Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 49

Translated by: Tinker

Song Luan was a gentle and timid girl before she transmigrated. She seldom quarreled with others when she was a child, and so, her elders praised her as a good girl.

Song Luan thought that she had been very fierce to Zhao Nanyu. In fact, in his eyes, she was not even near from being fierce, more like a coquettish kind, and this aroused his interest more.

Zhao Nanyu instead liked her coquettish appearance more than her indifference.

The cold lips tasted her clavicle, and his hand strongly embraced her thin waist. Zhao Nanyu sniffed the fragrance of her body and sighed, “Luan Bao is so fragrant.”

He remembered that Song Luan’s mother called her with that. At that time, Zhao Nanyu remembered it silently, and when he felt this strong surge of wanting Song Luan more, he called out her name ‘Luan Bao’

When Song Luan heard him call her name, she had goose bumps on her arms. The two normal words appeared very sorrowful from Zhao Nanyu’s mouth.

The atmosphere in the hibiscus tent was very ambiguous. He continued to call her name while biting her ear. It seemed that he was forcing her to give a response. Her toes curled up and Zhao Nanyu find her very cute. Song Luan was flustered. Could she still run?

She instinctively shrank back. Song Luan wouldn’t be his opponent forever in the book, so for now, she still couldn’t run.

But, she couldn’t escape without being bullied.

Song Luan’s face was angry, “Don’t touch me. Why can’t you be reasonable? You touching me is really annoying.”

Her face was not intimidating at all, and her tone was soft. Zhao Nanyu was amused by her appearance. “Is Luan Bao playing coquetry with me?”

Song Luan fiercely replied, “No, I’m murdering you!”

Couldn’t you see? Wasn’t it obvious enough? This man was really shameless.

Song Luan couldn’t help but stretched her hand to push him, “And don’t call me Luan Bao, I don’t like it.”

When he called out her name with a very pleasant voice, and he even deliberately extended the ending of her name, which made her tremble.

Zhao Nanyu asked her in a good temper, “Why?”

“My mother can only say that name.” Song Luan, who was still suffering, suddenly opened her eyes and smiled, “Are you going to be my mother?”

Zhao Nanyu raised his eyebrows and chuckled, “You have a sharp teeth and a sharp mouth.”

Zhao Nanyu kept calling her intimate name the whole night. Song Luan couldn’t help but listen. She couldn’t block his mouth, so she instead kicked and pinched him, but this was regarded as sentiments between husband and wife.

It was a good weather the next day.

Song Luan laid half dead on the bed and thought it over carefully with her eyes open. Last night, she shouldn’t have said that he wanted to be her mother, because this made Zhao Nanyu unhappy and even retaliated.

At this time, even when she woke up, she couldn’t move. It was sour and soft.

After a long time, Song Luan sighed deeply and sat up from the bed. Grandma Lin heard the sound and came in to find her clothes.

Song Luan put on her clothes. After washing, the servant girl outside came into the house with breakfast.

Song Luan had developed a special taste. She didn’t like sweet or greasy food in the morning, so she had always drank porridge these days.

However, in the recent months, she felt that the taste of white porridge seemed to have changed. There was a slight sweetness in the porridge before, but now she couldn’t taste any of that flavor.

Song Luan had two bowls of porridge before she filled her stomach enough. After breakfast, she found that Zhao Nanyu had already returned to the residence.

Zhao Nanyu was in a good mood. He went in and changed his clothes, and said to her, “Do you want to go riding?”

Song Luan was walking around the room when she heard this, she immediately stopped, her eyes brightened, and nodded, “Yes!”

She was ashamed to admit but she hadn’t ridden a horse yet.

And Song Luan remembered that the original owner could ride a horse well.

Every autumn, the emperor would personally preside over the equestrian competition. Noble young men and women were invited to participate.

In the book, there was a sentence that said, ‘Song Luan won the title in the women’s category.’

Zhao Nanyu patted the back of her head and said, “Go change your clothes. I will take you to the horse farm.”

Song Luan then went to change into her riding clothes. Last night, her plans to fight Zhao Nanyu were all eaten by dogs.

Song Luan was dressed in a red riding suit. Her hair was all set up. Her facial features stood up with elegance. She was gorgeous and beautiful.

When she arrived at the horse farm, Song Luan found that it wasn’t only the two of them, but also sixth prince and Ayun, who was beside him.

A Yun was warm and approachable. She also took the initiative to talk to her without putting on airs.

“Miss Song, I heard that you are good at riding. I don’t know if I have the honor to see you today.”

Song Luan said with a smile, “I’m flattered.”

She couldn’t ride a horse, but maybe when she gets on the horse back, her instinct would probably kick in.

A Yun hid behind the sixth prince timidly. She seems to be afraid. She was timid and had a small voice.

She leaned out her small head from behind sixth prince, looked at her with concern, and asked in a low voice, “Miss Song, are you well?”

Song Luan liked A Yun very much. The little girl was naive and lovely. When Song Luan saw her, She wanted to be protect her. But it was a pity that she didn’t see her name in the original book and didn’t know her final ending. Maybe Song Luan forgot about the plot, or maybe she didn’t read carefully.

Song Luan didn’t realize it herself, but she had been looking at A Yun with eyes of pity and sympathy. After sixth prince ascended the throne and became the new emperor, the queen became Xuan Zhengqing, his former imperial concubine. Moreover, the new emperor had several beloved imperial concubines in his harem.

To put it another way, if A Yun was the woman locked up by the new emperor, she was also very miserable. Her life was only a few decades, and had no chance to escape from the shackles in her life.

Song Luan had only seen A Yun twice, and each time she could only see her unreserved love for the sixth prince.

She smiled. “Yes, I’m fine now. Were you scared last time?”

A Yun looked like she was going to cry last time.

A Yun nodded her head in a funny way. She was really scared. She thought miss Song would die of pain.

Zhao Nanyu was not happy with how long she chatted with unimportant people, so he dragged her to pick horses.

Song Luan picked a gentle looking foal from the stable. She patted the foal on the hip and said, “I’ll pick this horse.”

Zhao Nanyu took a look and raised his eyebrows. He was surprised. “Are you sure?”

Song Luan coughed twice uneasily and said, “He’s the best.”


For this reason, Zhao Nanyu could not laugh or cry. He thought that according to Song Luan’s temperament, he wouldn’t choose this young foal.

But that’s fine. He wouldn’t worry about her bumping.

Song Luan was picked up by Zhao Nanyu, which made her feel a bit embarrassed. Her legs were short, and she couldn’t climb high enough.

At first, Zhao Nanyu stood by to watch her make fun of herself. When her patience wore thin, he held her on the horse back with the smile of his lips.

Maybe it’s the instinct of the body, because Song Luan could control him well when she got on the horse, but she didn’t dare to ride very fast. She just around the horse farm for two rounds.

Zhao Nanyu was right behind her. He was dressed in a black riding suit. His handsome face looked heroic. The sun fell on his fair face, adding a bit of nobility.

After two turns, Song Luan felt tired and almost twisted her feet when she jumped off the horse.

It seems that sixth prince and A Yun hadn’t started riding yet. A Yun looked pale and scared. She couldn’t let go from holding sixth prince’s arms.

Sixth prince didn’t know what to say to A Yun who was scared to tears. He looked at her red eyes and her pitiful appearance. He couldn’t help but laugh loudly, and immediately held her face kiss her.

Song Luan thought that this sixth prince was really a bad man.

A Yun had no title to follow him, but she followed him knowing the unforeseen future.

The new emperor in the original book was not pleasant. There were countless beauties in his harem. However, the emperor’s heart was indifferent. The woman who he would loved to the heaven…would be killed in the next instant.

Song Luan thought of Zhao Nanyu again. In fact, he was not such a good person. Before he became a powerful minister, he was a gentle young man. When he had the power of life and death, he began to uproot the dissidents in the court. Those who opposed his regime, one by one, were uprooted. Sometimes even the whole family couldn’t stand against him.

His cruelty gradually appeared. At first, some courageous ministers joined hands to destroy him, but unfortunately, the new emperor was too fond of Zhao Nanyu and never cared about the lives he slaughtered.

Zhao Nanyu was very vengeful. He wrote down the names of the people who took part in his adversity. He picked them up mercilessly. As time passed, no one dared to provoke him again.

Zhao Nanyu was violent and cruel, but his methods were still effective in Dali temple. The Treasury gradually filled up and peoples’ life improved.

Those who hate him couldn’t wait to kill him, and those who support him would be willing to die for him.

Zhao Nanyu appeared behind her and put his long arms on her shoulder, “Tired?”

Song Luan retracted her eyes. She had a slight trouble breathing, “Yes, I’m tired. I don’t want to ride.”

“Then let’s go back and rest early.”

“I don’t want.” She raised her chin slightly and said angrily.

Why should she go back when she had just gone out? This time, it was not that she intended to copy the original owner’s temper, but that she was really grumpy inside. She was upset at seeing and hearing him.

Song Luan thought about it. Maybe it was because her monthly period was coming soon. She was in such a bad mood.

Zhao Nanyu was always indifferent. Song Luan had never seen anyone who could cover up his emotions.

“You’re being childish again.”

“I just don’t want to go back so early. I want to buy jewelry. Other girls have beautiful jewelry and beautiful clothes. I don’t have much.”

Song Luan was lying. She couldn’t wear all her clothes. As for jewelry, she had already picked some in Zhao Nanyu’s warehouse.

Zhao Nanyu was also used to her temper. He nodded thoughtfully, “Let’s go, I’ll take you to buy it.”

Song Luan suddenly had the illusion that she was being spoiled by him, like he was his daughter.

Sixth prince and A Yun were not interested in staying in the race course anymore, so they went to the downtown together, but sixth prince seems to have other things to do, so he didn’t join.

A Yun was reluctant to let Song Luan go. Before she left, she held her hand. “Miss Song, can I come to see you later?”

Song Luan’s pupil shrank. After a long time, she returned to her mind. She was in a trance and answered, “Yes.”

Sixth prince put his arms around A Yun’s waist, and his expression was not very pleasant. He said deeply, “You like her!”

A Yun bit her lips and didn’t speak.

After they left, Song Luan was still in a trance. Just like Huai Jin, when A Yun held her hand, many unseen pictures came into her mind.

Gorgeous palaces, golden cages, and a pitiful woman.

That woman was A Yun.

Even if Song Luan knew this, she couldn’t do anything.

Zhao Nanyu saw her look gloomy and grabbed her finger to play. “Aren’t you happy to buy jewelry?”

Song Luan didn’t make a sound. Zhao Nanyu took her to the best jewelry shop in the capital. She childishly wanted to empty his money bag and bought many hairpins and earrings at one go.

When Zhao Nanyu saw how much she had taken, his eyelids did not falter. When they went out of the shop, he commented with a smile, “These are not very good.”

Song Luan held her bag of jewels and stared at him. “Then why didn’t you say it earlier!?”

Zhao Nanyu smiled and didn’t reply. Of course, he won’t say it. Song Luan’s thoughts of leaving him hadn’t stopped. The cheap and worthless jewels they bought were also very good. They would not be worth much in the future.

He stopped and mumbled, “I can’t bear to disturb your interest.”

Song Luan snorted, “You are mean!”

Zhao Nanyu bent his lips and smiled, “Shall I give you my warehouse key?”

Everything in the storehouse couldn’t be pawned. Even if Song Luan took it, she could only admire it, since it won’t be changed into money.


In a word, Zhao Nanyu made it impossible for her to leave. It was a good way to cut off her wealth.

Why not? Song Luan was not a polite person either. She stretched out her hand and said, “Yes, please give it to me.”

Zhao Nanyu held her small hand. “I’ll give it to you when we arrive home.”

Song Luan believed his words. 

It was evening when they went back to the residence. Old lady Zhao suddenly asked them to go over for dinner.

There was no family celebrations today, so Song Luan felt strange. The old lady clearly didn’t like the two of them. Normally, she wouldn’t want to see them. How could she suddenly ask them to accompany her for dinner?

Song Luan had a sudden brain shortage and her heart became uneasy.

Women’s instincts were surprisingly accurate. The old lady did not have a good heart.

The old lady put on a majestic face. The three people had just finished their meals. She raised her eyes, swept their faces, and paused, “I looked for you today to tell you something.”

Zhao Nanyu looked indifferent, “Please say it.”

The old lady took a sip of tea and said, “I want little Zhao to live in my courtyard.” 

Song Luan’s face was distorted by the old lady’s words.



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