Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 50

Translated by: Tinker

Song Luan originally wanted to endure it, thinking that she was an elder and shouldn’t have conflict with her, but old lady Zhao didn’t seem to be joking. The old lady really wanted to take her son to the main court.

What was the reason? She and Zhao Nanyu only had little Zhao as their child. Furthermore, they were still alive to take care of their son. How could this old lady Zhao put forward such an impertinent request?

Song Luan straightened up, her reasoning still intact, but her voice was still a little unsteady. “Grandma, little Zhao already lives here in the house. If you want to see him, you can ask the maidservant to lead him to you.”

Od lady Zhao sat in front of them with her face taut and heavy. “I mean to bring little Zhao to my side and let him live in my courtyard.”

Song Luan was mad. It was true that old lady Zhao frequently meets with little Zhao, but she didn’t have to do such a thing as robbing children, did she?

“Grandmother, Ah Yu and I have only one child.”

“You? If you and Ah Yu are good parents, will I want to take him to my side? I haven’t had a good day with you. Your son was seriously ill a few days ago. Have you been a good mother to him?”

Song Luan’s chest was filled with rage. Finally, her she couldn’t control it, so she blurted out, “Grandmother is really confident. It seems that after you take him, he won’t get sick in his whole life.”

Song Luan didn’t know how insidious and sour she was when she said this.

Old lady Zhao hadn’t seen Song Luan like this for a long time. She thought she had changed her behavior in this period of time, but never really expected that she didn’t have any progress.

The old lady pointed to Song Luan and said, “I’m kind enough to point out your wrong behavior, and yet you mock me. You don’t respect your elders. You have no manners. No one will expect you to teach good values to your son!”

Song Luan took a deep breath. “Granddaughter-in-law spoke to grandmother-in-law very well, but this grandmother refused to listen. Grandmother says she is blunt, but granddaughter-in-law just told the truth.”

Third lady Zhao hadn’t won the upper hand in Song Luan for several times in recent years. Unlike other daughters-in-law, Song Luan had been spoiled growing up since she was a child. Her parents and her brother doted on her. She had a rebellious disposition, but no one had ever paid attention or corrected this behavior in the Song family.

Old lady Zhao frequently quarreled with her in the early years, and she would punish her after quarreling. But this person was not willing to accept her punishment.

Song Luan beat Zhao Nanyu to give up her idea in a rage, but the old lady said it many times. Zhao Nanyu was only listened.

“I just want to ask if you accept to let little Zhao stay in my courtyard.”

Song Luan tightened her mouth, but did not reply.

“What about you!?”

Song Luan was angry in her heart. She refused to answer her questions. Weren’t the answers clearly laid out? Why should the old lady ask again?

Old lady Zhao was stunned by her dead state of ignoring her. She pointed to her with her trembling hands, “I tell you, the old man Zhao also has this thought in his heart. If you are not willing, you can’t help it.”

They like little Zhao especially because he is intelligent. It was true that old man Zhao thought about it, but because Zhao Nanyu and Song Luan only had one child, they never mentioned it.

Song Luan said, “You are determined to rob my child, aren’t you?”

She was really rude. She poked every word on the old lady’s face. Old lady Zhao raised her hand and was about to slap Song Luan’s cheek, but Zhao Nanyu stopped her hand in mid air, with a light face. “Grandmother, calmed down.”

The old lady snorted, took back her hand, and asked coldly, “You want to protect her? Haven’t you seen what she did to you in the past?”

“Ah Luan is the wife of your grandson. It is natural that he wants to protect her.” Zhao Nanyu replied without hesitation. The old lady couldn’t find any fault from his words.

The old lady thought it would go well. Although Zhao Nanyu loved his son, he was busy with court duties and didn’t have much time to bring him at home. As for Song Luan, old lady Zhao had never seen her love towards her child ever since litte Zhao was born. She wondered if Song Luan had been hit by a devil in this period of time, and suddenly changed her temper.

Now it seems that Zhao Nanyu and Song Luan wouldn’t agree.

The old lady thought of this in a whim. Few of her grandchildren had families, and they even had fewer children. It’s hard to avoid loneliness when people are old, and little Zhao who she knew was obedient and beautiful pleased her.

From her heart, the old lady thought that it was much better for little Zhao to follow her than to live with Song Luan. She would not be inferior to him in food, clothing, housing, and transportation.

How could she know that this husband and wife pair was so disrespectful.

Old lady Zhao didn’t want to open her eyes any longer. She didn’t even want to look at Zhao Nanyu. Every time she sees him, she always remembers his mother who made the Zhao family lose face.

She said in a cold voice, “Since you look at me with annoyance, go back now.”

Song Luan was eager to leave at once. Just after she turned around and stepped forward, she was dragged back by Zhao Nanyu.

He patted her on the back of the hand peacefully and said, “Don’t worry.”

Zhao Nanyu turned his head and smiled at old lady Zhao in a good temper. The smile in his eyes were cold. “Grandmother, you came and took little Zhao today, so we will take the child and leave immediately. We will not pollute your eyes.”

Little Zhao was brought to the main courtyard by old lady Zhao and her servants, and before Zhao Nanyu came back, Old lady Zhao just coaxed the child to sleep.

The news spread quickly. old lady Zhao thought Zhao Nanyu didn’t know about it. She guessed that he had many eyes hidden in the residence.

Thinking of this, the light in the old lady’s eyes was cold, “The child just fell asleep.”

Zhao Nanyu did not change his face. “This grandson will go and wake him up.”

“Are you determined to oppose me?”

“This grandson don’t dare.”

The old lady was not polite to him, and her voice suddenly snapped, “Chunzhi, stop him!”

Chunzhi immediately stopped him in front of the door. Zhao Nanyu narrowed his eyes and kept silent for a moment. He was not polite at all. He kicked the person openly and directly broke into the inner room.

Just now, Chunzhi’s foot was hard and heavy. He couldn’t get up for a long time after he was kicked. He didn’t dare to stop Zhao Nanyu.

The third young master’s ferocious appearance was rare, which frightened everyone.

Little Zhao fell asleep and hadn’t woke up even after the big commotion. Zhao Nanyu picked up the child, took Song Luan by the other hand, and then went to the old lady, who was pale with anger. He said respectfully, “This grandson will leave first.”

“Violent, Presumptuous.”

Besides these two words, the old lady couldn’t say anything else.

Song Luan was led out by him. She couldn’t believe her eyes. She thought Zhao Nanyu didn’t dare to contradict the old lady. She didn’t expect him to kick the person first, and then take little Zhao directly.

Song Luan lowered her head, coughed twice, and said, “Although this is not a good sentence, I still want to say it. “

Zhao Nanyu listened attentively. “Tell me, I’ll listen.”

“It’s really nice to see that old lady crumble.”

Song Luan realized the pleasure of willfulness. She felt comfortable all over without any guilt. She added in silence, “I’m so angry!”

Problems of chest tightness and shortness of breath were gone.


Zhao Nanyu chuckled. He couldn’t help but pinched her face. “Naughty.”

Song Luan’s skin was white and tender. Zhao Nanyu’s strength was great. He had gather all his strength and pinched her cheeks thoughtlessly, which made her face ache. She waved his hand angrily.

“Why don’t you pity me at all?!”

When he kisses her, it’s like eating her. In bed, he often want to eat her alive. It’s really annoying.

Zhao Nanyu raised his eyebrows. “Do you think I don’t pity you enough?”

Song Luan pointed to her neck, opened her collar and traces of what he did last night appeared before his eyes. “This is pity? You are shameless.”

Looking back on last night’s incident, she blushed and didn’t want to continue to say these obscene words. Instead, she turned to another topic and said, “Why do you reject the old lady Zhao’s offer of taking care of little Zhao? Thought he never liked you, she was willing to help you with your children.”

Song Luan’s heart was straight and quick, and she said what she had in mind.

Zhao Nanyu sighed and felt helpless for her, “Don’t think about it. Don’t worry. I won’t let my grandmother take our son.”

This is what the man said. Of course, Song Luan chose to believe him.

Back to the Huai Shui residence, Zhao Nanyu put his sleeping son on the bed and told the maidservant to fetch water.

Little Zhao gradually woke up, blinked and found that his mother was right in front of him. He called softly, “Mother.”

Song Luan listened to the soft and sweet call, and her heart felt softer. She sat beside the bed, touched her son’s face, bent her eyes, and said, “Wake up? “

Since little Zhao just woke up, his nasal sounded heavy, his voice was waxy, sweet and cute. He slowly explained to her, “I…I fell asleep in my grandmother’s house by accident.”

He wanted to come back this afternoon, but his grandmother refused to let him go.

“Well, mother knows.” Song Luan propped up her chin and asked him, “Do you like grandma?”

Little Zhao lowered his head, as if unwilling to answer her question.

Song Luan then said, “Tell your mother the truth. You can’t lie. Your mother won’t blame you.”

Sure enough, little Zhao shook his head honestly. His grandmother was very strict. She didn’t laugh or get close to him. Besides, little Zhao knew that her grandmother preferred his two other cousins.

Song Luan laughed happily. “You are really my good son.”

When Zhao Nanyu saw Song Luan’s silly look through the screen, she didn’t know how beautiful she was. Her eyes were brighter than the stars in the sky.

Zhao Nanyu was naked, his black hair like silk spread on his straight back, and a few drops of water flowed down his face like the moon. He approached Song Luan slowly, and held her hand, just playing with nothing. 

Zhao Nanyu asked, “Why are you so happy?”

Song Luan hummed, “Won’t tell you.”

Zhao Nanyu didn’t continue to ask, but only continued playing with her fingers. “If you don’t want to say it, it’s okay.”

Little Zhao didn’t get a chance to sleep with his mother that night. He even began to miss his illness. At that time, his mother accompanied him to sleep, and his father wouldn’t stop him. But now, he couldn’t.

Little Zhao didn’t mention that he wanted to sleep with his mother, because he knew his father wouldn’t agree.

Because Song Luan ran twice in the horse farm and fought with the old lady Zhao today, she felt tired and immediately went to bed.Her sleeping face was very relaxed.

She laid on the bed with disordered clothes.

Zhao Nanyu covered the quilt for her in silence, and straightened her body.

She slept with his arms around her.

At noon the next day, Song Luan found out that old lady Zhao was ill. Everyone in the house said that she had given the old lady a bad breath.

Song Luan felt wronged.

She didn’t think that a woman with a heart of stone like the old lady Zhao would be sickened by her words, but her quarrel with old lady Zhao last night reached the ears of old man Zhao. He is a a man of great etiquette, so after hearing it, he became angry.

He directly ordered the servant to take Song Luan to the ancestral hall. When Song Luan arrived, she saw Zhao Nanyu already kneeling in front.

Old man Zhao’s face was as black as the bottom of a pot.”Ah Yu, you really let me down. Why did you contradict your grandmother!”

Zhao Nanyu didn’t care to explain in front of his family. His face was light, looking as if it didn’t bother him. He said, “This grandson is willing to solely accept all the punishment. Ah Luan’s body is too weak to bear the family rules.”

Old man Zhao glanced at Song Luan coldly and snorted, “If she is weak, how can she have the energy to disrespect the elders!? I tell you, there is no such reason! Without fear of punishment, she wouldn’t remember her wrong deeds.”

Several young men with long whips stood in the ancestral hall. The whips were thin and long. Being hit by those whips would be painful.Song Luan was scared when she saw it. If she was beaten by this thing, she would return to the soil of the earth!

Zhao Nanyu straightened up and said in a deep voice, “This grandson will suffer the punishment on her behalf.”

“Well, grandfather won’t stop you.” Mr. Zhao had no good face. “Forty times and nothing less.”

Song Luan jumped up and shivered. Before she could speak, Zhao Nanyu touched her hair and smiled softly at her. “Go out, don’t look.”

Song Luan was about to cry. She was sad and sour.

She was finally taken out of the temple. Even from where she was, she could hear the sound of the whip. Song Luan sobbed silently.

She didn’t expect that Zhao Nanyu would deliberately take the punishment.

Zhao Nanyu knew that the most important etiquette for the Zhao’s family is to respect the elders. But even knowing this, he still rebelled against his grandmother last night.

The bitter tears that Song Luan silently shed just now showed that she was distressed.

Zhao Nanyu closed his eyes and thought quietly that this was good. Her tears made him feel good.

Song Luan was like a pet caught by the hunter. She wouldn’t be able to escape the trap he gradually set.

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