Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 5 part 2

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After drinking half a cup of tea, the old lady seemed to remember the two people standing in front of her. She said faintly, “I know you don’t want to see me, but even if you don’t want to come again on the first day of each month, you still follow the rules.”

Zhao Nanyu lowered his eyes. “Grandma misundertood.”

When the old lady him, she had a headache. She was bias. What kind of fun could she have? Moreover, Zhao Nanyu is far less pleasant than his younger brother.

“Misunderstanding? Do you know how long you are late? Half an hour. Your brother’s tea is almost over and yet you haven’t come yet! So uneducated!” She didn’t think it was enough to scold Zhao Nanyu. She caught a glimpse of Song Luan, who was dressed like a flower beside him, and scolded her, “And you! I’m also an in-law! Why don’t you just make a fuss? What’s on your face? Why do you dressed like that at home?”

Song Luan told herself over and over in heart that she could not get angry, that she should be kind and calm.

But she should not apologize and admit her mistake, that’s not something the original owner would do.

She was afraid of retribution for the severity of her OOC, so she pretended not to hear anything.

As this happened, her disinterest look made the old lady mistakenly thought that she was provoking her.

The more the old lady looked, the more angry she was. She got up from her chair and came to her. She almost pointed to her forehead. She said angrily, “You really don’t pay attention to this grandmother. You dare not speak talk back.”

“Concubines shouldn’t be shown to the public”

(Since song luan was dressed beautifully–like a flower, like a concubine. The old lady was insulting Song Luan that a concubine shouldn’t show herself…)

Song Luan held her breath, and the rage around her chest made her feel uneven. This old lady Zhao was unreasonable and too shrewd.

She continued to swallow her breath.

“Mute?!” The old lady Zhao’s angry face was green, “The whole family is not allowed in public”

(Then the whole family of Song Luan shouldn’t show themselves since she was dressed as a concubine..the Old lady insulted her and included her family in this all because Song Luan was not talking back to her lol it infuriated her)

Screw the buddhist teachings! Song Luan couldn’t stand it any longer. She raised her head and opened her mouth. “Grandma, the family includes yourself.”

(Song Luan retorted that the old lady was included in the family because Song Luan was already married to Zhao Nanyu, meaning old lady was her in-law hahaha)

The old lady’s face changed from green to white.

The two million word count of the book “The Powerful Minister” does not require logic. Everyone is made built for the male lead. The old lady’s malice against her grandson can raise his blackening value well.

Suddenly, Song Luan’s wrist tightened. Zhao Nanyu grabbed her and pulled her behind him, then he lowered his eyes, as if he was letting the old lady scold him, ’Grandma, don’t be angry. It’s all grandson’s fault.”

When the old lady saw him being submissive, the look on her face slightly slowed down, “Forget it.”

She was not in a good mood whenever she sees this grandson. He was gloomy whenever she saw him. It was not that he just looked gloomy, but that there was a sharp edge in his eyes, which made her uncomfortable whenever she saw him.

Like a wolf, his eyes were full of evil light. One of the reasons why the old lady didn’t like him was that she always felt that the Zhao family would be played under his hands..

“Go back.” Her face was normal, but her tone was little impatient. She didn’t want these two people to upset her.

She’s just gonna leave it as it is.

Old lady Zhao never left any snacks for Zhao Nanyu to eat in the main courtyard. She rarely urged him to take care during the holidays. She hardly cared about this grandson. Although he was beautiful, he looked too much like his prostitute mother. At that time, the Zhao family suffered a lot of ridicule because of his mother. She was scolded by the old man Zhao. It was because she didn’t teach her son well that she provoked such humiliation.

The old lady had always hated Zhao Nanyu’s mother, and now she passed all her grievances to him.

Zhao Nanyu lowered his eyes, stood near the door frame, his lean body seemed to be a little lonely in the sun. He opened his lips and whispered, “Grandson is leaving.”

After bidding farewell, Song Luan went out with him. She felt from the bottom of her heart that Zhao Nanyu would be in a bad mood at the moment. She was sensible so she did not disturb him.

He was sure to be suspicious if she talked too much and would make too many mistakes.

The two people walked together in silence.

Zhao Nanyu glanced over her lightly, and saw the blank look on her face. The corners of his lips slightly raised, he smiled coldy. As expected, she didn’t care about him at all. She even made trivial gestures.

It didn’t take long for him to retract his glance. He walked forward, regardless of whether the person behind him could catch up.

Song Luan had to improve her speed and followed him closely like a small tail. Zhao Nanyu suddenly stopped, and inevitably hit his back. The man’s back was as hard as stone, so her nose became a bit red.

She touched her nose. She unconsciously softly said, “It hurts..”

The voice of Song Luan fell on Zhao Nanyu’s heart with a strange sweetness.

The girl’s complaint had a natural coquettish tone.

Zhao Nanyu turned around and stared at her red nose with calm eyes. He held out his fingers, grabbed her chin and raised it up.

“Does it hurt?” It’s just three words but it felt like he’s collecting debts.

Song Luan avoided his eyes, “It’s not the chin, it’s the nose. It hurts. I’m not lying to you.”

Her glistening, tearful eyes, made her look like she was bullied. She looked weak and fragile, it’s as if he could break her with just one hand.

Surprisingly, Zhao Nanyu actually liked looking at her pitiful look full of grievances.

Zhao Nanyu unconsciously strengthened his hand.

Song Luan mentally took a breath of cool air and frowned. Her eyes were slightly red but she did not dare cry for pain. She was holding back from his provoking actions.

Damn it! It hurts!

Zhao Nanyu naturally saw her unwilling expression on her face. He suddenly felt that bullying her seemed very enjoyable.



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