Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 46

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If it wasn’t for Zhao Nanyu who volunteered to read her the letters, Song Luan wouldn’t know that He Run had written so many to her these days. Zhao Nanyu read one letter after another in a low voice.

Song Luan’s ears and brain hurt. He enunciated words clearly and read them very slowly, for fear that she couldn’t hear them clearly.

After reading, Song Luan watched Zhao Nanyu slowly tore the envelope in his hand to pieces and scattered the scraps of paper on the ground.

Zhao Nanyu was so angry after thinking about it. He looked down at Song Luan, who pretended that she didn’t hear anything. His lips turned up, and he laughed. Suddenly, he reached out his hand, grabbed her chin, and said, “How is it? Did it move you?”

Song Luan thought that the male lead’s jealousy was really big. The air was full of sour taste, vinegar and gas. He was afraid that she couldn’t hear it.

But she was also wronged. She didn’t write the letters, and didn’t receive any of them.

Zhao Nanyu intercepted her letter and flicked her face, which was really stingy.

Forced to look up at him, she whispered back, “I didn’t hear you.”

Song Luan was still very clever. She didn’t face her problems directly and tried to avoid the trouble. However, Zhao Nanyu was not easy to fool. He smiled and said, “I’ll read it to you again. This time, you should listen carefully.”

Song Luan’s eyes were wide and round. Didn’t he tear all the letters?

Zhao Nanyu saw at a glance what she was thinking in her heart, and said, “My memory is not bad. After seeing that many times, I will recite it for you again.”

Song Luan’s body was stiff and her heart was shaking. She held out her hand tremblingly. Her thin fingers carefully grasped his clothes, swallowed her saliva, and spoke to him in a friendly voice, “Don’t do this.”

Stingy. So petty!

Zhao Nanyu looked at her excitedly and said, “What’s the matter with me?”

Song Luan couldn’t stand his hypocritical and sullen ghost appearance. If he gets angry, he will lose his temper directly?!

Why did he slowly torture her heart like this? It made her terrified.

She looked out, raised her face, and said with a higher voice, “You are angry.”

Zhao Nanyu nodded, and generously recognized it. He replied, “Well, yes.”

Song Luan was innocent when the pot came down from the sky.

“I didn’t write to He Run. What are you so angry about?”

Zhao Nanyu once said to her that he would never mentioned the past, but he often could not control his emotions, especially what sixth prince said today, which he couldn’t forget even if he wanted to.

“Then I’m unreasonable.”

Song Luan’s heart suddenly felt a little more guilty. When she thought about it carefully, it was the original owner who took the initiative to hook up with He Run. He Run’s longing for her was also because she always treated him vaguely.

In a reasonable sense, it was her fault.

Zhao Nanyu loosened her chin, went to his usual place, and sat down. There was a stack of unused white paper on the desk. He picked up the brush on the pen holder, stood at the desk expressionless, and calmly began to practice calligraphy.

The clouds on his face was light and breezy.

Song Luan probably understood his temper. She made him uncomfortable, in return, he would make her feel bad and upset. He would try his best to beat her in other matters.

She walked slowly to him and said, “I promise you, as long as I am your wife, I will never do anything that will make me apologize to you.”

When Zhao Nanyu smelled her fingers, the black ink dripped on the paper carelessly. He put down his pen. “That’s it?”

Wasn’t that enough?

Zhao Nanyu sighed softly, thinking that he would be able to hear the words of love from her mouth. In fact, he knew that as long as he did not ask, she would never admit that she liked him.

What’s more, even if he asked, Song Luan’s liking didn’t have any weight. It was just the practiced words that she could say with her eyes closed.

He grabbed her small hand and took her to his side. Song Luan was held in his arms. His strong hand rests on her waist. “Well, that’s enough…”

Why was he so angry with her? Because she had no heart and no lungs1means that she is heartless.

That night, Zhao Nanyu took her hand and taught her how to practice chinese characters. Song Luan refused for a long time. Zhao Nanyu didn’t lose a word to her face, and directly said, “Your words are so ugly.”

There was no writing style. She even wrote wrong words.

Song Luan couldn’t be blamed for all this. She couldn’t write the characters of this dynasty. The original owner was not a person willing to study hard. She couldn’t recognize even a few words.

Zhao Nanyu stood behind her. With her small hands wrapped in his big hands, she wrote in the paper stroke by stroke.

Zhao Nanyu’s breathing sound passed her ear, and Song Luan blushed. Her expression and action were not natural.

“You’re not even as good as your son.” Zhao Nanyu teased her.

Song Luan was embarrassed by what he said, and just wanted to talk back, but instead listened to Zhao Nanyu talk, “I heard from your brother before that, you never study your lessons well after you went home from school. Your assignments were all written by someone else.”

“My brother didn’t say that.”

Zhao Nanyu chuckled. “Since you said it’s not true, then you have the final say.”

Song Luan thought that Zhao Nanyu was trying to coax her. Her heart was pounding faster and her cheeks were burning. His doting tone made Song Luan feel embarrassed!

“Do you and my brother get along well? Why didn’t I know about it before?” Song Luan didn’t remember that the original owner’s older brother and the male lead knew each other.

Zhao Nanyu nodded, “Not bad.”

In the past few years, Zhao Nanyu and Song Heqing had seen many times and talked alone more than twice. At that time, Song Luan was not as smart as she was now. She was very disobedient and disliked his lowly birth, so she often ran out to meet with different men.

This kind of thing couldn’t be concealed, and Song Luan didn’t seem to hide it. Zhao Nanyu still went his own way despite the wind and rain in the capital2troubles with men that Song Luan had caused.

So every time there was a rumor, Song Heqing would always go to find him, or apologized and make more excuse for Song Luan. Over time, Zhao Nanyu heard a lot about Song Luan from Song Heqing’s mouth.

Song Heqing was a good brother, but he doted on his sister too much. This was not a good thing.

“Your brother also said that you often bullied others when you were young.”

“I forgot. Why didn’t you tell me what you were like when you were a child? “


Zhao Nanyu’s voice was a little heavy. “When I was a child, well, I was not very loved like you. “

Before the age of seven, he followed his mother to beg for a living. He was displaced and often bullied. After his mother died, he was picked up by the Zhao family. He had no worries about food and clothing. However, many people laughed at him secretly, and his cousin would smash him with stones.

During the Spring Festival, the old lady never prepared his red bag, nor would she leave dinner for him.

Zhao Nanyu’s childhood memory was very bad, but he thought that Song Luan must be a spoiled girl who grew up in the palm of her hand.

Once upon a time, Zhao Nanyu hated her willful and reckless actions, and hated her noble appearance of not putting anyone in her eyes.

Now, he loves her.

Yeah, it’s cute.

Cute and lovely.

Song Luan didn’t continue to ask. She just didn’t bother. She just asked this sentence out of politeness.

Zhao Nanyu’s abnormal behavior, wasn’t it because his childhood life was too miserable?

She was practicing calligraphy, but later on, she didn’t know what was going on. She didn’t know where she had thrown her brush, because she was abruptly turned to bed by Zhao Nanyu.

Since their son got sick, they haven’t made love for a long time.

It may be Zhao Nanyu had been a vegetarian3He hadn’t tasted Song Luan’s meat for too long, but it was more likely because of her and He Run’s affairs, and he was determined to make her his.

Song Luan had learned this lesson many times. Although her tears were useless in front of Zhao Nanyu, his movements would be lighter as long as she cried for pain and pretended to be hurt a little bit.

So at first, Song Luan hummed and hawed, “It’s painful..It hurts…please take care of me. I am physically weak…”

Zhao Nanyu kissed her on the corner of her mouth and seemed to believe her words, “Does it really hurt? “

Song Luan nodded and lied without breathing. “Really.”

Hearing this, Zhao Nanyu really lightened his movements. He did not fail to see her poor acting skills.

He continued in silence. The night was very long, and Song Luan had no strength to move her last two legs.

It was not early when Song Luan got up from her bed the next day.

The first thing she did after putting her clothes on were to ask grandma Lin to decoct her a bowl of soup.

Song Luan’s words could only be obeyed by servants. Grandma Lin had been serving in the Zhao’s residence for a long time and was loyal to her master. But for Song Luan, who was protected by her husband, grandma Lin had a lot of complaints in her heart. From the bottom of her heart, she thought that this woman was not worth treating her well. Now, drinking the bozi soup just so she could avoid having children, grandma Lin felt chilly.

Zhao Nanyu came back from the outside after practicing his sword. Song Luan in the room had just swallowed the Bozi soup. Her mouth was bitter. She had eaten two candy before she could disperse the disgusting smell of the medicine in her mouth.

Zhao Nanyu silently watched her take medicine and poured her a cup of water. Song Luan took the cup and thanked him softly.

Song Luan could see that Zhao Nanyu was in a bad mood. She held up her chin and thought silently that the man seemed to be very unhappy every day, that is, his face was particularly smelly this morning.

They had a good breakfast together. Song Luan went to the cubicle as usual to see her son. At last, the child had recovered from his cough. His complexion was rosy and his illness was cured.

Song Luan was very happy after seeing it. She planned to cook a bowl of braised pork for him at noon.

He had suffered a long time from his disease. These days, he could only eat some light vegetables and porridge, and greasy foods were not allowed. Seeing that his fleshy cheek had lost a lot of weight, it hurt her badly.

Recently, she liked to help her son dress up. After dressing him beautifully, she had a sense of achievement in her heart. At first, she wanted to come by herself, but later she was persuaded by little Zhao to let him come.

Song Luan put on a red coat for him. It was autumn. She was afraid that the child would freeze. She just put on a thick cloak for herself. The collar was a white fox hair. It was warm to touch.

The child’s lips were red and his teeth were white.

Song Luan hugged him and took him out. Zhao Nanyu saw little Zhao being hugged by her. His eyes and eyebrows were filled with a happy smile.

All of a sudden, he thought, if only he could have another daughter as charming and lovely as Song Luan.



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