Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 48

Translated by: Tinker

Song Luan really wanted to flip the Taoist’s face in front of her. What was he saying?! 

She opened her eyes and stared at the Taoist, as if to stare a hole in his body. She took a deep breath and said with dry throat, “You…I’m very unhappy with what you said.”

The Taoist smiled meaningfully at her, and said, “Isn’t madam aware of this ending long ago?”

Song Luan’s heart was shocked. Her fingernails were deeply embedded in the tender flesh of her palms. This Taoist was very cruel. She pinched herself to make her brain awake.

What did this Taoist know?!

Song Luan took a breath of cool air and looked at the Taoist’s face carefully. He was very young and quiet. He had a sense of emptiness just like he had a dream.

Song Luan understood what he meant. The Taoist’s previous sentence probably referred to the end of the original owner in the book ‘The Powerful Minister’. He was not wrong. If she followed the line of the original book, she would also die.

Her husband and son ended her life with their own hands. She died so tragically.

Song Luan’s fingers under her sleeve trembled uncontrollably, and the sound from her throat also quivered. “I dare to ask…would there be a way to escape?”

The young Taoist smiled and said, “Nothing can be force, let nature walk by itself. A forced change of life may backfire.”

Does forced change of life meant the way she deliberately avoided the way of the original book? Does she have to go along with the original plot in order to be saved?

Song Luan smiled, “I….”

What did she want to say?

The Taoist priest interrupted her, “Madam is pale and short of Qi. In recent days, madam should also feel stuffy and short of breath, and madam’s heart is aching. Didn’t madam really not think about it?”

Song Luan was not stupid. She could understand what he wanted to say. Was this one of the symptoms of her death?

But she obviously….

Song Luan straightened her back, but her face became more and more pale. She said hard, “It’s only for a while. I took the medicine just fine. I hope the Taoist priest doesn’t talk nonsense. “

The young Taoist heard the words and smiled softly. “Madam, please think about it carefully.”

Song Luan had no strength to question the identity of the person in front of her. She was sure that the Taoist had never appeared in the whole book, nor was he mentioned. However, his unpredictable words made her believe that he already knew her identity as a transmigrator. He might even know that this world was just the world in a book.

Song Luan’s back was dripping with sweat. Only when he reminded her of this, did she remember that when her body gradually improved, she was in a cold war with Zhao Nanyu.

The pupil suddenly shrank. At this time, Song Luan realized that she could live longer as long as she kept the original plot.

All of a sudden, Song Luan felt that the existence of this book was like her whole life. No matter what the final result was, it was not very good. The only difference was that Zhao Nanyu liked her more than before.

Did she really have to be like the original owner to continue to live?

The young Taoist seemed to see the doubt in her heart, and became a bit kinder, as he said, “Madam is smart and intelligent, and will surely find life.”

Song Luan looked at him and said, “Who are you? “

The young Taoist smiled, “One day, you will know.”

After he said those words, he slowly got up to leave, and soon disappeared in the courtyard.

Song Luan sat on the stone chair. The autumn wind blew and lightly touched her cheek. Her ears became red by the cold wind, and the coolness in her body had not yet disappeared.

Third lady Zhao’s close servant girl panted and trotted to her side. 

“The third lady has been looking for you for a long time, but she hasn’t found you anywhere just now. She’s very worried. Now, you are found.”

Song Luan looked up at her. “What’s the matter with my mother looking for me?”

The servant girl replied, “Madam, please go visit Guanyin.”

Song Luan took a sigh of relief and stood up tired. “Let’s go.”

After waiting for a long time in the palace, third lady Zhao saw her coming and asked, “what’s the matter? Are you not feeling well?”

Song Luan reluctantly smiled, “No, I’m just tired.”

“Go back to your room and have a rest. “


Guanyin in Fulu temple was really effective. On the day they came, they met many women who came to repay their vows. 

Song Luan kowtowed in front of Guanyin statue with three sticks of incense. She closed her eyes and didn’t make a vow. What she thought was what the young Taoist just said.

After worshiping Guanyin Bodhisattva, Song Luan was ready to go back to the wing room for rest. She happened to meet two monks outside the hall. Her heart moved, and she went up to salute the two monks and immediately asked, “Little monk, are there any young Taoists in the temple?”

“This is a Buddhist temple. How could there be a Taoist?”

Song Luan was in a trance for a while. Who did she just see? 

She thought, in her bitterness and pleasure, that such an immeasurable superior was mysterious.

She whispered thanks and went back to the wing in a daze.

The room prepared in the temple was very simple. Song Luan washed her face and climbed onto the bed. She sat in the corner against the wall with her legs crossed. She carefully thought over the last words of the young Taoist.

Song Luan wanted to understand the boundary between the cause of the ending. As long as she did not show too much difference from the original owner in front of Zhao Nanyu, it should be regarded not collapsing from her character.

It was cold in the mountain at night. Song Luan felt warm after covering two quilts. She couldn’t breathe because of the heavy quilt pressure. Song Luan had not dreamed for a long time. That night, she dreamed of the woman she had dreamed of before.

She laid on the bed, sick. Her once beautiful face was gloomy and her bright eyes were lifeless. 

She was wearing Song Luan’s favorite pomegranate skirt.

Unlike the previous dream, Zhao Nanyu in this dream was haggard, and was skinny.

He hugged the woman on the bed and leaned closer to her ear, murmuring something indifferently.

Song Luan felt that Zhao Nanyu was about to cry. His eyes were almost full of distortion, violence and sadness. He didn’t look like a normal person anymore.

The woman lying on the bed opened her mouth and said a word to him. Zhao Nanyu’s body was almost petrified.

Song Luan actually saw his tears fall.


He was very depressed.

When Song Luan woke up, she raised her hand to wipe her face and found that she had also cried. She knew that the woman in the dream was herself, not the original owner.

Probably after her death, the body gradually corroded and swallowed.

This strengthened Song Luan’s decision to go according to the original plot. She only needed to show the original owner’s sloppy and unreasonable character. 

As for making Zhao Nanyu wear a green hat, she would not do it.

Song Luan looked out of the window. It was just dawn. She climbed out of the quilt and cleaned herself. Then she was led by the little monk in the temple to have a fast meal.

After having breakfast, they were going back to the residence.

When going down the mountain, Song Luan met an acquaintance, her good sister Song Yu.

The two sisters met in the Palace last time. After that, Song Luan never saw her again. Last time, aunt Lin told her that Song Yu would marry.

Looking at the present appearance of Song Yu, she couldn’t see that she was going to marry soon.

Song Yu was thin and she almost didn’t recognize her. Her temperament was dull and she didn’t get angry. 

When they passed each other, Song Yu looked at her resentfully.

“Third sister, what a coincidence.”

Song Luan thought she would not say hello to her. She smiled and said, “Does sister come to pray too?”

“Yes. What about sister? “

“I’m just like you. “

Song Yu said coldly, “Then I wish sister all the best. “

Song Luan politely replied, “So do you.”

She thought that the eyes of Song Yu seemed like she wanted to kill her. Song Luan thought that Song Yu really hated her.

Song Yu really hated her. She gnashed her teeth and looked at her back when she left the palace. 

After leaving the palace, she went home and her stomach hurt so much that she couldn’t see well for three days. Finally, her parents rushed to help her, and intuition told her that it was Song Luan’s intention to revenge her and set her up.

It was almost noon before the carriage stopped at the gate of the Zhao’s residence.

Song Luan didn’t sleep well last night. She just slept on the carriage for a while. 

She was in a good mood. Seeing that no one was around, she stretched comfortably.

Before she went back to the yard, she saw a little dumpling head come out.

Song Luan had something in mind, and didn’t smile too much when she saw little Zhao. She squatted down in front of him and touched his head. “Are you coming out to pick up mother?”

Little Zhao nodded. He asked her to open her hand and hold him.

He was shy and seldom took the initiative in front of her. It seemed that after his illness, the relationship between the mother and the son became better.

Song Luan lifted him up with a smile. “Good boy. You’re not hurt anymore.”

The gloom in her chest had dissipated. Her son was such a warm baby.

He had been clinging to her for an afternoon, even sleeping. Song Luan had no time to think about other things, let alone to mourn.

In the evening, Zhao Nanyu didn’t go back to the residence. Song Luan and her son had a meal together. After eating, she coaxed her son to sleep.

She gently put the child down on the small bed in the compartment, pinched the quilt corner for him, and sat in front of the bed for a long time. Song Luan then slowly withdrew.

She didn’t know when Zhao Nanyu came back. He took off his outer clothes. When he heard her footsteps, he turned around and looked back, and asked, “Is it fun in the temple?”

Song Luan remembered what the Taoist said.

She pouted. “I did not go there to have fun.”

Zhao Nanyu had just come back from the outside, but his hands were still cold, so he dared not go forward to hold her hands. 

He was acutely aware that Song Luan’s mood seemed to be very low. He asked casually, “What’s the matter? What’s wrong with the temple?”

Song Luan lowered her head and watched her toes play. Her eyes were red gradually. The word ‘death’ was engraved in her mind and couldn’t be removed.

She lowered her eyes, and silently shed tears. Droplets of waters fell on her sleeves, like running water crawling down over her whole face.

She silently cried.

Zhao Nanyu thought something was wrong. He lifted her face up, gently wiped the tears on her cheeks with his fingers, “Who bullied you?”

Song Luan really didn’t want to cry in front of him, but she couldn’t control herself. She was very aggrieved and very sad.

She sniffed, her voice changed a tone, and she could hardly speak clearly. “I read a book at home this afternoon, and the people in that book were so miserable, so I was very unhappy.”

Zhao Nanyu was skeptical, but he still coaxed her and said, “The books are all fake.”

Song Luan cried even louder when he heard his voice. She couldn’t breathe. What Zhao Nanyu said made her even more sad. What happened in this book was all true.

Zhao Nanyu thought that what she liked most was the poor appearance of her tears. Now she couldn’t stop crying. She was very sad. He hugged her and coaxed her patiently, saying, “Don’t hurt yourself by crying.”

Song Luan’s eyes were red and swollen. She couldn’t stop.

Zhao Nanyu was helpless and carried the woman to the bed. “You can’t feel better tonight if you cry again.”

Sure enough, Song Luan immediately stopped.

Zhao Nanyu didn’t want to threaten her, but according to her crying method, it was estimated that Song Luan would soon faint from crying.

He went out for a while, and when he came back, his face looked a lot heavier.

Zhao Nanyu didn’t believe that Song Luan was crying just because she read a book, but he only asked the people who watched over her just now. Nothing happened in the temple and no one bullied her.

He reluctantly put down the confusion in his heart, Zhao Nanyu went back to the house and raised his hand to put out the candle.

Song Luan felt much better after venting out. She rolled the quilt and faced the wall. Before long, she felt that there was a person beside her.

Zhao Nanyu fell asleep beside her, put out his hand around her waist, and pulled the woman out of the corner. Zhao Nanyu’s fingers were very restless, and he untied the belt on her waist three or two times.

As he was about to do something, Song Luan turned around and looked at him.

She decided to carry forward the arrogant character of the original owner from today on, and work hard! It was better to do this than to die. It was better than dying of death.

Moreover, Song Luan already had the confidence to do this, because Zhao Nanyu liked her. So Song Luan fluently thought that even if she was indulgent and unreasonable, the male lead would not want kill her.

Song Luan bravely clapped his hand away. “Don’t touch me.”

The bright moonlight shone on her beautiful face, her eyes were still slightly red, and Zhao Nanyu remembered her face in his heart.

Zhao Nanyu licked her lips and her waist even harder. He kissed her lower lip. He didn’t take her words to heart, but took them as a kind of interest. He smiled gently, “Ah Luan is so fierce, I’m afraid.”

Song Luan felt the dullness in her chest dissipate a lot when she pushed him away.

It seems that being fierce was effective.

She’s really going to take the road of unruly and willful lady.



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