuated, and Li Han continued, “Last year, on the Shangyuan Festival, I saw her strolling in Huadeng street with the little prince of He’s family. I heard that the little prince of He’s family seemed to be still deeply in love with her.”

Zhao Nanyu was not in a hurry. He took a sip of tea and looked calm. “That’s all in the past.”

Li Han smiled. “I really admire Ah Yu for your grace. “

Zhao Nanyu’s eyes were drooping. There was a sharp flash in the eyes and a sneer on the corner of his lips. He didn’t have much energy. He just didn’t want sixth prince to continue with the joke.

It was still early, but Zhao Nanyu was not interested in sitting down. He got up and said softly, “I’ll go back first.”

Li Han laughed more vigorously. Tut, the man was angry, but he knew that he must be magnanimous in front of him. Zhao Nanyu was only so rude when he was angry.

Li Han didn’t care about his rudeness. “Then I won’t send you.”

Zhao Nanyu turned around and left.

Coincidentally, as soon as he left the teahouse, he turned around and met Song Heqing, Song Luan’s brother.

Song Heqing also saw him, came up, and said hello to him.

“What a coincidence, brother-in-law.”

Zhao Nanyu eased his face, as he was Song Luan’s brother.

Song Heqing shook the fan in his hand. “You just came out after tea?”


“Now that you’ve had a drink, hurry home. I won’t bother you much. “

Song Heqing heard from the guard that the third young lady had sneaked back home in the clothes of a servant girl. He thought that his sister had made an old mistake and was uneasy to come out and hook up with men. Now Song Heqing urged him to go home. He hoped Zhao Nanyu would have a good look at his sister. If he watched her carefully, she would not have a chance to run out?

The Song family was partial and short-sighted.

Zhao Nanyu nodded. “Then I’ll leave first.”

Song Heqing quickly waved his hand. “Hurry back. Maybe ALuan is waiting for you at home.”

Zhao Nanyu hooked up the corners of his mouth, and didn’t speak again.

Every time he went back home, Song Luan was always busy with her own affairs. But on this day, Song Luan was waiting for Zhao Nanyu to come back. She made a good draft in her heart in advance, but she was still guilty.

After autumn, the weather became colder and colder. 

When Zhao Nanyu pushed the door and entered, there was a gust of cold wind.

Song Luan was wearing a pomegranate colored coat with a green pleated skirt underneath. 

She looked at him and stopped talking.

Zhao Nanyu looked at her pretty little face and raised his eyebrows. “What do you want to say?”

Song Luan’s voice came out from her throat. It was very small. “Hmm..” She looked up at him and said, “That…that I want to say…these days we have been having a good time with no caution. But…I don’t plan to have another one now. I’m still young to have another child. So I want to tell you, can I have the kitchen cook me a bowl of Bozi soup in the future?”

The atmosphere in the room was oppressive and heavy. Zhao Nanyu’s dark eyes looked directly at her, and he didn’t say a word. The light in his eyes went down a little bit. His face was like a blue jade, and now it was a little cloudy. His lips rose slowly, like a smile, but Song Luan couldn’t see the real smile in his face.

Song Luan suddenly felt cold. Her scalp was numb and her teeth were shaking uncontrollably. She tightened her back and tried to stand up straight without losing her momentum.

Facing Zhao Nanyu like this, she was just like seeking her own death.

But now she had no way back. She had no reason to take back what she said. Song Luan just felt that Zhao Nanyu’s stare at her was a bit frightening.


She was patient, calm, and said, “I’m talking to you. Don’t look at me like this. I’m scared.”

Zhao Nanyu raised his feet to her side for two steps. Song Luan subconsciously retreated, and then stood still. She was afraid to die, so she had to pretend to be an innocent. 

She cleared her throat. “Give me a word.”

Song Luan had made plans. If he didn’t agree, she would find a way to get some medicine.

Zhao Nanyu rubbed his fingers and pretended to be careless. He asked, “Don’t you like kids?”

Song Luan wasn’t able to answer right away. Of course, she had no resistance to cute children, but that didn’t mean she was willing to give birth for him.

Song Luan shook her head. “No, I just don’t think the time is right. We need to take care of our child now. We can’t think of another one, can we?”

Zhao Nanyu collected his eyes and seemed as if he was easily persuaded by her, “You are right, too.”

Song Luan was very happy and her eyes were bright. She said, “Is that…”

Were they settled!? It should be.

Zhao Nanyu touched her face and smiled in a low voice. His words were bare-naked and straightforward. He kissed her earlobe and said, “Don’t worry, I didn’t get them in.”

Song Luan was so annoyed by his lewd words that she bit his lips and said, “Speak well.”

Zhao Nanyu laughed dumbly, and his voice was deep and sweet, “Okay, then it’s up to you.”

Her body and bones were not suitable for pregnancy, and it’s the best and most appropriate choice not to have children. But when these words were said from her mouth, Zhao Nanyu still had anger in his heart. However, he usually hide his emotions well, not showing his sadness and joy.

As soon as the voice turned, Zhao Nanyu suddenly said, “I’ve answered whatever you said. Is it my turn now.”

Song Luan’s intuition told her that it was not a good thing, she barked and asked, “You…what do you want?!”

Zhao Nanyu had no plans to do anything with her, but he wanted to say something, so he said, “The little boy from the He family wrote to you.”

Song Luan murmured, “I don’t know. “

Of course, she won’t know. All these letters were intercepted by Zhao Nanyu.

He touched her head tenderly, took an envelope out of his sleeve, and smiled softly. “It’s okay. I’ll read it to you now.”

Song Luan shivered and sneezed in shock.

Zhao Nanyu’s fingers were very beautiful and round. He slowly took the letter out of the envelope and read the handwriting on it, “I can’t see you, my love. I can’t sleep at night.”

Song Luan: “…….”

With a pale face, she stretched out her hand and grabbed his wrist, and tried to discuss with him, “Don’t read it.”

It was too sour. Her teeth were going to be sour.

Zhao Nanyu waved his hand gently, “It’s the little boy’s intention, which is naturally to reach your heart.”

Song Luan looked at him pitifully. Zhao Nanyu hooked his lips. The arc was slightly cold.

His eyebrows seemed to be covered with ice.

Song Luan poked her finger to play, thinking that Zhao Nanyu was really to abnormal and perverted, especially his way of reading letters.

Very perverted!



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