Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 5 part 1

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Translated by: Tinker

Song Luan still remembered that when she first transmigrated, there was a pain in her chest, and the face in the bronze mirror at that time was very pale. For two days, she continued to take medicine. She hid her thought and her face was not normal, “It’s Okay.”

The breeze blowing in the gap between the window panes eased the dullness of the room.

Zhao Nanyu looked at her quietly and pursed his lips, “Is it? That’s good.”

Song Luan gave him a half-smile, and didn’t know what to say.

Zhao Nanyu looked at her with a smile. Suddenly, he reached out and quickly took out the book behind her. After turning over two pages , he knew what was said in the book.

It’s nothing more than a love story between a poor scholar and a rich lady. He had no interest in this kind of stories. Seeing Song Luan’s eager eyes, he suddenly didn’t want to return it.

He put away the book as if nothing happened, and said softly, “Let’s go to my grandmother’s place.”

Song Luan was ready to come down from the soft mattress only to remember that she didn’t wear socks.
Zhao Nanyu glanced at her, did not say anything, and stood up quietly, “I’ll wait for you outside.”

As soon as he left, Song Luan became more comfortable. She stepped barefoot on the blanket and rushed to the closet to find socks and shoes to put on. Before long, she appeared in front of Zhao Nanyu.

He looked at her silently for a while. The pomegrenate skirt was very beautiful on her body. The delicate belt outlined her figure. A golden ornament was inserted in her hair bun that also fell between her eyebrows. It can be seen that she was dressed carefully.

It has to be said that Song Luan stood out from the crows and was very eye-catching.

Zhao Nanyu raised his hand and moved the ornament on her head, explaining in his dazed look, “It’s crooked.”

Song Luan was scared, “Thank you.”

He didn’t make a sound. He raised his steps and walked forward. He didn’t hold her hand. Song Luan didn’t care. She followed him quietly.

Each time Song Luan went to this Old lady Zhao’s place dressed up in extravagant fashion, she was often scolded. Song Luan’s beautiful face that was heavily covered with makeup was not liked by the old lady. She instead liked a woman with good virtue, contrary to the appearance of Song Luan.

However, she didn’t know the reason why the original owner was scolded and punished for this stupid reason every time. She just felt that this Old lady Zhao didn’t like her.

Zhao Nanyu didn’t intend to remind her, nor did he intend to tell her something.

Zhao family is famous. Although he has no official position in the court now, he still held a certain status. He was the teacher of the former emperor and later taught the new emperor. In addition, several sons in the family were very competitive. The eldest son is on duty in the court. The secon son is in Dali temple, and even the third son, who was the least accomplished, was also an official.

The third son was Zhao Nanyu’s father.

The whole family did not like Zhao Nanyu very much, including his father. When he was young, Zhao Sanye liked to go out to drink wine in the flower house. At that time when he saw the beauty (Zhao Nanyu’s mother), he lied that he was single to her.

Zhao Nanyu’s mother didn’t sell herself, he was cheated by Zhao Sanye, and soon they had him.

As soon as the child was born, Zhao Sanye wouldn’t recognize the mother and son. It would be impossible for the Zhao family to agree to take a prostitute into the house. He wouldn’t see the child not until he was hammered with a cane by grandfather Zhao.

After a few years, the third lady (Zhao Sanye’s official wife) also gave birth to a son, which made Zhao Sanye looked down on Zhao Nanyu.

Several magnolia trees were planted in main courtyard. The flowers were about to bloom this season and the buds would be beautiful.

Crossing the small stone path in the garden and through a vermillion courtyard door, they arrived at the grandmother’s door. Several servants gave notice that they had come. After a while, someone came out and invited them in.

Song Luan was very clever throughout the whole process. She decided not to show off or make trouble for the male lead. Only by keeping a low profile could she keep peace.

When she entered the room, the smell of temple incense rushed into her nose. In the middle of the room was grandmother Zhao, she was wearing a purple Beizi with a pair of small sleeves. Her clothes were embroidered with peony patterns.

Although the old lady is not young, her eyes were still sharp. She looked at them with a little contempt which made Song Luan uncomfortable.

Song Luan was sullen. She didn’t know how Zhao Nanyu endured these for many years?

It seemed that it’s not easy to be a male lead. He would have to bear the humiliation and heavy burden, and even stick to it all the time.



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