Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 47

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Zhao Nanyu took two steps forward, reached out his hand, and said, “Little Zhao is a little heavy. Let me hold him.”

He took the child from her arms, and little Zhao naturally hugged his neck and shouted, “Father.”

Zhao Nanyu touched his head. “Is it uncomfortable?”

“Mmhmm.” Little Zhao was guilty. If he wasn’t ill, his father and mother would not worry about him.

Little Zhao buried his head, and his eyes were red. He cried out, “I’m wrong, father.”

Zhao Nanyu held him quietly, and the tears of the child fell uncontrollably on his shoulder. When little Zhao had cried enough, he said, “Boys should not easily shed tears.”

When he said this to him, little Zhao burped and wiped the tears on his cheek with his sleeve. His nasal tone was thick. “I won’t cry anymore.”

His father used to say that crying was a sign of weakness. He just couldn’t help it today.

Song Luan didn’t notice that he was crying at first because the child cried quietly. She went over and looked at him heartily. Then she took out her handkerchief and wiped his face gently. “It doesn’t matter. If you want to cry, you just cry. No one will think you’re weak.”

The couple were very different in educating their children. Zhao Nanyu was very strict with his children in all aspects. As for Song Luan, who was a typical kind mother, children should be well loved. This was the case for boys, especially for girls.

Zhao Nanyu didn’t seem to have anything to do today. He stayed at home and had lunch with them.

Although Song Luan had a good cooking skill, she had only been in the kitchen several times, and each time it was to cook for her son. No one else had this honor, even Zhao Nanyu.

Zhao Nanyu didn’t ask her where the cooking skills came from. He knew that Song Luan used to be a delicate lady who didn’t touch spring water with ten fingers, and no one dared to let her cook in the Song family.

According to her proud nature, she was not a person who would wash hands and make soup for others. She had never learned this since she married to the Zhao family.

Zhao Nanyu was vaguely aware of what. He guessed some of this, but did not say it.

He was very good at observing other people. Song Luan was his wife. He knew what she would be. What’s more, the changes of Song Luan these days were too big and had full of flaws.

But these…Zhao Nanyu didn’t care. As long as Song Luan was by his side and under his control, it was enough.

Zhao Nanyu tasted the braised pork made by her. It was bright and sweet. It was not greasy. It was really delicious.

Song Luan had two small bowls of rice, and her stomach was full. She just put down her chopsticks, raised her eyes to Zhao Nanyu, and said to her, “By the way, mother said that she would take me to Fulu temple to worship Buddha the day after tomorrow. I think we might stay in the temple for another night.”

Zhao Nanyu didn’t know about it. He smiled, “Mother likes you very much.”

Third lady Zhao believed in Buddhism. She went to the temple every month to donate incense money to worship the Buddha. She had never brought Song Luan as her daughter-in-law before.

“Maybe I’m just loved by people.”

“Yes.” Zhao Nanyu thought for a moment and said, “Come back early before it gets dark. It’s cold at night in Qinshan mountain. I’m afraid you can’t bear it. “

He was too strict that he wouldn’t let her sleep in the temple overnight? She was a little uncomfortable. Song Luan hated being controlled.

Later, she realized that Zhao Nanyu’s attitude towards her was a little like that in the book. He was the same to the female lead.

Keep her out of the limelight…everything was arranged in advance.

That life made people have no chance to breathe.

Now that Zhao Nanyu was not yet too serious, Song Luan didn’t want him to develop to that extent that she couldn’t go anywhere.

“I’m not that vulnerable. It’s just a night’s stay. It’s not going to be bad.”

Zhao Nanyu took a sip of tea and retreated half a step, “Take two more servant girls with you.”

No need to guess, these two maids must have been arranged by him…

Song Luan frowned. “That’s okay.”

In ‘The Powerful Minister’, the man’s personality was very fashionable, and his paranoid and black character had won him a lot of popularity. Song Luan remembered that when she was reading, Zhao Nanyu seemed to be a normal person at the early stage, at least he wasn’t over-controlling.

When she was a reader, she didn’t like the man’s character very much. Every time she looked at his heart, she felt flustered. She would have given up reading the book long ago if it weren’t for the fact that she was curious to see the ending of this obsessive-compulsive disorder male lead.

Song Luan prayed silently in her heart, hoping that the male lead would be more normal. Even if he would blackened, it should not be this time.

The next morning, after breakfast, Song Luan and the third lady Zhao set out to Fulu temple in a carriage.

Zhao Nanyu said that she could go if she was surrounded by two familiar servant girls. They were usually in her room. Third lady Zhao not only took her alone, but also Yang Ruoyun.

Three people in a spacious carriage. It was not too crowded.

Today, Yang Ruoyun wore a set of pink skirt, and after putting on makeup, she was more delicate and gentle than usual.

It’s an hour’s journey from Zhao’s family to Fulu temple. Third lady Zhao was very energetic. She held her hand and talked all the way. Yang Ruoyun didn’t say a word from the beginning to the end.

“You don’t know, the goddess Guanyin of Fulu Temple is the most effective. The daughter-in-law of Mrs. Cheng came to worship a few days ago. The day before yesterday, she was diagnosed with pregnancy. You must pray well and sincerely.”

Song Luan did not open her eyes, because she would guilty when she lies. Third lady Zhao didn’t know that she and Zhao Nanyu had agreed not to have children. Third lady Zhao was also kind-hearted. She would be sad if she knew.

“Hmmm-hmm. Mother, don’t worry. I will sincerely worship Buddha. “

Yang Ruoyun suddenly looked at her with a farfetched smile on her face. “I remember that little Zhao is still young. What happened? Is cousin in a hurry?”

Zhao Nanyu was not in a hurry! In the book, he only had one son.

Song Luan guessed that he didn’t like children very much, maybe he thought it was too troublesome, or thought it was enough to have one son.

She said to Yang Ruoyun, “Yes! Ah Yu is anxious. He wanted to have a child to accompany our eldest son, so he won’t be too lonely. “

Song Luan opened her mouth and talked nonsense. It was better to infuriate Yang Ruoyun. This female character really didn’t make her worry.

Yang Ruoyun’s smile froze and sank for a moment, and she suddenly said, “Yes, my brother’s aunt gave birth to a second child for him the other day. Maybe men want women to open branches for them. They want to scatter their leaves.”

Every word Yang Ruoyun said had her own deep meaning. None of it was nonsense. She reminded Song Luan that she couldn’t give birth. She should also take two concubines to open branches and leaves for Zhao Nanyu.

Song Luan was the best at pretending to be stupid. She laughed and pretended that she didn’t understand anything. “Is it? Congratulations to your brother.”

Yang Ruoyun was angry. Zhao Nanyu had only Song Luan. He hadn’t had a concubine for four years. Now it seemed that he didn’t have such a plan. It was really cheap for Song Luan to dominate such a good man.


Third lady Zhao didn’t have any intentions to shove concubines to Zhao Nanyu. The child seemed to be easy to talk, but actually he was rebellious. She was afraid that she would send people by his forefoot, and then, would hear bad news in the next moment.

It was harmful to others and to her. He was hard to please.

At the beginning of the year, the old lady once wanted to do send concubine to him, but was persuaded by third lady Zhao that Zhao Nanyu was already a mature man. If he really liked other girls outside, or wanted to take a concubine, he would do it by himself, and he didn’t need them to intervene at all.

It had to be said that third lady Zhao was more thorough than others in this respect.

The carriage stopped at the foot of the mountain, and the temple was built on the hillside. The mountain was not high, and Zhong Lingyuxi1refers to the mountains and rivers was beautiful. You can walk a hundred steps to the gate of the temple.

The servant girls followed them with their luggage. All the things that they needed to use was packed in the bag. The coachman then drove the carriage back to the residence, and then would pick them up tomorrow.

Song Luan took third lady Zhao’s hand and followed her into the temple. The fame of Fulu temple was very famous in the capital. Along the way, they met many well-dressed ladies, all of whom came to pray for God to worship.

First, third lady Zhao took her to the main hall to worship the Buddha. Song Luan knelt in front of the Buddha, folded her hands, kowtowed several heads and invested a lot of money.

The atmosphere in the palace was tranquil and solemn, and no noise could be heard.

Third lady Zhao was still asking for a sign, so Song Luan stayed in the temple, but was suffocated by the incense, so she came out first. In the courtyard on the left side of the main hall sat a Taoist in a robe.

It was a strange thing to see a Taoist in the Buddhist temple. What’s more, the Taoist hadn’t been driven out by a monk.

It seemed that the Taoist priest also felt her eyes, smiled at her, and asked, “Fortune telling?”

Song Luan saw his face with clear eyes and sharp facial outline.

She approached him somehow, and sat opposite him. She felt nervous for some reason. “Then, please count my future.”

The Taoist stared at her face carefully. It took a long time before Song Luan heard his voice. There was a kind of natural indifference to it. “Madam has a strange fate. I’m afraid that madam will die in the future.”



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